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Topic: Damon Hill

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In the News (Sun 18 Aug 19)

  F1 News - Grandprix.com > GP Encyclopedia > Drivers > Damon Hill
Hill was fortunate, however, to have a backstop.
Hill persuaded Frank Williams and Patrick Head to give him a chance as teammate to Alain Prost, and quickly showed himself to be mature enough to shadow the Frenchman.
Hill was a favorite for the 1995 title and began the year well, but as Schumacher gained pace Hill fell prey to a series of embarrassing incidents which would, unbeknown to him, persuade Williams to opt for Heinz-Harald Frentzen when Hill's contract expired at the end of 1996.
www.grandprix.com /gpe/drv-hildam.html   (695 words)

 Damon Hill - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Damon Hill came to professional motorsports relatively late: he began racing motorcycles in 1983 at the age of 23.
Damon Hill uses the same helmet design as his father, a simple, easily identifiable design of eight white oar blades arranged vertically around the upper surface of the helmet, which is dark blue.
Hill appeared in the 2005 series of the British automotive programme Top Gear in the UK in June, where he set a time of 1:46.3 around their test course.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Damon_Hill   (4156 words)

 Damon Hill - Benson & Hedges Jordan | F1 Racing | Crash.Net
Damon has earned his success the hard way for, just like his father Graham, he has had to work his way up to the top with plenty of determination but little in the way of the financial help which is such a crucial element in modern-day racing.
Damon then moved up to F3000 for 1989 and gave a good account of himself in the troubled Footwork before switching to Middlebridge the following year, when luck was not on his side in terms of results but more importantly he established himself as a genuine racer, capable of beating anyone in the field.
Undoubtedly the 1996 season was Damon’s best-ever chance of taking the championship and with the advantage of his major rivals bedding down in new teams, and a rookie partner in Jacques Villeneuve, he could have no excuses if he failed.
www.crash.net /gpa/driver~driver_id~11814.htm   (1346 words)

 Damon Hill - WOI Encyclopedia Italia
Damon Hill came to professional motorsports relatively late: he began racing motorcycles in 1983 at the age of 23.
Damon Hill uses the same helmet design as his father, a simple, easily identifiable design of eight white oar blades arranged vertically around the upper surface of the helmet, which is dark blue.
Hill appeared in the 2005 series of the British automotive programme Top Gear in the UK in June, where he set a time of 1:46.3 around their test course.
www.wheelsofitaly.com /wiki/index.php?title=Damon_Hill&redirect=no   (3687 words)

 Formula 1 complete - all access F1 - Hill, Damon
Damon Graham Devereux Hill, commonly known as Damon Hill, is a British former race car driver and was the 1996 Formula One world champion.
Four of Hill's six race wins in 1994 came in races where Schumacher was either disqualified or serving a ban, and in a fifth, the Spanish Grand Prix, Schumacher struggled to second with a gearbox fault, having comfortably lead the early laps.
Hill had made several high profile errors in 1995 and it was around this time that Frank Williams began to consider bringing in Heinz-Harald Frentzen for the future.
www.f1complete.com /content/view/368/273   (3239 words)

 Damon Hill Bio - Damon Hill Biography - Damon Hill Stories
Damon feels there would be a knock-on effect, with fans flocking to Silverstone for the British GP to see a home driver in the limelight, so raising much-needed revenue to develop the track.
Damon uses the same helmet design as his father, an easily identifiable design of eight white oar blades arranged vertically around the upper surface of the helmet, which is dark blue.
Damon and his wife are strong supporters of Down syndrome charities, after their son Oliver was born with it.
www.tv.com /damon-hill/person/72476/biography.html   (5412 words)

 Damon Hill: a Champion in his Own Right
Damon failed to live up to the legacy of his father in the eyes of the media.
Hill did not begin his career with Karts, which is the usual way, but surprisingly with motorbikes.
Hill's efforts were rewarded when he was signed as the regular driver for the 1993 season to partner (and in reality play second fiddle) to Prost.
www.atlasf1.com /99/jpn/kelkar.html   (916 words)

 www.MSport-UK.com | Driver Guide | Damon Hill
Damon was a late starter in the world of motor racing, not taking to the sport until 1984, at the age of 24.
Starting with four wins from five races, Damon suffered a mid-season drop in fortune and the rapid progrss of his teammate - Jacques Villeneuve saw the championship again to be decided at the final round in Japan.
Damon was keep to help build the team, but after a disappointing season moved to Jordan for 1998.
www.msportuk.com /info/damon_hill.php   (425 words)

 Damon Hill
Damon fitted into the team perfectly and immediately began to impress (some have been rumoured to say that he was Williams'best test driver ever).
Damon was quick to tell the press not to expect too much of him, but sadly they billed him as The Next Nigel Mansell.
Damon dominated qualifying at Monaco, taking Pole by nearly 0.8 seconds at a track where it is so important as over-taking is almost impossible.Strategy of Bennetin team of stopping only once was the superior one and Damon was forced to settle for second.
home.drenik.net /zexoa/F1/e-vozac.htm   (2080 words)

 The Official Formula 1 Website
The Hills lived comfortably in a large London house where from an early age Damon was accustomed to visits from such family friends as Stirling Moss, Jim Clark, John Surtees and Jackie Stewart.
Damon credited both his parents for instilling in him the qualities he needed to endure and overcome the hardships that came his way.
Both Graham and Bette Hill were highly competitive, single-minded people when they first met at the London Rowing Club (where she also rowed for England) and it was in their honour that Damon (like his father) chose to use the club's insignia on his helmet when he went racing.
www.formula1.com /teams_and_drivers/hall_of_fame/71   (912 words)

 Former champ fears for F1 - Motorsport - www.theage.com.au
Hill, whose victory at Albert Park anchored his 1996 world championship, believes Schumacher's superiority is stifling and that formula one has been tainted by the battle for control of its billions.
Hill won 22 of his 115 races and from 1994-96 was Michael Schumacher's arch-rival and only real challenger after the death of Ayrton Senna.
Hill admits that despite his enduring passion for formula one, he rarely goes to races - for the same reasons that critics level at the sport.
www.theage.com.au /articles/2005/03/01/1109546868424.html?oneclick=true   (1234 words)

 autosport.com - F1 News: FIA hits back at Hill's claims
Hill told The Daily Telegraph this morning that he feared F1 could suffer if it was felt the FIA did not treat Renault in the same manner as McLaren over the spying matter.
Hill's comments have prompted a critical response from the FIA, however, which feels that Hill's criticisms are unfounded and not based on the truth.
And after Hill questioned why Toyota had not faced investigation over the fact that some of their employees had used Ferrari information, the spokesman explained: "Only if a dispute between teams involves something which affects a motor sport competition can, or should, the FIA become involved.
www.autosport.com /news/report.php/id/63877   (518 words)

 8W - Who? - Damon Hill
Hill Sr sat behind a wheel of a car for the very first time at the age of 24, and started his career from scratch, just like his son would, albeit for other reasons.
Hill soon took over the lead from Schumacher and Villeneuve, who were both fighting for the championship, but Hill was quicker than everybody else.
Hill was well in the lead at his home Grand Prix and heading for victory.
8w.forix.com /dhill.html   (3453 words)

 Damon Hill
Damon Hill schlug sich mit Aushilfstätigkeiten durch, eine richtige Ausbildung, gar ein Studium, war gar nicht zu finanzieren.
Damon Hill had come through by some jobs on a temporary basis, a real education or even studies had not been able to be financed.
After winning the title in 1996 Damon Hill was taken away from the Williams team in the known manner, but also at Arrows and Jordan he showed enormous performances.
www.research-racing.de /damon.hill.htm   (1174 words)

 Damon Hill pictures; Formula 1, Arrows, Formula 3000
Damon started on two wheels and almost in his mid-twenties he made the switch to four.
He gave Damon the chance to prove himself as a test-driver for the Williams team.
In 1992, Hill made his Formula 1 debut with Brabham, but it was a frustrating year.
www.skyscraperpicture.com /f1pictures/hill.htm   (665 words)

 Damon's Hill   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Damon's Hill is the site where Frankie Silver was hung in 1833.
The hill rises from the the town square, and it is the highest point in Morganton.
Today, Damon's Hill is covered with large oak trees; and in 1833, it would have looked similar to what is depicted here.
www.frankiesilver.com /damons_hill.htm   (94 words)

 Damon Hill
Son of the two-time world champion (1962 and 1968), Graham Hill (deceased in an air crash in 1975), Damon was not however interested in the motor race in his youth.
But Hill and Williams made some errors during the season and chance did not help them either, Hill finished once again with the second place in the championship.
Damon Hill found a drive with Arrows-Yamaha in 1997 and was never quick (except in Hungary where he almost won).
egnatia.ee.auth.gr /~cpan/Drivers/Hill.htm   (444 words)

 Damon Hill.
In 1996 Damon Hill won his first ever formula one world championship as he took his williams team mate new boy Jacques Villeneuve down to the wire at the japanese grand prix as suzuka.
Damon failed to qualify the Arrows car in the first race of 1997 at the Melbourne grand prix in Australia but was allowed to start from the back of the grid.
Damon struggled on wile Jacques Villeneuve (the soon the be 1997 world champion) quickly ate into the 45 second lead that had been created.
lob4star.8m.com /custom3.html   (316 words)

 Atlas F1 Bulletin Board - Damon Hill: From when did Williams want him gone?
What Hill excelled at was car development as could be seen by the fact that every single car he drove improved during the racing season.
Damon was offered a good deal from Mclaren on which he would be paid handsomely on a results basis, but not a standard retainer.
Damon did drive well in Hungary but one swallow does not make a Summer and by Belgium he was back to his usual uninspiring form.
forums.autosport.com /showthread.php?postid=3171668   (3197 words)

 Books for/about - Damon Hill
Damon explores how having a famous race driver as a father influenced his own career path and attitude towards the sport.
Damon Hill is seen by many fans as the "loser" champion, the champion who had it, he had the drive, he had the car, he had the intelligence, he had the motivation and dedication, but there was Schumacher in the way, as there was Clark that came Graham's way.
Damon was not the fastest driver ever, but he holds his place among the other World Champions and stands as one of the Lords of this sport.
books-for.way.gr /Damon_Hill.html   (1822 words)

 Damon Hill tells Button to leave Honda - Formula 1 - F1 - Telegraph
Hill, president of the British Racing Drivers' Club, was speaking at Silverstone, where Lewis Hamilton was pounding out painful reminders to Button of what a hot British prospect looks like.
Hill pointed out the threat to Button inherent in the emergence of Hamilton as a challenger with a greater potential for race wins despite his novice status.
Hill, who won three races in his first season alongside four-times world champion Alain Prost, is as excited about Hamilton as the rest in F1.
www.telegraph.co.uk /sport/main.jhtml?xml=/sport/2007/03/07/smgars07.xml   (888 words)

 Damon Hill - Biography
Aged 37, Damon is an experienced F1 driver, but as hungry as ever to regain his World Championship title.
The son of Graham Hill, two time World Champion (1962 and 1968) and the only driver to win the Triple Crown (F1 World Championship, Indianapolis 1966 and Le Mans 24 Hour 1972), Hill Junior had a name to live up to.
Unlike todays young drivers who enjoy the trappings of the world of Formula One in their early twenties, Damon was still living in a terraced house in London when he won his first Grand Prix.
members.tripod.com /~Viktor_Stefanov/hill/txt_biog.html   (573 words)

 Auto Racing Daily : Damon Hill Congratulates Canadian Grand Prix Winner Lewis Hamilton
The last British driver to win the FORMULA 1™ World Championship, Damon Hill, was among the first to congratulate Canadian Grand Prix winner and F1 World Championship leader Lewis Hamilton on Sunday, after the young Brit put in a stunning performance to win his first ever Grand Prix.
Damon Hill, President of the British Racing Drivers’ Club and winner of the FORMULA 1™ World Championship in 1996, was full of praise for Hamilton who drove a spectacular race.
Hill continued, “He’s leading the World Championship and winning races, so his confidence will be sky high.
www.autoracingdaily.com /article/damon_hill_congratulates_canadian_grand_prix_winner_lewis_hamilton   (636 words)

 Hill Damon - Search Results - ninemsn Encarta   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Hill, Damon (1960-), British world-champion Formula One motor-racing driver.
Born in Mill Hill, London, the son of twice world champion Graham...
Hill, (Norman) Graham (1929-1975), British motor-racing driver and a celebrity in the 1960s.
au.encarta.msn.com /Hill_Damon.html   (99 words)

 eBay - damon hill, Diecast, Toy Vehicles, Slot Cars items on eBay.com
Damon's Jordan by GAVIN MACLEOD, Damon Hill 1998
Damon Hill- The Fight For Victory, 1996 F1 championship
Damon Hill Williams Renault FW 15 C model by Onyx
search-desc.ebay.com /search/search.dll?query=damon+hill&newu=1&krd=1   (437 words)

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