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In the News (Sat 17 Aug 19)

  Metal Sludge - Serving up fresh-hot Sludge since 1998!
My choice is a manifestation of my interest in rock/hard rock/heavy metal, which is both healthy and normal and, which, in my experience, is generally shared by average Sludgeaholics in my community and surrounding areas."
Any use of metal-sludge.com to gain access to artists is done so under false pretense, with no actual association to the said company or it's owner.
This page and all its original contents are copyrighted © 1998-2004 by Metal Sludge LLC, unless otherwise noted.
www.metal-sludge.com   (462 words)

  Metal - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Metals are sometimes described as a lattice of positive ions (cations) surrounded by a cloud of delocalized electrons.
The metals are one of the three groups of elements as distinguished by their ionisation and bonding properties, along with the metalloids and nonmetals.
Some metals form a barrier layer of oxide on their surface which cannot be penetrated by further oxygen molecules and thus retain their shiny appearance and good conductivity for many decades (like aluminium, some steels, and titanium).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Metal   (664 words)

 Heavy metal music - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Heavy metal is a genre of rock music that emerged as a defined musical style in the 1970s, having its roots in hard rock bands which, between 1967 and 1974, took blues and rock to create a hybrid with a thick, heavy, guitar-and-drums-centered sound, characterised by the use of highly amplified distortion.
The first use of the term "heavy metal" in a song lyric is the words "heavy metal thunder" in the 1968 Steppenwolf song "Born to be Wild" (Walser 1993, p.
Fans of extreme metal, which itself is debated by purists as to whether it is metal or not in the conventional sense, often levy these criticisms against nu metal.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Heavy_metal_music   (4638 words)

 Alloy, Metal Terminology (C)
It is used as the matrix metal in most cemented carbides and is occasionally electroplated instead of nickel, the sulfate being used as electrolyte.
Reduction of metal size, usually by rolling or drawing particularly thickness, while the metal is maintained at room temperature or below the recrystallization temperature of the metal.
A furnace in which air is blown through the molten bath of crude metal or matte for the purpose of oxidizing impurities.
www.metal-mart.com /Dictionary/dictletc.htm   (1822 words)

 History of Metals
Four of these metals, arsenic, antimony, zinc and bismuth, were discovered in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, while platinum was discovered in the 16th century.
In the case of the first metals color was the most important factor as it allowed the metal to be recognized in surrounding rock, stones, gravel and dirt (gangue) and separated.
Before 1805 all metals were reduced by either carbon or hydrogen, however, the majority of the metals once smelted were not pure.
neon.mems.cmu.edu /cramb/Processing/history.html   (3481 words)

 Metal Storm Limited - Electronically initiated 'stacked projectile' weapon technology
Recent dialog among the shareholder community does indicate that there is some confusion in the market on the specific issue of whether Metal Storm has successfully fired more than one high explosive projectile in a stacked configuration from the same barrel, resulting in successful detonation at target.
Metal Storm Limited CEO Bulletin 31 August 2007
Metal Storm Limited CEO Bulletin 17 August 2007
www.metalstorm.com   (579 words)

 CD Baby: CD Baby: METAL music you will love.
While metal fans will identify varying degrees of influences from bands such as Slipknot, Static X and Prodigy, Sixstitch is absolutely not a derivative band; their sound is a very personal one with just as much attention paid to power and force as to musicianship and instrumental mastery.
One of the more interesting metal albums we've had come through here in quite some time, Randall Flagg's "Issue #1" shakes together a blood-boiling combination of hardcore and death metal that's unapologetically in-your-face and yet carefully structured and thoughtfully written.
While they can cut loose like any other metal band, their sense of holding a song together and making it go somewhere with clarity is especially noticeable.
cdbaby.com /style/metal   (637 words)

 3d Tutorial
I used a mask with falloff in the Reflect channel to have the metal reflect more with increasing perpendicularity to the viewer.
Most importantly though is the surrounding area of the metal.
Using a mask with falloff in the Reflect channel to have the metal reflect more with increasing perpendicularity to the viewer would add realism, but isn't that necessary since it will be blurred anyway.
www.3dtotal.com /ffa/tutorials/max/metal_surfaces/lotsmetal.asp   (959 words)

 Doom-metal.com: What is Doom-metal?   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Doom-metal is a sub-genre of the highly diverse metal genre.
There are also many misconceptions about what metal really is, but that particular topic does not fall within the scope of this article.
Whilst the general public may think that all music belonging to this genre sounds very alike, if one takes the time to scrutinise the genre it is apparent that the real situation is very different from this.
www.doom-metal.com /whatisdoom.html   (1059 words)

 ArtLex's Me-Mh page
Metallurgy is the science that deals with procedures used in the extracting metals from their ores, purifying and alloying metals, and creating useful objects from metals.
The meshing of religion, economic might, social and political status with daily usefulness is especially potent in metals because of their inherent beauty and durability.
In its rawest state, metal has always had high market value and quickly became the most common form of currency.
www.artlex.com /ArtLex/Me.html   (3916 words)

 Metal Hammer - Heavy Metal Music Home
Living metal legends they may be, but from playing their new album in its entirety on tour to insisting they arenÂ’t metal, their legacy is hardly set in stone.
We also bring you the Must Have Metal 2007 CD with 15 wicked tracks from the likes of Akercocke, High On Fire, Machine Head and Devildriver.
The real treat this month is the amazing Metal Hammer 2008 calendar, featuring the bodaciously horn-worthy Maria Brink from In This Moment, Bleeding Through’s Marta and the queen of metal, Cristina Scabbia.
www.metalhammer.co.uk   (312 words)

 Metal Rules!!:  Hate Eternal
As a 3 piece it really individualizes everyone's skills and abilities as musicians and I have found it to be a great and rewarding experience for me as the solo guitarist to really highlight my personal capabilities, so we shall keep it a 3 piece.
To me it represents my goal to achieve all the highest standards I set for myself and to be respected amongst the death metal scene as one of the elite death metal bands out there.
Trey is definitely the innovator of death metal, that is what I feel, Shaune Kelley of Dimmak is also incredible.
www.metal-rules.com /interviews/HateEternal.htm   (1679 words)

 Metal-Free | Metal-Free: FAQs
The key here is to have all oral metals removed according to the dictates of one’s supervising practitioner.
A: METAL-FREE goes after the heavy metals first such as lead, cadmium, arsenic, thallium, mercury, etc. So if one has a toxic load of lead, it is likely that the lead will be removed before lighter metals such as aluminum or tin.
However, the supervising practitioner must be fully capable of testing and monitoring the patient to ensure he/she is detoxing metals properly.
www.metal-free.com /faqs.html   (1089 words)

 Black Metal Reviews
Black metal is dark and fast music using melodic development to express its themes.
Of all the metals, this is the most communicative with the modern listener, expressing nihilism and a heroic anti-social assertion of the self.
Evolving simultaneously with death metal, this genre includes all of the technique and rhythmic intensity of the former with more emotive and comprehensible poetic communication within the music.
www.anus.com /metal/about/blackmetal.html   (106 words)

The ultimate goals of METAL are to bring back the spirit of 1980s programming and provide both beginners and advanced developers with a way to quickly convey their ideas and focus on creativity!
METAL is a 100% free extended BASIC language metacompiler for PowerMac.
METAL is used in scientific research around the globe (quick calculations), in software development companies (for prototyping), in K-12 and higher education and, of course, by the beginners who are trying to enter the world of programming.
www.iit.edu /~sarimar/GDS/metal.html   (306 words)

 Top 10 Most Ridiculous Black Metal Pics of All Time- RUTHLESS REVIEWS
I think this might be the first instance where a fl metal icon has posed in a provocative, sexually inviting manner.
It's ok to be bald if you're in a fl metal band because being bald evidently means you are evil.
Secondly, there is no other fl metal band that loves to have pictures taken of them as much as Cradle of Filth.
ruthlessreviews.com /top10/10blackmetal.html   (801 words)

 Metal News
Metal News continually updated from thousands of sources around the net.
A 37-year-old Bronx man was admitted to the Westchester Medical Center in Valhalla after he was severely beaten with a metal wrench and robbed of $300 by two men on the west side of the city, police said.
JON OLIVA'S PAIN To Answer Fans' Questions - May 24, 2006 Metal legend Jon Oliva and JON OLIVA'S PAIN bandmates are the next participants in the "meet-and-greet" section of Germany's Metal Hammer magazine...
www.topix.net /music/metal   (782 words)

 Music Choice
The voices of hardcore and metal will again be heard on the 2006 Sounds of the Underground Tour.
The true fury of metal can now be heard on Music Choice twice a week.
Last Rites delivers new 60-minute blocks of death, thrash, and fl metal on Music Choice Metal every Monday night at 11pm ET, and this April extreme metal fanatics can start sabotaging their senses with a re-air on Thursday nights at 11.
www.musicchoice.com /channels/metal.asp   (359 words)

 Death Metal and Black Metal Music at The Dark Legions Archive
Incorporating influences from Metallica, progressive and jazz-influenced heavy metal, and some of the recent grunge-touched modern metal, the Tarantists render something true both to themselves and to metal as an ongoing musical culture.
Prominent jazzy drums lead riffs that are not melodic in the "style" of constant melodic intervals popular with cheesy Sentenced-ripoff bands, but use melodic intervals at structural junctures in riffs that smoothly branch between phrasal death metal styled riffs and bouncy recursive heavy metal riffs...
Trying to mix the high-speed melodic riffing of fl metal with the thunderous bassy trundle of mainstream death metal/nu-metal riffing, this band produce something that sounds like Acid Bath without the variation or singing, and resembles Pantera in its tendency to match riffs with clear poised expectant endphrases to rapped vocals and shuffle drumming.
www.anus.com /metal   (197 words)

 Amazon.com: Metal: Music: Brian Bromberg   (Site not responding. Last check: )
"Metal", the powerful new recording by critically acclaimed bassist/producer Brian Bromberg, showcases the bassist in a rare fusion-rock setting, simulating a full band on an arsenal of custom basses.
Demonstrating Bromberg’s instrumental fusion-rock songwriting and aggressive playing, "Metal" is a departure from Bromberg’s jazzier outings, featuring him primarily on the guitar-like piccolo bass.
Metal's mode is basically in the rock camp, mostly in a simple power-trio format (unusual only because Brian constitutes 2/3 of the trio himself), and the chord structures seem fairly straightforward.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B0007N19FU?v=glance   (1317 words)

 Your Chinese Astrology Elements: Metal - astrology.com
Those of you born under the influence of the Chinese Astrology element of Metal are determined, self-reliant and forceful.
While you Metal individuals are strong and virtuous, you can be a bit set in your ways.
You can be a stern taskmasters as well, demanding the most from yourself and those you love.
chinese.astrology.com /metal.html   (156 words)

 metal: Blogs, Photos, Videos and more on Technorati
Phil was de voorman en bassist van de Ierse rockband Thin Lizzy die werd opgericht in 1970, en met 'The Boys Are Back In Town' groot succes behaalde....
Demonstration of increased energy return efficiency in exotic elastic metal alloys.
แจกเพลงของวงHeavy Metal ในตำนาน VIP Band และ แหลม มอร์ริสัน
www.technorati.com /tag/metal   (407 words)

 Full Metal Jacket (1987)
Does `Full Metal Jacket' continue to show the mastermind behind `2001', `The Shining' and `Dr. Strangelove'?
`Full Metal Jacket' is very much a movie of two halves - the first half dealing with a group of conscripts in training at military camp and the hardships they endure under their `hard-as-nails' instructor.
There's so much to like here though that I can't criticise too much - and so much to cherish (especially in the lines delved out).
www.imdb.com /title/tt0093058   (1075 words)

 Metal Storm
Hail Of Bullets - Sign With Metal Blade Records
Destruction - Brand U.K. Booking Agent 'An Insult To True Metal Fans'
Danish Metal Awards - And The Winners Are...
www.metalstorm.ee   (283 words)

 Doom-metal.com: The meeting place on the net for Doom metal fans
Doom-metal.com: The meeting place on the net for Doom metal fans
Your browser can not display frames, or you disabled this option
If you see this message in a search engine don't hesitate to visit non the less, some search engines have trouble indexing the right content with frames.
www.doom-metal.com   (63 words)

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