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Ultimately from Old French (Danse) Macabre, (dance) of death, perhaps alteration of Macabe, Maccabee, from...
The poem was a dialogue between Death and representatives...
Danse macabre des femmes et le debat du corps et de lame.
www.bartleby.com /cgi-bin/texis/webinator/sitesearch?FILTER=&query=Danse+Macabre   (324 words)

  Danse Macabre - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
La Danse Macabre consists of the personified death leading a row of dancing figures from all walks of life to the grave—typically with an emperor, king, pope, monk, youngster, beautiful girl, all in skeleton-state.
The danse macabre combines both desires: similar to the popular mediaeval mystery plays, the dance-with-death allegory was originally a didactic play to remind people of the inevitability of death and to advise them strongly to be prepared all times for death (see memento mori).
A Danse Macabre is depicted in part by the vampires of Theatres Des Vampires in Anne Rice's novel, Interview With the Vampire.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Danse_Macabre   (1520 words)

 Danse Macabre
La Danse Macabre, also called Dance of death, La Danza Macabra, or Totentanz, is a late-medieval[?] allegory on the universality of death.
La Danse Macabre consists of the personified Death leading row of dancing figures from all walks of life to the grave - typically with an emperor, king, pope, monk, youngster, beautiful girl, all in skeleton-state; the best-known Danses Macabres are frescos in French and German churches.
Danse Macabre is a nonfiction book by Stephen King on horror fiction and United States pop culture.
www.ebroadcast.com.au /lookup/encyclopedia/da/Danse_macabre.html   (200 words)

 NationMaster - Encyclopedia: Danse Macabre (book)
Danse Macabre is a nonfiction book by Stephen King on horror fiction and United States pop culture.
But DANSE MACABRE, his book-length essay on horror in pop culture, is like the seed-bed of everything I later came to dislike about King: a rambling conversational style, half Aesthete and half Reg'lar Folks and inauthentic as either; shameless name-dropping and boosterism; and a relentlessly middlebrow worldview powering the vehicle.
Lazy, jokey and even bad writing fills DANSE MACABRE from stem to stern, King trying to be both hip and square on every page; a completely unsatisfying compromise that reads as awkwardly now as office-workers must've looked in their tie-and-jeans ensembles on the first Casual Fridays.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Danse-Macabre-%28book%29   (301 words)

 The Faint: Danse Macabre Remixes - PopMatters Music Review   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-23)
Danse Macabre Remixes is, well, a remix album, obviously, collecting new versions of every track from The Faint's third studio album Danse Macabre.
The original Danse Macabre is actually somewhat of a gem -- The Faint mold tense, brooding lyrics to sharp, dark, and yet strangely accessible synth pop confections, recalling some of the darker works of Depeche Mode or Gary Numan, though punchier and (often) catchier.
Danse Macabre dripped in paranoia, and it was that distinct, '80s-style paranoia felt by anyone who wasn't a Reaganite capitalist/neo-conservative during that decade.
www.popmatters.com /music/reviews/f/faint-danseremixes.shtml   (542 words)

 Grande dance macabre des hommes et des femmes: Early Visual Media - Troyes - Guyot Marchant
In this period, the Danse Macabre was already heavily damaged and was of little interest to the people of Paris.
The contemporaries of Louis XIV rejected this artistic genre that became popular in a "barbarian period of history lacking all sense of esthetics" However, two manuscripts with the original text are in the collection of the National Library of Paris.
In the Paris Danse Macabre, and others, people from all classes in society are confronted with death.
users.pandora.be /thomasweynants/grande-danse-macabre.html   (853 words)

 Danse Macabre
Macabre is a French word that makes its first known appearance in the fourteenth century, in a fragmented poem by Jean Le Fevre; Je fis de Macabre la danse.
Macabre was a word created to describe the interaction of the dead, or death, with the living, and with this uncanny shudder retains this use to this day.
Death and the danse macabre are superb examples of the Church or whatever authority, adopting and formalising a strong local image for their purpose, which of course is what happened in Wallachia.
www.tabula-rasa.info /DarkAges/DanseMacabre.html   (2885 words)

 danse macabre - HighBeam Encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-23)
Find newspaper and magazine articles plus images and maps related to "danse macabre" at HighBeam.
Danse Macabre and more: Oh, great: More sex: Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake series runs out of steam.
VIEW FROM SLANE CASTLE: Limbo in the North is a danse macabre.(Features)
www.encyclopedia.com /doc/1E1-x-dansemac.html   (164 words)

 Danse macabre Hugues.Leblanc Gothic Death
La danse macabre des hommes fut publiée sous sa forme finale en 1486 avec 23 différents tableaux où la mort converse avec ses victimes, les informant du plus triste moment de leur vie, se moquant de l’importance de leur statut social.
The danse macabre of the cemetery of the church of the Innocent is saved from total disappearance.
The macabre dance of men is published in a final form in 1486 with 23 tableaux where death converses with its victims, informing them of the saddest moment of their lives, mocking the preceived importance of their social status.
www.angelfire.com /tx4/tapholov/dansemacabre2.htm   (600 words)

 Danse Macabre (disambiguation) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The term La Danse Macabre (also La Danza Macabra, Totentanz, or Dance of Death) refers to the late-medieval allegory of the universality of death.
Danse Macabre (Saint-Saëns), the musical composition by Camille Saint-Saëns
Danse Macabre (novel), the 2006 novel by Laurell K. Hamilton
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Danse_Macabre_(disambiguation)   (276 words)

 Italy: the dark side, Danse Macabre
he Danse Macabre is an extraordinary type of artwork springing from an era when disease ran rampant and human beings were forced to bow to Death.
This concept, termed Il Ballo di Morte in Italy, Danse Macabre in French, The Dance of Death in English, Dança de la Muerte in Spanish, and Totentanz in German, spread throughout Medieval Europe, where Death was viewed by the serfs as the one great equalizer.
The Church and graveyard of Plaus stand in the center of the town, and a modern Danse Macabre was painted in 1999 along the exterior walls.
www3.sympatico.ca /tapholov/pages/danse_macabre.htm   (567 words)

 La danse macabre
La danse macabre, ou danse de la Mort, origine probablement de la France; on considère la danse macabre du cimetière des Innocents de Paris, peinte en 1424, comme le point de départ de cette tradition.
Une chose est sûre: le terme «danse macabre» était connu bien avant 1424 (c'est-à-dire avant la création de celle de Paris).
Au Moyen-Âge, la danse macabre était conçue comme un avertissement pour les puissants et une source de réconfort pour les pauvres, un appel à tous pour une vie responsable et pieuse.
www.lamortdanslart.com /danse/danse.htm   (937 words)

 The Faint - Danse Macabre : Tapefuzz.com Reviews   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-23)
My impression of Danse Macabre based on the first 30 seconds: these guys are just a cheap novelty act, too talentless to have their own style, so forced to co-opt a smarmy, kitschy shtick abandoned long ago--one of the tackiest ones they could have chosen, I might add.
Danse Macabre surely shines too brightly for most people to find it anything but fun and infectious.
The only reservation I have is that Danse Macabre seems to bear a certain shallowness that I can't seem to pin down very well.
www.blackpitchpress.com /tapefuzz/reviews/faint-dansemacabre.shtml   (577 words)

 THE METAL OBSERVER - Review - DANSE MACABRE - Matters Of The Heart
As their album "Eva", that has been released last year, was simply excellent in that Gothic Metal-style, DANSE MACABRE simply use that buzz they have to release a brand new mini-CD, especially cooked for you.
On the menu, you have first a remastered version of the track "Danse Macabre" (weird choice by the way, because there were better potential singles on "Eva"), a decent new track called "And I Bleed", three nice remixes of "Danse Macabre", "Oblivion" and "Trojan Horse", and finally two video tracks.
The first one is a video clip for "Danse Macabre", quite average, but views of the band together with a dancer, which is really Goth and could make you laugh, even if graphically speaking that's a good job.
www.metal-observer.com /articles.php?lid=1&sid=1&id=994   (220 words)

 Amazon.com: Stephen King's Danse Macabre: Books: Stephen King   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-23)
I don't quibble with this factual error, or that questionable judgment; my main problem with DANSE MACABRE is that its tone - a blowhard holding court with tiresome anecdotes and self-important pronouncements, and falling in love with the sound of his own voice besides - began insinuating itself into his later work with depressing regularity.
When Danse Macabre first came out I was in the middle of a "Stepehen King Period," of sorts, having taken it upon myself to finally read the books of this author whom so many people had raved about for a few years.
Various bits and pieces of Danse Macabre have stuck in my mind over the years, but only in the most basic sense, such as King's description of the EC horror comics of the fifties, and I recently found myself tracking down a used copy due to a renewed interest in horror.
www.amazon.com /Stephen-Kings-Danse-Macabre-King/dp/0425104338   (3432 words)

 Esperanto - Danse Macabre
"Danse Macabre" is a natural evolution from the first album "Esperanto Rock Orchestra".
"Danse Macabre" does not require listening to and should not be played on speakers less than 8" in diameter, in airport lounges, elevators and at dinner parties or immediately after sexual congress.
Produced by Peter Sinfield (a picture of Peter is present on the bottom left of the backsleeve picture of Danse Macabre, left to Raymond Vincent).
www.esperanto-rock-orchestra.com /dansemacabre.html   (572 words)

 Danse Macabre
On the classic theme of the Danse Macabre, or Totentanz, I created this box that includes a papercutting scene of the danse as well as a set of dialogues on individual pieces of paper.
Despite its European setting, this Danse Macabre strikes American chords of the día de los muertos.
Inside each booklet is the Danse macabre scene as well as the text of the dialogues.
www.beatricecoron.com /dansemacabre.html   (228 words)

 NEW Goth Metal World - your gate to the dark side - Danse Macabre   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-23)
Danse Macabre, a musical journey through darkness, was born in Athens by the Greeks Sotiris (Septic Flesh) and George Zaharopoulos (ex-Rotting Christ).
Luckily Jan and Gunther found some talented musicians in Amsterdam; the Dutch Merijn Mol, the drums, the Yugoslavian Miloš Maricevic, the bass and the Israeli Arik Politi, the keyboards were chosen not only because of their musical skills but also because of their devotion to music.
Now Danse Macabre live act was a real crossborder happening and it performed live in different European countries.
www.gothmetal.net /article/articleview/217/1/19   (701 words)

 Rolling Stone : Danse Macabre Remixes : Review
Their 2001 album Danse Macabre is rife with sharp social commentary, omnipresent hooks, mosh-disco beats and drama for days.
Macabre was so sick with hit-worthy songs that it generated this equally vicious remix set.
A close second would be the original danse macabre.
www.rollingstone.com /reviews/album/321031/danse_macabre_remixes   (256 words)

 Amazon.com: Danse Macabre: Music: The Faint   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-23)
If this is true, then the men of the Faint must have spent a lot of time between their rocking debut album, Media, and their third full-length, Danse Macabre, practicing their Duran Duran, Cure, and Depeche Mode impressions.
"Dance Macabre" literally means "Dance of the Dead" and is an achaiac traditon of dancing with the corpse at a funeral; sort of like a final party thing.
Danse Macabre is best for a first listen because of songs like Glass Danse and Let the Poison Spill.
www.amazon.com /Danse-Macabre-Faint/dp/B00005NF1H   (1415 words)

 Camille Saint-Saens sheet music   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-23)
Theme from Danse Macabre arranged as a duo for baritone sax and piano.
Theme from Danse Macabre arranged as a duo for bassoon and piano.
Theme from Danse Macabre arranged as a duo for french horn and piano.
www.music-scores.com /saint-saens/composer.php   (570 words)

 Danse Macabre
Fifty minutes of shocking drama and exquisite music by La Brigata, Sue Tyson and Kristine Szulik sing, act and play the music and the horror of the Black Death, that swept through Europe between 1348 and 1450.
It was based on the popular belief, fostered by the plagues and wars of the 14th and 15th centuries, that the dead, as skeletons, rose from their graves and tempted the living, of all ages and ranks, to join them in a dance that brought them finally to death
The dance of death, or danse macabre, or Totentanz, was first embodied in murals and a poem (1424–25) in the Church of the Holy Innocents in Paris.
www.labrigata.org.uk /DanseMacabre.htm   (393 words)

Two of these are of the track 'Danse Macabre' and the other of 'Trojan Horse'.
These are joined by a remastered version of 'Danse Macabre' and a new track, 'And I Bleed'.
All versions of 'Danse Macabre' obviously share the same catchy tune, but my favourite on here is the 'Lonely Puppet Mix'.
www.fluxeuropa.com /mn0206-danse_macabre.htm   (181 words)

 DNK Amazon Store :: Saint-Saëns: Symphony No. 3 "Organ"; Danse Macabre; Bacchanale; Le Déluge
When the Philharmonic Society in London flattered Saint-Saens with the title of `The French Beethoven' and invited him to write a symphony, he warned them that it would be a terrifying one.
In addition there is the famous Bacchanale from Samson and Dalila, very fine and bacchanalian I thought, and by way of lowering the general level of frenzy there is the prelude to the oratorio Le Deluge.
Last on the disc is the Danse Macabre, and it is really this that has stopped me from giving a fifth star.
www.entertainmentcareers.net /book/ProductDetails.aspx?asin=B0000B09YY   (857 words)

 Danse Macabre   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-23)
At long last, Laurell K. Hamilton’s latest vampire hunter novel and the latest chapter in Anita Blake’s morbidly exciting life, DANSE MACABRE comes to bookstores everywhere at the end of June and this reader is simply too excited for words that she was among the first to get a copy.
DANSE MACABRE is the 14th Anita Blake book in a series that has really evolved over the years.
DANSE MACABRE is almost entirely vampire politics and Anita dealing with her increasing magical powers.
www.loveromances.com /dansemacabre_tammy.html   (672 words)

 Danse Macabre iconography
Although the origins of the danse macabre, or Dance of Death, are still obscure, probably the most famous version was the (now lost) mural of 1424-25 with accompanying verses in the churchyard of the Franciscan convent Aux SS.
The popularity of the danse macabre can also be observed in tomb iconography from the later fifteenth century on.
The skeleton on the incised slab at Wijk may represent the deceased, yet it could equally be Death himself with his dart, wearing a biretta in mockery of the dead clergyman.
www.mbs-brasses.co.uk /pic_lib/picture_library_Danse_Macabre.htm   (491 words)

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