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Topic: List of English words of Persian origin

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  List of English words of Persian origin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Persian as the second important language of Islam has influenced many languages in the Muslim world, and its words have found their way beyond the Muslim world.
Other words of Persian origin found their way into European languages— and eventually reached English at second-hand— through the Moorish-Christian cultural interface in the Iberian peninsula during the Middle Ages thus being transmitted through Arabic or, much later, through Hindi during the British Raj.
from Persinan musulman (adj.), from Arabic Muslim (q.v.) + Persian adj.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/List_of_English_words_of_Persian_origin   (1573 words)

 List of English words of Urdu origin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
For a list of words with Urdu language origins, see the Urdu derivations category of words in Wiktionary, the free dictionary
Many words have been incorporated into Indian English.
Some have thence been exported to the English language in general and thence to other languages.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/List_of_English_words_of_Urdu_origin   (206 words)

 Qwika - similar:Persian_language
The Persian language was crucial in the formation of a common language of the Central, North and Northwest regions of the South Asia.
Gileki or Giliki (Gilaki in Persian) is a northwestern Iranian language and is spoken in Iran's Gilan province.
Aryan is an English word derived from the Indian Vedic Sanskrit and Iranian Avestan terms ari-, arya-, ārya-, and/or the extended form aryāna-.
www.qwika.com /rels/Talk:Persian_language   (1270 words)

English is descended from the language spoken in the English Isles by the Germanic tribes, the Angles, Saxons, and Jutes, who came to the British Isles around 450 AD and drove the original Celtic-speaking inhabitants to areas that are now Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, and Ireland.
English is now the most widely studied second language in the world because a working knowledge of English is required in many fields and occupations as well as for international communication.
English spread from Britain in the 17th and 18th centuries to North America, the Caribbean, and northern Ireland; and in the 18th and 19th centuries to South Asia and Africa.
www.nvtc.gov /lotw/months/december/English.html   (1289 words)

 Ask Us A Question   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Originally, England was a geographical term rather than a state, until the separate kingdoms were unified under the king of Wessex in the 10th century.
The list of England's largest cities is much debated because in English the normal meaning of city is "a continuously built-up urban area"; these are hard to define and various other definitions are preferred by some people to boost the ranking of their own city.
Some English nationalists claim that the 'original culture' of England is comprised of legacies of Brythonic tribes of Celts and Anglo-Saxons appearing in waves of gradual migration.
www.avoo.com /wiki/England   (4497 words)

 Iranica.com - ENGLISH
Words from all stages of Persian and from many fields have found their way into English, but almost always through the medium of one or more other languages.
Although academic Persian studies may be said to have begun in England in the early 17th century with the establishment of chairs in Arabic at the two leading universities at Cambridge and Oxford, it was not until the late 18th century that the Persian poets began to be read in English translations.
Persian has continued to be associated for English and American readers with the Victorian lexicon and thematics of FitzGerald, as Chinese has been associated with the gnomic, modernist esthetics introduced by Pound.
www.iranica.com /articles/v8f4/v8f479.html   (8722 words)

 Farsi, the most widely spoken Persian Language, a Farsi Dictionary, Farsi English Dictionary, The spoken language in ...
Persian is spoken today primarily in Iran and Afghanistan, but was historically a more widely understood language in an area ranging from the Middle East to India.
Old Persian is recorded in the southwest in cuneiform inscriptions of the Persian kings of the Achaemenid dynasty (circa 550-330 BC), notably Darius I and Xerxes I. Old Persian and Avestan have close affinity with Sanskrit, and, like Sanskrit, Greek, and Latin, are highly inflected languages.
Middle Persian has a simpler grammar than Old Persian and was usually written in an ambiguous script with multivalent letters, adopted from Aramaic; it declined after the Arab conquest in the 7th century.
www.farsinet.com /farsi   (1134 words)

 KryssTal : The Origin of Words and Names
Words are changing meaning now: consider how the words bad and gay have changed in recent years.
English and British surnames (family names) have four main sources: the person's occupation, the place of origin, a nickname and relations.
A collection of words in the English language that were originally borrowed from other languages.
www.krysstal.com /wordname.html   (980 words)

 Etymology of Selected Words of Indian Language Origin
However words were rarely substituted to English words, as it happened during Old English and Middle English periods, with Latin and French words.
The words that came from South Indian languages meanwhile took the exact opposite course, with 't' and 'd', being pronounced softly or not at all: as in cheroot (Tamil churuttu/shuruttu).
This word was probably absorbed to Portuguese, when the Portuguese ruled over Goa, Bombay during the early part of the 17th century, and from Portuguese was absorbed to English.
www.wmich.edu /dialogues/themes/indianwords.htm   (3061 words)

 Irankicks Football Talk - English words with Persian origin..
It is also interesting to note that words such as mother(maternal), father(paternal), daughter, and brother come from the persian modar, pedar, dokhtar and baradar.
I've spent quite alot of time researching on the origins of the 'persian' language and the sources are conflicting to say the least.
So many persian achievements are hidden under the mat, and credit is often diverted, and its disgusting quite frankly that in many and most instances, they are only mentioned when absolutely necessary.
www.irankicks.com /ikboard/printthread.php?t=25498&pp=20   (3028 words)

 dsng.net - the daryl sng blog: English words that are borrowed from Malay
The obvious ones are words for things that are indigenous to the region - plants (durian, rambutan, bamboo, sago, camphor), animals (orang-utan, pangolin, cassowary), and cloth (gingham, sarong).
The Bahasa Melayu word for "lizard" is cicak.
The original English pronunciation (te{lm}), sometimes indicated by spelling tay, is found in rimes down to 1762, and remains in many dialects; but the current (ti{lm}) is found already in the 17th c., shown in rimes and by the spelling tee.]
www.dsng.net /2005/02/english-words-that-are-borrowed-from.html   (2558 words)

 How Farsi influenced English - Iran Defence Forum
Persian is one of the world's oldest languages, a standard and well-recognized tongue as early as the 6th century BC.
Old Persian was the language of the great Persian Empire, which at one time extended from the Mediterranean to the Indus River in India.
Yes, i belive english has the most words in it than any other language and i hear chinese is the most difficult language to learn, though i have tried learning japanese for a day and that was very difficult too.
www.irandefence.net /showthread.php?t=246   (2419 words)

 Reference.com/Encyclopedia/Lists of English words of international origin
These are lists of words in the English language which are known as "loanwords" or "borrowings," which are derived from other languages:
List of English words of Australian Aboriginal origin
List of English words of Irish origin (List of English words of Gaelic origin, List of English words of Scottish Gaelic origin)
www.reference.com /browse/wiki/Lists_of_English_words_of_international_origin   (145 words)

 KryssTal : Borrowed Words in English
The English language has an enormous amount of words that have been borrowed (or loaned) from other languages.
This is a collection of tables listing words from the many languages that have contributed words to English.
Word from around the world that one day may enter the English language.
www.krysstal.com /borrow.html   (432 words)

 Etymologie, Étymologie, Etymology - UK Großbritannien, Grande-Bretagne, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern ...
Though the definition of an "english" word might seem to be straightforward, it is not.
Among words in the dictionary, roughly 25 percent are native English words, the rest derived from other languages.
These are lists of words in the English language which are known as "loan words" or "borrowings," which are derived from other languages:
www.etymologie.info /~e/u_/uk-fremdw.html   (754 words)

 English Words from Chinese   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
But as a result of Norman French invaders, a large number of Romance words have also come in, derived mostly from Latin (and somewhat from Greek) so that today about 55% of the words stem from that source although the remaining 45% of the mostly Germanic words are the ones most used in everyday speech.
Another good source of foreign words which English speakers have not been able to avoid taking into their language are those which describe customs so strange to them that they simply have no local word yet to call them.
By the way, the English word "hurricane" is borrowed also, from the Caribbean.
spotlightongames.com /quote/chinesewords.html   (1107 words)

 Arabic language resources
Academy of Persian Language and Literature Arabic numerals Dzhidi language History of Urdu List of English words of Persian origin List of Persian poets and authors Middle Persian literature Persian grammar...
Here by pure we mean non-arabic original words of each language.
English Persian (non-arabic word) Kurdish Tale (Dastan) ﻥﺎﺘﺳïº?ﺩ Çîrok Driving...
www.mongabay.com /indigenous_ethnicities/languages/languages/Arabic.html   (1347 words)

 FarsiNet, Iranian Persian Global eCommunity for Farsi Speaking People, Persian Website, Free Farsi Books, Free farsi ...
At most restaurants, the kebab is king, mostly because it is fast to prepare, and eateries are generally run by men, whose main culinary skill, as for many of their Western counterparts, is barbecuing on the grill.
To add your favorite restaurant to this list, send the information to add@farsieats.com If the restaurant has a website and you would like it to be listed, it is required that you include a link to farsieats.com, or display one of the FarsiNet Logos or one of FarsiNet Banners.
Paradise Persian Restaurant - Washington D.C., 4 miles north of Iranian Consulate on Wisconsin Ave.
www.farsinet.com   (2554 words)

Health and Medicine International English Law and Government Popular Culture
noun [Sanskrit ānanda joy, bliss + English amide] (1992) : a derivative of arachidonic acid that occurs naturally in the brain and in some foods (as chocolate) and that binds to the same brain receptors as the cannabinoids (as THC)
noun [Urdu, Persian & Arabic: Urdu burqa', from Persian burqa', burqu', from Arabic burqu'] (1836) : a loose enveloping garment that covers the face and body and is worn in public by certain Muslim women
www.merriam-webstercollegiate.com /info/new_words.htm   (1468 words)

 Maori English translation
This is the text, which I need: New Zealand Nature...
Below is a list of fish in Latin, French and
Please note that the search results may not reflect recent changes to the site.
www.translatorscafe.com /translations/Maori/English   (272 words)

 Martindale's Language Center: English
CONSTRAINT GRAMMAR PARSER OF ENGLISH (ENGCG) - Lingsoft, Inc. Type in a sentence or submit a page of text and have it returned with parts of speech identified.
THE LINGUIST LIST - Department of English Language and Literature, Eastern Michigan University & Wayne State University "...The LINGUIST List is dedicated to providing information on language and language analysis, and to providing the discipline of linguistics with the infrastructure necessary to function in the digital world..."
ENGLISH HANDWRITING COURSE: 1500 - 1700 - Cambridge English Renaissance Electronic Service, Faculty of English, University of Cambridge, U.K. Multimedia English Handwriting Course (Text & Images).
www.martindalecenter.com /Language_3_English.html   (8901 words)

 yourDictionary.com • Comprehensive and Authoritative Language Portal
The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language 4th Ed.
Indo-European Languages and RootsThe origin of English and many other languages.
Baby Names Baby names resource on origin, meaning, and history of names for boys and girls.
www.yourdictionary.com   (371 words)

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