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Topic: Finnish language

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In the News (Sun 16 Jun 19)

  The Finnish language
Pronunciation of Finnish in a nutshell (for linguists).
Books useful for learning Finnish (a list with different people's short evaluations); this is in the section for Finland in the Nordic FAQ (soc.culture.nordic FAQ).
Language centre services include courses of different levels (starting from beginners) on Finnish.
www.cs.tut.fi /~jkorpela/Finnish.html   (418 words)

  Finnish_language information. LANGUAGE SCHOOL EXPLORER
The Finnish dialect Kven is spoken in Norway.
Finnish is a member of the Baltic-Finnic subgroup of the Finno-Ugric group of languages which in turn is a member of the Uralic family of languages.
The Ruija dialect (Ruijan murre) is spoken in Finnmark (Finnish Ruija), in Norway.
language.school-explorer.com /Finnish   (6487 words)

  Finnish language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Finnish is a member of the Finno-Ugric language family and is classified as an agglutinative language.
Finnish is one of two official languages of Finland (the other being Swedish, spoken by a 5% minority) and thus an official language of the European Union.
The Ruija dialect (Ruijan murre) is spoken in Finnmark (Finnish Ruija), in Norway.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Finnish_(language)   (5800 words)

 Finnish language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Hence, the many refugees from Finnish Karelia, that were evacuated during World War II and resettled all over Finland, speak Savonian dialects, although their dialects in everyday speech often are referred to as Karelian.
The spoken language, on the other hand, is the main variety of Finnish to be used in popular TV and radio shows, at workplaces and it is sometimes preferred to speaking a dialect in personal communication.
The Finnish orthography is morphemic, and the morphemic notation is built upon the phonetic principle: with just a few subtle exceptions, within a single morpheme, each phoneme (distinct sound) of the language is represented by exactly one grapheme (independent letter), and each grapheme represents exactly one phoneme, if the morpheme is pronounced in isolation.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Finnish_language   (5800 words)

 The Finnish language — Virtual Finland
Finnish children learn Finnish as easily as their counterparts in other countries learn their mother tongue.
But, of course, when people talk about 'a difficult language', what they really mean is a language that is thought to be particularly difficult for a foreign adult learner.
In this article I discuss some features of Finnish which in my experience as a teacher of Finnish to foreigners for many years are perceived as difficult, but in reality are simply different, for example, from English.
virtual.finland.fi /finfo/english/finnlang.html   (215 words)

 BBC Education - Languages
Finnish, along with Estonian, is part of the Baltic-Finnic sub group of the Finno-Ugrian languages.
Finnish is the official language in Finland and officially recognised in Sweden and Norway.
The language was first written in the 16th century, with an ABC book in 1542 and then a catechism in 1544, both written by a local bishop.
www.bbc.co.uk /languages/european_languages/languages/finnish.shtml   (719 words)

 Euromosaic - Finnish in Sweden (Tornedalen)
After the introduction of Tornedalen Finnish in the classroom during the 80s, the number of pupils studying Finnish in primary schools increased to 2,000, as the teaching of standard Finnish was perceived as foreign and alien to the local language.
This decrease in the transmission and in the use of Finnish in Tornedalen was mainly due to the loss of population and the influence of the nation-wide mass-media.
Finnish is generally associated with low status (both cultural and socio-economic) whereas Swedish is regarded as the prestigious language, and about half of the population claims that bilingualism is associated with stigma and thus a burden for the speakers.
www.uoc.edu /euromosaic/web/document/fines/an/i2/i2.html   (3739 words)

 Learn Finnish Language - Free Conversational Finnish Lessons Online - Common Finnish Words and Phrases   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Phrasebase drastically simplifies the language learning process by prioritizing the various components of learning and focusing your study efforts on the areas of greatest importance.
The key is to immerse yourself in the language and use it as often as possible in order to build up your skills of speaking it and listening to it, understanding and comprehending it...
Finnish Language Exchange Pen-Pals - Community of people from around the world interested in teaching you their language and sharing their culture with you.
www.phrasebase.com /learn/finnish.php   (1866 words)

 Finnish Language   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Finnish courses arranged by the University Language Centre are exclusively for registered international students, visiting students and faculty members of the University of Jyväskylä.
Finnish 4 and Finnish 5 represent the advanced level of proficiency (Finnish 5 is arranged only once a year).
Others require that language skills equivalent to the average grade 4 of the National Certificate of Language Proficiency in Finnish are demonstrated for the completion of the degree.
www.jyu.fi /intl/eng/courses/finnish.html   (284 words)

 Finland and the Finnish related people
The eastern Finnish languages cannot be understood by Finns today as contacts to the east have been more or less cut for eight hundred years of Russian history.
Finnish written history is only from the second millennium, but fortunately the Finns have a strong oral tradition going back to the ice ages.
The Finnish language is unique, musical and beautiful and should always be appreciated or it may, in the near future, be lost.
www.geocities.com /Athens/Parthenon/3818/finland.html   (2795 words)

 Finnish Language & Culture | University of California, Berkeley
Finnish is taught at only 11 universities in the United States on a consistent basis.
Finnish is a supremely interesting language, a member of the Finno-Ugric language family (as distinct from neighboring Scandinavian, Slavic, and other Indo-European languages).
Students are afforded many funding opportunities to continue their language studies in Finland during the summer or academic year, as well as through graduate studies and professional exchange programs.
ies.berkeley.edu /fsp/finnishstudies   (367 words)

 Finnish language, alphabet and pronunciation
Finnish (suomi) is a Finno-Ugric language spoken by about 5 million people in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Canada and Russia.
Civil servants were obliged to use the Finnish language and issue documents in Finnish from 1883.
Finnish has a system of vowel harmony, which means all the vowels in a word have to be of the same type.
www.omniglot.com /writing/finnish.htm   (345 words)

 Department of Finnish language and literature at the University of Helsinki
During their Finnish studies students are trained to become language professionals: they learn to deal with Finnish expertly and they develop a broad, scientific insight into language, its significance to humankind and its position in culture and society.
Modern Finnish is the result of a long process of development, and so the study of Finnish naturally includes the history of its phonology, grammar and vocabulary, and the shaping of written Finnish into its present form.
A professional in Finnish must also be able to explain about language use to others and to correct errors and improve the style of texts, as well as justify these changes.
www.helsinki.fi /hum/skl/english/studies/language.htm   (704 words)

 Concordia Language Village - Finnish
Finnish is spoken as a first language by more than 6 million people around the world.
Finnish is the official language of Finland and the Republic of Karelia.
It is one of the official languages in the European Union.
clvweb.cord.edu /prweb/finnish   (319 words)

 Finnish as a World Language
First of all, Finnish is currently spoken by a mere.05% of the world's population; secondly one cannot learn the language in ten easy lessons; thirdly, a large number of Finns still do not understand it.
The basic idea is: In Finnish the direct object (commonly called the accusative object) may occur in the nominative, the genitive, or the partitive case.
As to the question of the prospect of Finnish as a global language, I think I do not misspeak myself by saying that the work of this article should settle the matter clearly and finally.
www.mit.edu /~tahnan/finnish.html   (1078 words)

 Finnish - language.com.au - Finnish   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Intended for beginners, the Conversational Finnish course provides transcripts of the Finnish dialogues with idiomatic English translations plus notes on structural patterns and explanations of essential points of grammar.
Finnish / 30 is based on the famous U.S. military accelerated language-learning method developed for U.S. government personnel preparing for overseas duty.
Finnish includes great features like speak and repeat, interactive games, and digital recordings with native speakers.
www.language.com.au /finnish.html   (461 words)

 Language Translation Services – Professional Finnish Translation Services worldwide
Into the 19th century there was a most obvious language barrier; then during the 19th century Finland developed a proud University-educated meritocracy that felt as being the true representation of "the people" since they spoke the people's language and since a great deal of their ancestors really had been poor peasants.
Finnish law is codified and its court system consists of local courts, regional appellate courts, and a Supreme Court.
There are two official languages in Finland: Finnish, spoken by 93% of the population, and Swedish, mother tongue for 6% of the population.
www.verbatimsolutions.com /languages/finnish.php   (1867 words)

 Finnish language classes london Finnish courses evening classes
Finnish is one of the two official languages spoken in Finland, the second being Swedish.
Finnish is the language spoken by the majority of Finns in Finland, around 92%, and by ethnic Finns outside Finland.
Whether you are studying Finnish for business, academic purpose or for leisure, we will ensure that your Finnish language course is a successful and enjoyable experience.
www.keylanguages.com /new_english/finnish.html   (455 words)

 Finnish language - Hutchinson encyclopedia article about Finnish language   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Member of the Finno-Ugric language family, the national language of Finland and closely related to neighbouring Estonian, Livonian, Karelian, and Ingrian languages.
At the beginning of the 19th century Finnish had no official status, since Swedish was the language of education, government, and literature in Finland.
Finnish Institute for Verification of the Chemical Weapons Convention
encyclopedia.farlex.com /Finnish+language   (155 words)

 Finnish language
Finnish is spoken by about 5 million people in Finland.
In Finnish the first syllable of a word is stressed.
The Finnish vocabulary has been enriched by words borrowed from the Germanic, Slavic, and Baltic languages.
www.factmonster.com /ce6/society/A0818711.html   (186 words)

 Finnish language search marketing
Finnish is linked to Hungarian and Estonian and is not part of the main family of Indo-European languages - which makes it somewhat unusual in Europe.
Finnish is the national language of Finland and is spoken by 5 million people - mainly in Finland, but also in Sweden and Russia with which Finland borders.
Finnish is one of the most difficult languages to handle thanks to its complex structure and unusual language features.
www.webcertain.com /finnish-language.html   (451 words)

 :: The Finnish Institute of International Affairs ::
The Finnish Institute of International Affairs (FIIA) is an independent research institute that functions in association with the Parliament of Finland.
The mission of the Finnish Institute of International Affairs is to conduct and publish research on international political and economic affairs, as well as on issues relating to the European Union.
EU:n ei pidä rakentaa Serbialle ohituskaistaa jäsenyyteen (Language: Finnish)
www.upi-fiia.fi /eng   (441 words)

 Speak Finnish!
Finnish is spoken by about 6 million people worldwide, around 5 million of whom live in Finland itself.
Finnish is not considered to be a particularly easy language to learn for English-speakers.
Finnish is the only language with more vowels than consonants in normal speech.
www.speakfinnish.co.uk   (335 words)

 Finnish Tutorial
Finnish consonants are very similar to their English counterparts.
Finnish has vowel harmony, which means that roots that contain front vowels will couple with endings that too have front vowels.
Finnish has two “role” cases: the essive case (which, like the illative, always has strong grade) and the translative case.
www.ielanguages.com /finnish.html   (4695 words)

 Finnish Translation Service - English to Finnish Translation
You probably don't speak Finnish yourself, so there are a few questions you'll need to consider when choosing a translation company.
Language is a living thing it develops and changes constantly.
Finnish is closely related to Karelian and Olonetsian.
www.appliedlanguage.com /languages/finnish_translation.shtml   (487 words)

 FinnLinks - Languages Category
The Finnish language is "mostly spoken the same way as it's written, meaning that one letter always corresponds to the same sound, and all letters are clearly pronounced.
The Finnish Language Village dedicated to immersion education in the Finnish culture and language for young people 7 to 18 years of age in the summer and also for adults 19 to 90 in the spring and fall.
The language is a part of the North Germanic languages and is identified as an East Scandinavian variant together with Danish.
www.genealogia.fi /finnlinks/show.php?cid=29   (2014 words)

 Learn Finnish online for free!
This site is designed as a starting point for people who want to learn more about the Finnish language.
The links on the left contain English to Finnish translations as well as other useful information about the Finnish language.
After some translations into Finnish, the phonetic pronunciation is given in parentheses.
www.101languages.net /finnish   (95 words)

 Finnish language courses
Rainbow LIB can provide you with tailor made Finnish language courses to help improve relations with relevant businesses whom you have dealings with.
Our fully qualified tutors will help devise Finnish language courses which cater for all your business needs, whether you need to know enough to get by or you require your staff to be fluent in the language, we are the people who can assist you.
If you are interested in any of our Finnish language courses, give us a call on 020 7490 5663 & we will be more than happy to help.
www.rainbowlib.com /language/courses/finnish.html   (118 words)

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