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Topic: Gender role

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  Gender role - New World Encyclopedia
A gender role is a set of behavioral norms associated particularly with males or females in a given social group or system, often including the division of labor between men and women and the attendant complex of child-rearing and socialization processes leading youth toward maturing to perpetuate the same pattern.
Gender roles traditionally were often divided into distinct feminine and masculine gender roles, until especially the twentieth century when these roles diversified into many different acceptable male or female roles in modernized countries throughout the world.
The flux in gender roles in modern societies plays against the biological givenness of the woman as the bearer of the child and is one of the factors contributing to the low rates of birth in countries ranging from Germany to Japan.
www.newworldencyclopedia.org /entry/Gender_role   (3018 words)

  Gender role - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
However, some have argued that gender roles themselves are abstractions of overall differences between men and women, introducing the idea of circularity and the idea of the social reinforcement of natural tendencies leading to a factitious separation between the activities of males and the activities of females.
Gender role can vary according to the social group to which a person belongs or the subculture with which he or she chooses to identify.
When an individual exhibits a gender role that is discordant with his or her gender identity, it is most often done to deliberately provoke a sense of incongruity and a humorous reaction to the attempts of a person of one sex to pass himself or herself off as a member of the opposite sex.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Gender_role   (4243 words)

 Gender role - T-Vox
Gender roles have long been a staple of the Nature/Nurture debate: Traditional theories of gender usually assume that one's gender identity, and hence one's gender role, is a natural given.
However, some have argued that gender roles themselves are abstractions of overall differences between men and women, introducing the idea of circularity and the idea of the social reinforcement of natural tendencies leading to a factitious separation between the activities of males and the activities of females.
When an individual exhibits a gender role that is discordant with his or her gender identity, it is most often done to deliberately provoke a sense of incongruity and a humorous reaction to the attempts of a person of one sex to pass himself or herself off as a member of the opposite sex.
www.t-vox.org /index.php?title=Gender_role   (3857 words)

 Gender identity - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Gender identity may be affected by a variety of social structures, including the person's ethnic group, employment status, religion or irreligion, and family.
Alternatively, some people who experience gender dysphoria retain the genitalia that they were born with (see transsexual for some of the possible reasons), but adopt a gender role that is consonant with what they perceive as their gender identity.
The related term, "gender role," has two meanings that in individual cases may be divergent: First, people's gender roles are the totality of the ways by which they express their gender identities.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Gender_identity   (1277 words)

 Gender - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Likewise, a wide variety of phenomena may have gendered characteristics ascribed to them, either by analogy to male and female bodies, such as with the gender of connectors and fasteners, or due to social norms, such as interpreting the color pink as feminine and blue as masculine.
Gender assignment, when there are any indications that genital sex might not be decisive in a particular case, is normally not defined by any single definition, but by a combination of conditions, include chromoses and gonads.
The gender of a connector is determined by the structure of its primary functional components, e.g., the conductors of an electrical connector, or the load-bearing parts of a fastener, and not by secondary features such as covers, shields or handles that may be installed for environmental protection, safe operation, etc.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Gender   (2341 words)

 NationMaster.com - Encyclopedia: Atypical gender role   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Hijra: A neutered male person whose gender identity is neither masculine nor feminine, whose gender role includes special clothing that identifies "him" as a hijra, and whose gender role includes a special place in society and special occupations.
Gender roles are not norms that were established by some authority, but reflections of the changing habits and customs of concrete individuals in actual societies.
Gender role differences that are purely conventional are thought to be easier to change than are those that have some link to the biology of individuals.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Atypical-gender-role   (1216 words)

 Atypical gender role - Susan's Place Transgender Wiki
Gender role is a term used in the social sciences and humanities to denote a set of behavioral norms associated with a given gendered status (also called a gendered identity) in a given social group or system.
Typically these individuals maintain sets of gender signals (clothing, etc.) that are concordant with their external genitalia, and maintain sets of gender roles that are generally concordant with the expectations of the general society regarding the various kinds of behavior outside the domain of courtship, precoital, and coital behavior.
The main difference between their gender roles and the gender roles of the majority of uncastrated males is that even though they may be sexually active with females they will never carry out the precise role of "father of my own children." They may, of course, become quite adequate foster fathers.
wiki.susans.org /index.php/Atypical_gender_role   (1234 words)

 THE MERCK MANUAL, Sec. 15, Ch. 192, Psychosexual Disorders
Gender role is the objective, public expression of being male, female, or androgynous (blended).
Although biologic factors, such as gender complement and the prenatal hormonal milieu, largely determine gender identity, the formation of a secure, unconflicted gender identity and gender role is influenced by social factors, such as the character of the parents' emotional bond and the relationship that each of them has with the child.
Gender identity disorder is not diagnosed if a person engages in cross-dressing or other cross-gender activities without concurrent psychologic distress or functional impairment or if a person has a physical intersex condition (eg, congenital adrenal hyperplasia, ambiguous genitalia, androgen insensitivity syndrome).
www.merck.com /mrkshared/mmanual/section15/chapter192/192c.jsp   (1107 words)

 eMedicine - Sexuality: Gender Identity : Article by Shuvo Ghosh
The topic of gender identity is often discussed merely in terms of dysfunction, and the diagnosis of gender identity disorder is a known phenomenon in both children and adults.
That such gender variance is biologically equivalent in boys and girls, and that it is not necessarily an indicator of gender identity disorder in childhood, is growing clearer.
Subsequent gender identity and gender role are typically incongruent with the biologic sex of the patient.
www.emedicine.com /ped/topic2789.htm   (6229 words)

 Gender-Identity/Role - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
She was responsible for cooking, washing, housekeeping, and virtually everything at home that did not require the strength of a man. Obviously, the role of a typical woman in modern US society is frequently much less limited than this role, which was more commonly observed in the 19th century and early twentieth century.
The point is that for a society in which that kind of a life is understood to be a woman's role, anyone observed performing these activities would be judged to be living life as a woman.
People who have been made by various social forces to act out a gender role that is not in accord with their gender identity frequently report acute emotional distress as a result.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Gender-Identity/Role   (362 words)

 Gender Identity Disorder
Gender identity is typically male and not female, although sex role identity may range from male gender role, to self-labeling as "fag" or "queer" across settings.
In terms of atypical gender development in children, the literature deals almost exclusively with the cases of deficit masculine development in boys, including cross gender identity disturbance, gender role behavior disturbance and homosexual behavior development.
For all the gender disturbed boys, if the biological father or a father substitute were present, he was described in 60% of the cases as being psychologically distant or remote by the other family members.
www.leaderu.com /jhs/rekers.html   (6479 words)

 Biological and Sociocultural Views and Consequences of Gender Stereotyping
In general, the roles prevalent in modern Western society prescribe that men should be domineering, aggressive, and superior at the maths and sciences, should become successful in their careers, and should control and suppress their feelings.
If substantial sex role similarities are found between animals and humans, or if infants are in fact found to exhibit traits traditionally assigned to their gender, this could point toward the fact that such abilities and roles are biologically determined.
Contrary to the biological determinism perspective, the sociocultural view of gender roles states that gender roles and stereotypes develop within a culture and are then perpetuated by that culture.
www.unc.edu /~lorelei/sexroles.html   (2771 words)

 An examination of violence and gender role portrayals in video games: implications for gender socialization and ...
Thus, the gender role that is internalized by the individual when she or he is young necessarily has a significant impact upon the perspective of that individual and the additional roles she or he assumes in later life.
Thus, it is argued that the development of gender role expectations is affected by the messages received from various agents of socialization in society.
Thus, the gender identity that is established by the child has consequences for the rest of the statuses and identities of that individual.
findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_m2294/is_n5-6_v38/ai_20749198   (1131 words)

 Gender Role   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Another male gender role could include wearing male clothing (such as jeans and t-shirts), enjoying watching movies with his significant other, seeking homosexual relationships, and seeking more traditionally "blue-collar" employment.
Considerable debate exists as to whether gender roles are biological in origin, in the sense of the behavioural traits arising primarily from the biology of sex; or culturally created, in the sense of behavioural traits arising from early socialization.
In the early 20th century, western gender roles were based around the idea of heteronormativity, and as such they were comparatively fixed.
www.wikiverse.org /gender-role   (2328 words)

 Gender roles - Psychology Wiki
In many parts of the West, wearing a skirt may be unacceptable as part of a male gender role, but in Scotland men have traditionally worn a kilt, which is somewhat similar to a woman's skirt.
Gender is one component of the gender/sex system, which refers to "The set of arrangements by which a society transforms biological sexuality into products of human activity, and in which these transformed needs are satisfied" (Reiter 1975: 159.).
Gender roles can influence all kinds of behavior, such as choice of clothing, choice of work and personal relationships; E.g., parental status (See also Sociology of fatherhood).
psychology.wikia.com /wiki/Gender_roles   (4162 words)

 Psychologist explains transgenderism, transsexualism, crossdressing and gender role transition,
Gender Identity--as it is defined in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder III (DSM III), "is the s sense of knowing to which sex one belongs, that is, the awareness that 'I am male' or 'I am female'.
Gender identity is the private experience of gender role and gender role is the public expression of gender identity.
In gender variant genetic females as your daughter appears to be, it could be due to a surge of androgens (probably from the mother through the placenta) to your unborn daughter's brain during a critical period of her embryonic development.
www.avitale.com /FAQ.htm   (14874 words)

 IJ TRANSGENDER - Gender Role Reversal among Postoperative Transsexuals
Gender role behavior and the verbal expression of regret are relevant dimensions.
Apart from the biographical data, special attention was given to: the development of (cross)gender identity and gender role (early and late onset), (the motives for) cross-dressing, the psycho-sexual development, body-satisfaction, present and past psychiatric history, the manifestation of the wish to undergo SRS, expectations towards the results of the SR process.
She lived in the male role again for 3 years, but switched back to the female role, because was not able to live as a man.
www.symposion.com /ijt/ijtc0502.htm   (4204 words)

 The International Bill of Gender Rights   (Site not responding. Last check: )
It is fundamental that individuals have the right to define, and to redefine as their lives unfold, their own gender identities, without regard to chromosomal sex, genitalia, assigned birth sex, or initial gender role.
Therefore, no individual shall be denied access to a space or denied participation in an activity by virtue of a self-defined gender identity which is not in accord with chromosomal sex, genitalia, assigned birth sex, or initial gender role.
Given the right to define one's own gender identity, individuals should not be subject to psychiatric diagnosis or treatment solely on the basis of their gender identity or role.
www.pfc.org.uk /gendrpol/gdrights.htm   (981 words)

 Choice and Career Commitment of Adolescents
Studies investigating the effects of gender role or beliefs in traditional gender stereotypes on the career choices of high school males are rarer than studies on college-age or work-force males.
It was hypothesized that high levels of gender stereotyping would be correlated with increased choice of traditionally feminine career choice in female subjects and with traditionally masculine career choice in male subjects.
High belief in traditional gender stereotypes in males was significantly correlated with the choice of a traditionally male career.
www.samford.edu /schools/artsci/scs/hensley.html   (5757 words)

 [No title]
However, the strongest influence on gender role development seems to occur within the family setting, with parents passing on, both overtly and covertly, to their children their own beliefs about gender.
This overview of the impact of parental influence on gender role development leads to the suggestion that an androgynous gender role orientation may be more beneficial to children than strict adherence to traditional gender roles.
Because of the strong influence of parents on gender role socialization, those parents who wish to be gender fair and encourage the best in both their sons and their daughters would do well to adopt an androgynous gender role orientation and encourage the same in their children.
gozips.uakron.edu /~susan8/parinf.htm   (2087 words)

 The Role of Androgens in Male Gender Role Behavior -- Wilson 20 (5): 726 -- Endocrine Reviews
The Role of Androgens in Male Gender Role Behavior
3 have female gender role behavior, and 1 was raised as a male
Meyer-Bahlburg HFL 1994 Intersexuality and the diagnosis of gender identity disorder.
edrv.endojournals.org /cgi/content/full/20/5/726   (8259 words)

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