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In the News (Sun 26 May 19)

  Pteridium aquilinum, Bracken Fern, Brake, Brake Fern, Eagle Fern, Female Fern, Fiddlehead, Hog Brake, Pasture Brake, ...
In northern climates bracken fern is frequently found on uplands and side slopes, since it is susceptible to spring frost damage.
Bracken fern is grown commercially for use as a food and herbal remedy in Canada, the United States, Siberia, China, Japan, and Brazil and is often listed as an edible wild plant.
Bracken fern is a potential source of insecticides and it has potential as a biofuel.
www.rook.org /earl/bwca/nature/ferns/pteridiumaqui.html   (2571 words)

  Fern - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A fern is a vascular plant that differs from the more primitive lycophytes in having true leaves (megaphylls) and from the more advanced seed plants (gymnosperms and angiosperms) in lacking seeds.
In ferns, it is often referred to as a frond, but this is because of the historical division between people who study ferns and people who study seed plants, rather than because of differences in structure.
Ferns of the genus Azolla, which are very small, floating plants that do not look like ferns, called mosquito fern, are used as a biological fertilizer in the rice paddies of southeast Asia, taking advantage of their ability to fix nitrogen from the air into compounds that can then be used by other plants.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Fern   (1177 words)

 The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition: fern @ HighBeam Research   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
The ferns and their relatives (e.g., the club moss and horsetail) are the most primitive plants to have developed a true vascular system (see plant).
Ferns reproduce by an alternation of generations (see reproduction), the fern itself being the sporophyte, which produces asexual spores.
In most ferns the sporangia (spore -bearing sacs) are borne in clusters (called sori), which appear as brown dots or streaks on the underside of the leaves.
www.highbeam.com /library/doc0.asp?DOCID=1E1:fern&refid=ip_encyclopedia_hf   (715 words)

 Fern sporangium   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
Ferns are dispersed by air-borne spores which have a thick, protective wall that surrounds a living cell.
In a few ferns, sporangia are positioned randomly across the lower surface of a frond segment.
False indusia and indusia are characteristic of the tree fern, Dicksonia.
www.sbs.auckland.ac.nz /info/schools/nzplants/fern_sporangium.htm   (342 words)

 What is a Fern
Ferns are considered vascular plants and are some of the oldest living plants on earth.
The ferns, generally known as pteridophytes, also includes plants that are called the fern allies.
When observing a fern, the leafy section of the fern is typically known as a frond.
www.tfeps.org /what_is_a_fern.htm   (809 words)

 Fanny Fern (Sara Willis Parton) (1811-1872)
One might argue, however, that Fern should be recognized as the author of "Thanksgiving Story" as well as "Critics," and that while she was more outspoken than most of her sister authors, she also resembles them in many ways.
In a further repudiation of patriarchal tradition Fern, although she is often referred to in literary histories as Sara Parton, did not use that name; she preferred her pseudonym, extending it to her personal life and becoming "Fanny" even to family and friends.
Fern's work can easily be compared and contrasted with that of just about any woman of her time.
college.hmco.com /english/heath/syllabuild/iguide/fern.html   (1136 words)

 Poplar Spring | Animal Pictures and Stories
Fern is a young Yorkshire pig who was found on the side of a highway in North Carolina when she was only one week old.
Fern's special friend is another young pig named Avery who was rescued from a local high school where he had been greased and spray painted.
Fern and Avery sleep together every night in their large barn, and spend their days grazing in their four acre pasture.
www.animalsanctuary.org /animals/pig_fern.html   (131 words)

 UACES: AR Home and Garden: Landscape and Ornamentals: Home Landscaping Perennials: Ferns   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
Ferns and the south are synonymous -- large containers or hanging baskets of Boston ferns have graced front porches for years.
This diminutive fern turns bright red in the fall, then dies back and settles to the bottom of the pond, and waits for the warmer water of spring.
It is a fern of true global economic importance--it is the green manure crop grown in Asia which is plowed under to fertilize the rice crop.
www.arhomeandgarden.org /landscape/HomeLandscaping/Perennials/ferns.asp   (1538 words)

 biology - Fern
Pteridopsida A fern, or pteridophyte, is any one of a group of some twenty thousand species of plants classified in the Division Pteridophyta, formerly known as Filicophyta.
A fern is defined as a vascular plant that does not produce seeds, but reproduces by spores to initiate an alternation of generations.
Ferns first appear in the fossil record in the early Carboniferous epoch.
www.biologydaily.com /biology/Fern   (732 words)

 Fern Questions and Answers
Ferns are adapted to a wide variety of conditions—some ferns prefer dry rocky sites or wet marshy conditions while others thrive in limestone-rich soils.
The asparagus fern, Asparagus setaceus, is a close relative of the edible asparagus and produces tiny white flowers and purplish fl fruits.
The American Fern Society is the leading organization in North America devoted to ferns and fern allies.
www.usna.usda.gov /Gardens/faqs/fernsfaq2.html   (1190 words)

 Hardy Ferns, Perennials Guide to Planting Flowers
The Lady Fern grows from 2 feet to 3 feet tall and has finely cut foliage, while the Male Fern is an evergreen sort growing about is inches high.
Ferns should be reset in the Spring or during the Summer through August.
The Ferns are propagated by dividing the root stalks, which are the underground stems from which the upright stems grow.
www.backyardgardener.com /pren/pg53.html   (817 words)

 Power Line: The cause for which Fern Holland died
On March 9, Fern Holland became the first civilian in the U.S. aid and reconstruction effort to be killed by the enemies of democracy.
Fern was only 33 years old when she was brutally murdered, but few individuals have done more for the cause of freedom and human rights in Iraq and the Middle East.
Fern Holland left lucrative work in law firms not once but several times to serve the poor, the oppressed and the marginalized far from home.
www.powerlineblog.com /archives/006270.php   (951 words)

 Fern Engineering - Turbomachinery Experts Specializing in Gas Turbines
Fern now offers a multimedia gas turbine operator training course on gas turbine emissions and control technology for just $995.
Fern has identified the potential for boosting combined cycle power plant profits by up to 43%.
Fern is developing test protocols which will help gas turbine operators verify the performance of their inlet cooling fogger systems.
www.fernengineering.com   (148 words)

 Psilotum nudum - Whisk Fern - Psilotaceae
It is considered a fern ally because it is a spore-producing vascular plant.
Whisk fern is native to swamplands and dry rocky cliffs from North Carolina to Oklahoma to the tropics.
Since whisk ferns do not flower (they are not flowering plants, after all), the spores are produced in large, solitary sporangia born on bractlike or leaflike lateral appendages.
www.plantoftheweek.org /week055.shtml   (275 words)

 Fern Care
Ferns come from all over the world and grow in all conditions.
Ferns grow in rainforests and freezing tundra and broiling deserts.
As a result, most ferns require a loose rapidly draining mix which requires them to be watered more often.
www.sdfern.com /ferncare.htm   (724 words)

 Fern Images
The Black Ponga the most common fern, is the tallest fern tree in the world of which the tallest of this species reside in the Coromandel region.
The most famous fern is the Silver fern as it is a New New Zealand emblem and is a symbol that is used on the shirts of the All Blacks rugby team and also the Silver Ferns netball team.
The Koru shape another New Zealand emblem is an unfurling fern frond and represents the unfolding of new life.
www.virtualoceania.net /newzealand/photos/flora/ferns   (211 words)

 American Fern Society
It was established in 1893 with the objective of fostering interest in ferns and fern allies.
Ferns are a diverse, highly-evolved group of plants, yet they retain many of the characteristics that were present when plants first ventured out of the sea and onto land over 400 million years ago.
A list of the ferns available each year is published in the Fiddlehead Forum and members who wish to grow their ferns from spores may acquire packets of spores at a nominal fee (50 cents each).
www.amerfernsoc.org /home.html   (610 words)

 Ferns: Of Fern Forest and South Florida
I've put together a short key to Fern Forest ferns in which the focus is on features easy to use in the field.
Ferns of the southeastern States: descriptions of the fern-plants growing naturally in the States south of the Virginia-Kentucky state line and east of the Mississippi River.
Small also published a Ferns of Florida (1932), which i haven't tracked down, along with a couple smaller works on ferns of Royal Palm Hammock, and ferns of Tropical Florida, both of which were recently reprinted in one volume by Micanopy Press.
fig.cox.miami.edu /~scofield/sofl_plants/fern_index.html   (455 words)

 Mosquito Fern
Mosquito Fern or Azolla is a small free-floating fern approximately 1 to 3/8 inches wide.
Mosquito ferns can vary in color from green to red and are generally found in quiet ponds protected from wind action.
Mosquito ferns can be aggressive invaders in quiet ponds and are often found mixed in with duckweeds or watermeal.
aquaplant.tamu.edu /database/floating_plants/mosquito_fern.htm   (168 words)

 GARDENING : House Plants & Ferns : Fern Care : DIY Network
A maiden-hair fern (figure B) is one of the most attractive of the popular indoor fern, and has delicate looking fl stems.
If your large-leafed fern has brown edging around a leaf (figure D), and the condition doesn't improve after a couple of waterings, you may want to cut the sick leaf off using a pair of scissors.
One of the attributes of the Boston fern is that it can easily be divided to create more potted ferns for your home.
www.diynetwork.com /diy/pf_house_plants_ferns/article/0,2029,DIY_14169_2277724,00.html   (556 words)

 Royal Fern
The royal fern belongs to the family Osmundaceae; fossils belonging to this family have been found in rocks of Permian age (230,000,000 years before present), a time when the continents were consolidated into the supercontinent Pangea.
The familiar fern plant with the stem, roots and leaves is the diploid sporophyte.
Thus royal ferns do not occur in the flood plain forests along the Connecticut River where plants must be adapted to frequent stem and root burial by the river's sediments.
www.bio.umass.edu /biology/conn.river/regalis.html   (849 words)

Drought resistant, it is a labor saver in courtyards and atriums.
A dwarf-growing fern with young papery fronds that display coppery-red color, maturing to deep green and deeply cut.
The species classification is attributed to Daniel Cady Eaton, 1834-1895, the noted American fern expert and professor at Yale University.
www.monrovia.com /PlantInf.nsf/269905a1fb059eb48825683c0080938a/6b6456f58f012a008825684d007135ef!OpenDocument   (308 words)

 Fern Knight - Music for Witches and Alchemists
The music of Fern Knight is a soundtrack for some gothic fairy tale unfolding under the light of the full moon—with harmonic twists and turns droning in the long shadows.
The new CD on VHF, Music for Witches and Alchemists, is a dark and beguiling collection of songs by Fern Knight, the primary cover for Margaret Wienk's singing and songwriting.
While drawing from diverse influences such as the original Wicker Man soundtrack, Krautrock, prog and early baroque and renaissance music, Fern Knight's music rings of the intensely personal and is delivered with crystal clarity.
www.fernknight.com   (117 words)

 Bird's Nest Fern
Ferns have always been an important segment of the foliage industry.
The Boston fern, Nephrolepis exaltata, was one of the first ferns grown commercially for export and there are now many other fern species, including Bird's-nest fern, produced and sold in large quantities.
Although fern are commonly grown in highly acidic soils, recent research indicates a pH of 5.0 to 5.5 is preferred.
www.mrec.ifas.ufl.edu /Foliage/folnotes/birdnest.htm   (1733 words)

 Ferns of Pittsylvania County
This common fern is a bright green, lacy-cut early-appearing fern of the woodlands.
A delicate cut-leaf fern with spore shoot 20 centimeters tall, the grape fern's leaf and spore shoot stems are joined near the ground.
A small evergreen fern growing in matlike form on top of the common polypody fern is slightly larger than the resurrection fern and has different under-leaflets.
www.victorianvilla.com /sims-mitchell/local/nature/ferns   (917 words)

 FERN CREEK WRESTLING CLUB   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
Fern Creek, KY is located on the south east side of Louisville, KY. Our teams compete in the elementary and middle school divisions during the Kentucky Season.
Special thanks is extended to all the Fern Creek parents and volunteers who helped out and to Coach Quirino, St. Xavier and his crew and to Coach Hitchings, Trinity and his parents who pitched in making this a very special day for all the kids.
Fern Creek ran away with the tournament with a whopping 275.5 pts, Gray Middle came in a distant second place with 179pts and Larue County was 3rd with 173pts.
eteamz.active.com /FernCreekWrestlingClub/index.cfm   (1052 words)

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