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Topic: August 2

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In the News (Wed 21 Aug 19)

  channel4.com - Football Italia
August 8: Napoli 0-2 Inter, Juventus 0-1 Inter [Trofeo Birra Moretti]
August 8: Napoli 0-1 Juventus, Juventus 0-1 Inter [Trofeo Birra Moretti]
August 8: Napoli 0-1 Juventus, Napoli 0-2 Inter [Trofeo Birra Moretti]
www.channel4.com /sport/football_italia/friendlies.html   (303 words)

 Third Reich History: August 2
On August 2nd, owing to the Germans passing through Belgium, our concentration was substantially modified by Marshal Joffre in order that our principal effort might be directed to the north.
From the first week in August it was apparent that the length of time required for the British Army to begin to move would delay our action in connection with it.
On 17 August, Lieutenant Commander C. Edmonds and Flight Lieutenant G. Dacre were launched from the seaplane carrier off the island of Lemnos at the top of the Aegean.
members.tripod.com /dailytrh/0802.html   (3185 words)

  August 2 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
August 2 is the 214th day of the year in the Gregorian Calendar (215th in leap years), with 151 days remaining.
August 1 - August 3 - July 2 - September 2 -- listing of all days
This page was last modified 18:56, 7 September 2006.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/August_2   (965 words)

 Howstuffworks "August 2 Birthday Astrology"
Leos born on August 2 have an edgy personality that makes them interesting to others.
August 2 people believe that there is no such thing as having too many friends.
August 2 people see no barriers to making their goals come true.
people.howstuffworks.com /august-2-birthday-astrology.htm   (435 words)

 Images from the August 2, 2005 MESSENGER Flyby of Earth - Planetary News | The Planetary Society
The August 2 flyby provided the first opportunity for the spacecraft to test many of its science instruments.
As MESSENGER retreated from its August 2, 2005 flyby of Earth, it captured a full day's worth of images of Earth's receding crescent, which were assembled into a movie.
The spacecraft was 65,598 kilometers (40,761 miles) above South America when the imaging sequence began on August 2, and it had retreated to 435,885 kilometers (270,847 miles), farther out than the Moon, by the time of the last frame in the animation.
www.planetary.org /news/2005/0826_Images_from_the_August_2_2005.html   (576 words)

 Manipur Online August 2 News
Imphal, August 2 : As a part of chain of protests by Naga people against the limitation of NSCN (IM) ceasefire to the state of Nagaland, the Naga Students Federation has called a 24 hour bandh in Naga inhabited areas from 6 am of August 3.
Imphal, August 2 : The dreaded disease of Malaria has been spread in the Dolang Chiru village and surrounding villages of Joujangtek Kuki, Thungsai Kabui, Mangji, Nungleiband, Lamdangmei, Laphok, Thangal, Taosang, Leisak villages in the Tamenglong district, said a former district councillor.
According to the committee, the demands were unconditional release of the students, withdrawal of the cases imposed upon the arrested students, elaboration of security arrangements to protect the trucks and vehicles plying in the national highways from anti social elements and the preservation of Kekrupat as Martyrs Burial Ground.
manipuronline.tripod.com /august2news.htm   (1682 words)

 August 2 - Voyager, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: )
august fr:2 août fy:2 augustus ga:2 Lúnasa gl:2 de agosto ko:8월 2일 hr:2.
August hu:Augusztus 2 mk:2 август ms:2 Ogos nl:2 augustus ja:8月2日 no:2.
august oc:2 d'agost pl:2 sierpnia pt:2 de Agosto ro:2 august ru:2 августа sq:2 Gusht scn:2 di austu simple:August 2 sk:2.
www.voyager.in /August_2   (1157 words)

 EPC Update August 2   (Site not responding. Last check: )
There are six foundation piers being drilled today, August 2, 1999 in the utility corridor area of El Pomar Center.
The exterior foundation excavation is due to begin in August for the new Pavilion structure at the University Center.
An asphalt pathway will be constructed in August along the east edge of the gravel drive to the loading dock of the Kraemer Family Library to assist students, faculty and staff in accessing the building.
web.uccs.edu /elpomar/elpomarjcl/updateaug2.htm   (656 words)

 Associazione Amici della Musica "F.Fenaroli" - Home page
Instr.: 2 fl., ott., 2 ob.+ c.i., 2 cl.+ cl basso, 2 bas., 4 cr., 2 tr., 2 cornets, 3 trb., tuba, tp., harp, strings
Instr.: 3 fl.(ott.), 2 ob., 2 cl., 2 bas., 4 cr., 2 tr., 3 trb., tuba
Instru.: 3 fl.(ott.), 2 ob., 2 cl., 2 bas., cfg., 4 cr., 2 tr., 3 trb., tp., strings
www.estmusicalefrentana.it /summer2006.htm   (668 words)

 Mariner 2 - 1962   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Mariner 2 successfully launches on a mission to Venus.
It is to become the first spacecraft to fly by another planet.
In addition, Mariner 2 detects high-energy charged particles coming from the Sun, including several brief solar flares, as well as cosmic rays from outside the solar system.
www.jpl.nasa.gov /history/60s/Mariner1962.html   (88 words)

 Possible last minute late availability August vacation holiday rentals Spain, France, Mallorca, Majorca, Menorca, ...
This 2 bedroomed apartment sleeps 4 and is close to Marbella, attractions and beaches.
2 bedroom holiday apartment The apartments is situated in a quiet location adjacent to Paloma Park (with its water fountains and animal centre), and within 5 minutes stroll of the beach, restaurants, bars and shops.
Charming unspoilt 2 bedroom cottage in bucolic location near Guilliers Morbihan an hour's drive from St Malo with forest on three sides, near to interesting historic towns, chateaux including a doll museum and wonderful for enjoying wildlife, horseriding, cycling, local canals, sailing and near enough to beaches.
www.antibes.co.uk /holidays/august.php   (8433 words)

 WDW Update August 2 - 8 2004
The seasonal pass, at one third less than the standard annual pass, is valid year-round except for certain flout periods during peak seasons, such as the December holidays, spring break, and the summer.
August is traditionally a lower-volume month due to the combination of southern schools beginning classes and the high heat and humidity.
November 28 and 30, December 2, 3, 5, 7, 9, 10, 12, 14, 16, and 17.
www.mouseplanet.com /parkupdates/wdw/wdw040802.htm   (4709 words)

 Saints of August 2   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Born in Mercia, England; died at Canterbury, England, on August 2, 914.
Born in Rome, Italy; died 257; feast in the Eastern Church is either August 2 or September 7.
On August 5, 1295, the French raided Dover and all the monks went into hiding except Thomas, who was too old and too infirm to run.
www.saintpatrickdc.org /ss/0802.htm   (2725 words)

 Election 2000 briefs - August 2, 1999
CONWAY, New Hampshire (August 2) -- Texas Gov. George W. Bush campaigned in sweltering heat on Saturday in the state that hold the nation's first presidential primary.
ALBANY, New York (August 2) -- A new poll released Monday shows that Democratic presidential candidate Bill Bradley has moved ahead of Texas Gov. George W. Bush in New York and is gaining ground on Vice President Al Gore.
DES MOINES, Iowa (August 2) -- Multimillionaire Publisher Steve Forbes was endorsed over the weekend by a dozen conservative religious leaders signed a letter declaring him a leader of "America's new conservative movement." The endorsement letter was signed by prominent ministers and activists who have played an important role among religious conservatives for years.
www.cnn.com /ALLPOLITICS/stories/1999/08/02/president.2000/briefs/index.html   (598 words)

 August 2004 news archive: Digital Photography Review
Manfactured from aluminium alloy and resin coating, the Optio X boasts five megapixels and is the slimmest camera in the range at 18mm.
Sony has today announced a revamp of its Memory Stick Pro range which will now include a 2 GB card (twice the capacity of the largest current Sony Memory Stick Pro) as well as High Speed read/write across the range.
Sigma UK today issued a press release detailing how they were cleared by the Advertising Standards Authority over a magazine ad which featured a high resolution photograph of a human eye.
www.dpreview.com /news/0408/archive.asp   (3392 words)

 BBC NEWS | Business | UK inflation up to 2.5% in August
UK inflation accelerated to 2.5% in August, the fourth month in a row it has topped the government's 2% target.
August's 2.5% Consumer Prices Index (CPI) figure from the Office for National Statistics was a slight increase on July's 2.4% level.
August's 2.5% CPI figure is the same as in June, and is the joint highest since Labour entered government in 1997.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/business/5337242.stm   (272 words)

 August 2 - Today In Science History
Elisha Gray was a U.S. scientist and innovator who would have been known to us as the inventor of the telephone if Alexander Graham bell hadn't got to the patent office before him earlier that day, resulting in a famous legal battle.
He also goes down in history as the accidental creator of the first electronic musical instrument using his discovery of the basic single note oscillator and design of a simple loudspeaker device.
Included in these works were studies of acoustic properties of the atmosphere and the blue colour of the sky, which he suggested was due to the scattering of light by small particles of water.
www.todayinsci.com /8/8_02.htm   (1807 words)

 MacMinute Executive Briefing: August 2 | MacMinute News
MacMinute's Executive Briefing for August 2, 2003 -- a recap of all the news we have posted over the past week -- is now available.
Macromedia announced that it is now shipping Contribute 2, a tool for individuals and teams to update and manage content on existing Web sites.
Contribute 2 is priced at $99, while existing Contribute users can upgrade to the new version for $9.99 for a limited time only.
www.macminute.com /2003/08/02/exaugust2   (2190 words)

 EUR-Lex - 32005D0598 - EN
From 1 August 1996 all mammalian meat and bone meal was banned from feed to all farmed animals in the United Kingdom.
Under the circumstances, the marketing ban on products derived from animals born or reared in the United Kingdom before 1 August 1996 should therefore be adopted as a transitional measure, pending the adoption and entry into force of a decision determining the BSE status of the United Kingdom.
Notwithstanding paragraphs 1 and 2, the hides of the animals referred to therein may be used for leather production, in compliance with Regulation (EC) No 1774/2002 and with Article 4(1) and Article 5 of Regulation (EC) No 878/2004.
europa.eu.int /eur-lex/lex/LexUriServ/LexUriServ.do?uri=CELEX:32005D0598:EN:HTML   (871 words)

 BeldarBlog: August 2, 2004 - August 8, 2004 Archives
August 9, 2004 - August 15, 2004 »;
However, on its face, it was verified by a notary public whose stamp reads, "Notary Public — Delaware." The August 6 affidavit was verified by a different notary, whose stamp doesn't mention her state of licensure, but it includes a handwritten notation of Captain Elliott's Delaware drivers license number and expiration date.
The very strong inference, then, is that whoever prepared the affidavits in draft form for review and signature faxed them to Captain Elliott in Delaware, where he lives, and that he then signed and had both affidavits notarized during an in-person appearance before each of the respective notaries.
beldar.blogs.com /beldarblog/2004/week32/index.html   (10833 words)

 The Holy See - The Holy Father - Paul VI - Speeches - August 1969
To the faithful in the Parish of Nzambia (August 1, 1969)
To the sick in the Hospital of Mulogo (August 1, 1969)
To the sick in the Hospital of Rubaga (August 1, 1969)
www.vatican.va /holy_father/paul_vi/speeches/1969/august/index.htm   (200 words)

 Milan Hotels Discount - Milan Hotel Reservation Milan Cheap Hotels Milan Hotel Booking
Garda Hotel is situated in Milan, a few minutes from the Central Station and subway (lines 2 and 3), in an excellent location with regards to the touristic and commercial heart of the city.
The Club Hotel is in the heart of Milan’s office district, in an art nouveau building that dates back to the early 20th-century, a short walk from the central station and the Air Terminal (shuttle connections to Linate, Malpensa and Orio Al Serio airports every 20 minutes).
The Air Hotel is located close to Milan Linate airport and about 1500 metres from the main motorways, in a strategic position for getting to the most important places of interest in the surrounding area (20 minutes from the centre of Milan and 30 minutes from the various exhibition centres)....
www.initalia.it /en/milano.htm   (1141 words)

 Press Release: August 2, 2005
You are cautioned not to place undue reliance on these forward-looking statements, which speak only as of the date of this press release.
All forward-looking statements are qualified in their entirety by this cautionary statement, and Blue Nile undertakes no obligation to revise or update any forward-looking statements to reflect events or circumstances after the date hereof.
Company management will be holding a conference call to discuss its second quarter 2005 financial results on August 2, 2005 at 5:00 p.m.
www.bluenile.com /pressreleases/08_02_2005.asp   (1116 words)

 NucNews - August 2, 2004
The world has also been told of nearly 2 million of the survivors having been removed from their homes, many huddled in remote camps where epidemic diseases add to the corpses.
In Baghdad, at least 11 people, including 2 children, were killed in the explosions, which were timed to coincide with Sunday evening Mass, and at least 20 people were wounded, witnesses and hospital officials said.
WASHINGTON, August 1 - The military's Special Operations Forces, which played a pivotal role in toppling the Taliban government in Afghanistan and in capturing Saddam Hussein in Iraq, are now grappling with proposals to give them an expanded and more complex mission in the global campaign against terrorism, senior commanders and top Pentagon officials say.
nucnews.net /nucnews/2004nn/0408nn/040802nn.htm   (20326 words)

 August #2 2005
A survey from the United States found a one year prevalence of 38% for episodic tension-type headache and 2% for chronic tension-type headache.
In a 12-week DB PC study of 270 adults with tension headaches, the number of headaches decreased similarly for both the actually acupuncture 12-session treatments and the superficial needling at non-acupuncture sites control group vs. the waiting list control group (7.2 vs. 6.6 vs. 1.5).
Now Gottlieb holds the No. 2 job at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the federal agency that approves new drugs, oversees their safety and affects the fortunes of companies he once touted.
www.modern-psychiatry.com /august_.htm   (4894 words)

 Litigation Release No. 16642 / August 2, 2000
The Securities and Exchange Commission ("Commission") announced that on August 2, 2000, it filed a civil law suit with an application for a temporary restraining order against Phoenix Telecom, L.L.C. ("Phoenix") and Jerold Benjamin Clawson ("Clawson") and other emergency relief against all of the defendants.
The Commission also announced that, on August 2, 2000, Judge Jack T. Camp of the United States District Court for the Northern District of Georgia entered a temporary restraining order against Phoenix and Clawson, appointed a receiver for Phoenix, and directed that assets of all of the defendants be frozen.
The Commission's complaint alleges that the defendants promoted a massive fraudulent scheme through the use of insurance agents and over the Internet, in which Phoenix raised more than $74 million from more than 2,000 mostly elderly investors.
www.sec.gov /litigation/litreleases/lr16642.htm   (436 words)

 August 2, 2002 - University of Michigan Business School
As we prepare to welcome Mary Sue Coleman to the presidency of the University of Michigan on August 1, I want you to know what a pleasure it has been to serve our community as interim president and meet and work with so many of you during the last seven months.
On August 10 at 8:30 p.m., there will be a joint Atlanta Business School Alliance (ABSA) and Team Ivy "Party on the Patio" at George Sanderlin's Buckhead hi-rise condo pool deck.
Take the 1, 2, 3, B, D, F, N, Q, R, S, V, or W to 42nd; or the 7 to 5th.
www.bus.umich.edu /AlumniCommunity/Michiganmail/Archive/August2.htm   (4400 words)

 NewsHour Extra: Presidential Conventions - August 2, 2000
They also share ideas and adopt a platform - a statement of - "hey this is what we believe, this is what we stand for." And even if conventioneers don’t agree with the nomination, by election day, party members are certainly rallying around their candidate.
Republicans are holding their 2000 nominating convention July 31st through August 3rd in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Democrats are holding their 2000 nominating convention August 14th through August 17th, in Los Angeles, California.
www.pbs.org /newshour/extra/features/july-dec00/conventions.html   (1111 words)

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