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Topic: Longhouse

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Longhouses described by the early French explorers and by the Jesuit missionaries in the 17th century were somewhat shorter.
In the 18th century, longhouses were replaced by single-family dwellings for residences, but continued as political and ceremonial structures.
Each of the 3 to 5 hearths, 6 m apart down the middle of the longhouse, was shared by 2 nuclear families of 5 or 6 persons.
www.thecanadianencyclopedia.com /index.cfm?PgNm=TCE&Params=A1ARTA0004760   (241 words)

 Mohawk Iroquois Longhouse - Construction
Longhouses have another thing in common besides their shape: they were built to serve as a home for a large extended family.
The symbol for the clan was used in decorations of household objects, in tattoos, and on the front of the longhouse.
The length of a longhouse was determined by the size of the extended family that would live in it.
www.nysm.nysed.gov /IroquoisVillage/constructiontwo.html   (2642 words)

Snow began by noting that the longhouse is an important metaphor for the Iroquois -- much more than a residence --an abstract kind of notion that has a kind of symbolism for the Iroquois.
Physically, the longhouse was a multi-family residence containing the extended matrilineal family with a senior woman as the leader of a clan segment.
A woman would have had to live to be 60 years old to fill these large longhouses with her own family.
www.iroquoismuseum.org /longhous.htm   (1336 words)

 The Longhouse
Longhouses are long and narrow bark covered houses that the Haudenosuanee (People of the Longhouse), also known as the Iroquois, lived in until the latter part of the 1800's.
A longhouse is approximately 15 to 20 feet in height, 20 feet wide, including the door opening, and could be anywhere from 40 feet to 200 feet long.
A longhouse might start out short, but could easily be made longer to accommodate her married daughter's husband and their children.
www.peace4turtleisland.org /pages/longhouse.htm   (1284 words)

 The history behind the Iroquois longhouse
A longhouse is a long, narrow single room that was built by Native American Indians, but also by those inhabiting Asia and Europe.
While the longhouse may have reached lengths of 100 meters, they were generally never wider than 5 to 7 meters.
The frame of the Iroquois longhouse was made by sewing bark and using that as shingles.
www.indians.org /articles/iroquois-longhouse.html   (324 words)

 Oneida Nation of Wisconsin Museum
An indication of the number of families living in a longhouse was the number of smokeholes on the top, as each family would have their own fire for warmth and cooking.
Longhouses were usually built in the spring of the year, as the wood was most porous at that time.
Above the doorway of the longhouse was the clan symbol as an indication of the wolf, bear or turltle clan that resided there.
museum.oneidanation.org /education/longHouse.htm   (295 words)

 Royal Ontario Museum | Schools & Kids
The longhouses were built by the men in the village.
The walls of the longhouse were made from elm bark that was cut into rectangular slabs to be used for roof shingles and wall siding.
A post mould is the decayed remains of the posts placed into the ground, hundreds of years ago, by the Iroquoians when they were building their longhouses.
www.rom.on.ca /digs/longhouse   (839 words)

 LongHouse Reserve
The mission of LongHouse Reserve is to exemplify living with art in all forms.
Through its gallery, arboretum, sculpture gardens, and educational programs, LongHouse brings together art and nature, aesthetics and spirit, with a strong conviction that the arts are central to living wholly and creatively.
LongHouse Reserve Ltd. is a non-profit public educational organization and is tax exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.
www.longhouse.org /index.ihtml   (143 words)

 Isle of Skye Self Catering Accommodation : The Longhouse, Tokavaig
The Longhouse at Tokavaig is set in native woodlands on the west coat of the Sleat peninsular of Skye with views over Canna, Rhum and the Cuillins.
The Longhouse is on the lefthand side of the road as you drive downhill towards the bay.
The Longhouse is on the righthand side of the road as you drive uphill away from the Ob Gauscavaig bay.
www.isleofskye.net /longhouse   (327 words)

 Bill Wriglwy's longhouse page   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Iroquoian longhouses increased in length substantially in the late 14th and early 15th century.
This finally resulted in the most reliable and economic methods to build longhouses that were safe and best suited for their occupants.
Two often mentioned factors that contributed to the abandonment of longhouse villages include depletion of the soil for meaningful agriculture and depletion of surrounding wood lots that provided fuel to heat the longhouses and to cook food.
individual.utoronto.ca /bill_wrigley/2_longhouses.html   (713 words)

 The Longhouse   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Iroquois lived in large bark-covered, barrel-roofed longhouses which extended up to four hundred feet long and twenty-five feet wide.
A single longhouse could shelter up to a dozen families through a harsh winter, each with its own private space and a fire it shared with others.
Longhouses had either one or two entrances, each adorned with the clan animal of the resident family.
www.clpgh.org /cmnh/exhibits/north-south-east-west/iroquois/longhouse.html   (143 words)

 Visit to a Longhouse - Bintulu, Sarawak
Visiting a longhouse is regarded as being one of the highlights of any visitor's stay in Sarawak, but not everybody is so fortunate as to be able to make a visit accompanied by hosts who are part of the longhouse family.
The families living in the longhouse were, therefore, related to Wennie's mother and to Wennie and her family.
The longhouse is alongside a river, on which Express Boats (passenger ferries) regularly travel, and it is therefore possible to reach it by river travel as well.
www.enicholl.com /longhouse-visit/index.htm   (383 words)

 Science Netlinks: Science Updates
We found a perfectly preserved 30-meter longhouse with dates that correspond to exactly when Gudrid, Thorfinn and their son Snorri should have been there.
The longhouse was made of turf, so it was hard to find underground.
We only have just barely scratched the surface, enough to confirm that it was a longhouse.
www.sciencenetlinks.com /sci_update.cfm?DocID=151   (766 words)

 The Longhouse Company | About Us   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Longhouse Company strives to provide all clients with the personal service and attention that is necessary to develop a customized site that exceeds expectation, regardless of prior experience in developing a Web site or working with a design company.
The longhouse was constructed in such a way that extensions could easily be added to accommodate a growing longhouse family.
A longhouse gave families the ability to grow quite large while still maintaining the intimacy of sharing a single home where they could live, work, and play together under the same roof.
www.longhousecompany.com /aboutus.html   (475 words)

 Longdescription   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The longhouse could be 50 to 300 feet long and from 18 to 25 feet wide.
Families often shared these fires.Storage areas within the longhouse were important since the people lived in a climate with long, cold winters.
Outside the longhouse the women planted and tended to crops such as corn, beans, and squash (the Three Sisters)as well as sunflowers and tobacco.
www.nw.wnyric.org /tuscarora/tuscaroraschool/longdesc.htm   (289 words)

 Ganondagan State Historic Site -- Preserving a Past. Providing a Future
Each longhouse measured approximately 20 feet wide and from 40 to 200 feet long, depending upon the number of families living within it.
The Longhouse is now furnished as closely as possible to an original 1670 longhouse, complete with replicas of European and colonial trade goods and items created and crafted by the Seneca.
Also in the longhouse are crops, herbs, and medicines grown, harvested, and preserved by the Seneca who lived atop the hill at Ganondagan.
www.ganondagan.org /longhouse.html   (438 words)

 Historic Native American Housing - HUD   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The longhouses were huge-ranging in length from about 100 to 500 feet and 25 feet wide, with low shed-roofs for easy heating.
If an individual built the longhouse for his own family, he lived in that longhouse, along with his wife, his male and female children and their children.
Whether space in the longhouse was assigned by the father of a family, or by the chief of a tribe, life in each longhouse was the same.
www.hud.gov /local/shared/working/r10/nwonap/longhouse.cfm?state=wa   (689 words)

 The Longhouse
A longhouse is made up of a series of independently owned family apartments which are joined longitudinally one to other as to produce a single attenuated structure.
A traditional longhouse is built of axe-hewn timber, tied with creeper fiber, roofed with leaf thatch.
The tanju is an open platform of about 10 meters wide adjacent to the panggau and joined to all sections within the longhouse to form an unbroken raised platform.
www.geocities.com /ufloor/longhouse.html   (375 words)

 Longhouse Remains at the Carman Site   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The longhouse was an important locus of social interaction, from informal exchanges among the members of the community to more formal ceremonial and civic gatherings (Kapches 1979, 1994).
Interpretation of the settlement remains was guided by a number of assumptions concerning longhouse structural features drawn from descriptions longhouses found in ethnohistoric literature, archaeological reports, and theoretical treatments of construction methods.
Distinctive to Neutral longhouses is the presence of slash pits, linear and oval pits that are regular in plan and placement and form the border of the bench line.
www.pitt.edu /~klwst25/cayuga.html   (3010 words)

 Longhouse Homestay
The local people of Nanga Telik Longhouse @ Rumah Kayan comprise of the Iban community.The prime economic activity in Nanga Telik is farming.
A spacious chamber in the longhouse convenes with the need for humble hospitality.
Guests will be able to observe a unique way of life and get the hold of undergoing the routines and lifestyle of a longhouse dweller, eating traditional longhouse meals, slumbering the night away the typical Iban style and also learn how the locals make full use of the rainforest to complement to their daily needs.
geocities.com /longhouse_homestay   (275 words)

 Punan Longhouses, Sarawak   (Site not responding. Last check: )
As far as we are concerned, no Punan longhouse ever found elsewhere in Sarawak except in these two divisions.
Punan has an interesting way of giving name to their longhouses and the most common form of naming a longhouse is by two-word toponyms.
For example the family of Punan Sama longhouse chief is of Kayan and Lahanan descendants (de Martinoir, 1974:271).
punan.net /main/longhouse.htm   (403 words)

Next they had to make the frame so they stuck four large poles in the ground where the corners of the longhouse would be.
On top of the longhouse there were smoke holes so the smoke would rise and go out.
Corn was braided and hung from the ceiling.
library.thinkquest.org /TQ0312452/Longhouses.htm   (300 words)

 Hilton Batang Ai Longhouse
On the island of Borneo, the Batang Ai Longhouse Resort is located on the shores of a spectacular fresh water lake, surrounded by mountains and the unspoiled ancient rainforests of Sarawak where guests arrive by boat.
The 58-acre eco-tourism resort comprises 11 indigenous timber longhouses based on the native architectural design of the Iban tribe.
These guest rooms are located in eleven wooden ‘longhouses’ which are raised on stilts and connected by a wooden platform which snakes its way around the resort.
www.friendlyplanet.com /hotels/hilton-batang-ai-longhouse.html   (328 words)

 HeraldNet: Tulalip longhouse future is unsettled   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Tulalips are concerned about the safety of the longhouse because of water damage at the bottom of the mighty posts that support the huge log structure.
Even though it accommodates about 1,000 people, the longhouse is too small for the large crowds that come for the salmon ceremony, special ceremonies in which tribal members receive their Indian names, or other events that draw other tribes to Tulalip, Tribal Chairman Stan Jones Sr.
If a new one is built or the longhouse expanded, it likely would be in the same location, but not necessarily with the same footprint, tribal board member Glen Gobin said.
www.heraldnet.com /stories/06/01/24/100loc_b1longhouse001.cfm   (674 words)

 Put in Bay Longhouse Bed & Breakfast at Put-in-Bay Ohio
Hill worked primarily in iron and used the Longhouse's centrally located fireplace to heat the metal he forged by hand into practical every day items such as candle sconces and trivets.
The original entrance to the Viking Longhouse, a popular tourist attraction nearly 30 years ago, still exists but is no longer used.
Put-in-Bay's Viking Longhouse is built on 5 acres of beautiful, private woodlands dotted with century oaks and walnut trees and is just minutes from the Miller Ferry Dock, the island airport and the island golf course.
www.longhousebnb.com /history.html   (310 words)

 Northwest Colleges and Universities
The 3,000 square-foot longhouse is a haven for native students and a hub for the Native Studies programs and events.
The name-ManyNations Longhouse-not only represents its connection to the nine federally recognized tribes in Oregon, and the 44 tribes/bands whose ancestors once lived in what is now Oregon, but also the connections Indians have made with others.
While the Longhouse is used primarily by American Indian/Alaska Native students, this cultural center is open to everyone on campus and to the general public.
www.hud.gov /local/shared/working/r10/nwonap/colleges.cfm?state=wa   (1192 words)

 Mill on the Brue - Outdoor Activity Centre   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Longhouse is available for many different uses weddings, conferences, parties.
This Saturday 27th May we are hosting a live music event for the Bruton Arts Festival.
We have built The Longhouse to a highly environmental design in line with Mill on the Brue's ethos.
www.millonthebrue.co.uk /dev/pages/index.php?pagename=WeddingReception   (319 words)

 The Longhouse Education and Cultural Center at Evergreen
The Longhouse exists to provide service and hospitality to students, the college, and surrounding Native communities.
The Longhouse provides the opportunity to build a bridge of understanding between the regions' tribes and visitors of all cultures.
The staff, programs and the community at the Longhouse are unlike any I have witnessed in many places of higher education.
www.evergreen.edu /longhouse   (312 words)

 HeraldNet: Tulalips celebrate restored longhouse   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The longhouse was recently rescued from collapse by emergency renovations.
Tribal members threw open the longhouse doors just in time to dedicate it before the salmon ceremony, when hundreds of visitors are expected to flock to the reservation.
A messenger is sent into the longhouse to announce the ceremonial "first salmon" of the year.
www.heraldnet.com /stories/06/06/13/100loc_a1longhouse001.cfm   (677 words)

 INSAR Places of Interest : Iban Longhouse
Many traditional longhouses can be found along the river.
An overnight stay gives you an opportunity to have a glimpse at the lifestyle of the longhouse and its people.
An evening of entertainment by the longhouse folks is most interesting and educational.
www.insar.com:8034 /places_interest/places_riversafari.html   (175 words)

Each longhouse was covered on the sides with ropelike grass and tree bark.
Holes was cut in the roof of the longhouse to allow the smoke from the fires to escape.
If the longhouse had fives holes in the roof, it indicated that five families lived in the longhouse.
www.scott.k12.va.us /martha2/longhouses.htm   (102 words)

 The Longhouse Coalition
The information site for the Longhouse Coalition, America's home-grown version of Poland's Solidarity, a grassroots movement to free America and the world of the despotic Bush regime, and their corporatista cronies.
We're united by a platform that heals many wrongs, that wasn't crafted to meet with the approval of corporatistas and political bosses, just the best interests of the common people, animals, and Mother Earth.
Longhouse Coalition Webmaster Dan Stafford explains his understanding of the Longhouse effort:
www.longhousecoalition.org   (113 words)

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