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In the News (Sun 18 Aug 19)

  Metroblogging Montreal
Montreal is such an open-minded city and its festivals so inviting.
Anyhow, thankfully Montreal has éco-Centre where you can dump electronics, and gobs of other stuff you don't want and Renaissance where you can rid of clothes and sporting goods you no longer want..
Probably not, as the borough has listed the reduction of street noise as one of the main priorities of its 2007 Budget participatif, which began public consultations in June and is scheduled for final approval in the fall.
montreal.metblogs.com   (2503 words)

  Montreal Drug rehab centers referrals for Drugs and Alcohol rehabilitation Treatment Addiction
Montreal is situated in the southwest of the province, approximately 200 km southwest of the provincial capital Quebec city.
Rock, who was in Montreal to announce increased funding for medical research, wouldn't comment on the arrests but said he has been trying to expand the use of Marijuana for medicinal purposes.
Montreal police said in a statement they are aware of the therapeutic uses of Marijuana.
www.drug-rehab.ca /montrealrehabcenter.htm   (4242 words)

  Montreal - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Montreal was merged with the 27 surrounding municipalities on the Island of Montreal on 1 January 2002.
Montreal is known as a Queer or Gay-friendly city.
Montreal is the largest city in the province of Quebec, the largest French-speaking city in all of North America, the second in the world after Paris when counting the number of native Francophones or the third (after Paris and Kinshasa) when counting second language speakers.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Montreal   (7659 words)

 Montreal Screwjob - Encyclopedia Glossary Meaning Explanation Montreal Screwjob   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The Montreal Screwjob is professional wrestling parlance for a genuine, unscripted incident that took place on November 9, 1997, during a match for the World Wrestling Federation Heavyweight title between Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels in Montreal, Canada.
Hart was deeply aware of the possibility of a last-minute change of plan behind his back, and, fearing a double-cross, he reportedly went as far as asking the match's referee Earl Hebner to swear an oath on his children's lives that he would not participate in such an incident.
A legacy of this incident is that at wrestling shows in Montreal (and to a lesser extent, Canada in general), chants of "You screwed Bret!" will spontaneously arise when key players in the screwjob make their appearences, particularly Hebner and Michaels.
www.encyclopedia-glossary.com /en/Montreal-Screwjob.html   (1264 words)

 Montreal - HighBeam Encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Montreal is the second largest metropolitan area in Canada, after Toronto, and is a cultural, commercial, financial, and industrial center.
Montreal has a museum of fine arts, a museum of contemporary arts, an environmental museum and insectarium, and large botanical gardens.
Montreal held the much-praised international exposition of 1967, known as Expo '67, and further increased its international stature by hosting the 1976 Summer Olympics.
www.encyclopedia.com /html/M/Montreal.asp   (862 words)

 Montreal travel guide - Wikitravel
Montreal [1] (French: Montréal) is the cultural capital of Quebec and the main entry point to the province.
Montreal is the third-largest Francophone metro area in the world, after Paris and Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Montreal is an extremely inviting destination for gay and lesbian tourists, and it is arguably the most gay-friendly city in North America.
wikitravel.org /en/Montreal   (10797 words)

 Montreal Hotels, Discount Hotels in Montreal
The City of Montreal is filled with wonderful French history and some great hotels and was home to the 1976 Olympics.
Montreal is filled by day with the typical hustle and bustle of a big city by day and a gorgeous skyline during the evening.
This city is a sure delight as you can enjoy a horse-drawn carriage ride along the historic district and see some of its cultural landmarks, museums, restaurants, and cafes along the cobblestone streets.
www.hotelalliances.com /montreal   (170 words)

 Montreal Limousine Montreal Limo ® Montreal Airport Limousine - Limousine. Limosine. Corporate
A Montreal limousine rental is also the perfect way to make the bride and groom feel like the King and Queen on that special day of days.
Montreal Quebec Limousine is committed to offering all of its corporate customers exceptional professional service.
Montreal Limousine assures you that the vehicles used are regularly maintained and are subject to a mandatory mechanical inspection every six months by the SOCIETÉ DE L'ASSURANCE AUTOMOBILE DU QUÉBEC and a visual inspection once a year by LE BUREAU DE TAXI.
rd.business.com /index.asp?epm=s.1&bdcq=Montreal&bdcr=6&bdcu=http://www.montreallimousine.ca&bdcp=&partner=2662601&bdcs=nwuuid-2662601-6153D0DB-D5FA-2C3A-74D0-27E809FFBFA0-ym   (651 words)

 Montreal Travel Information | Lonely Planet Destination Guide
Montreal's charm lies in its old world atmosphere rather than its star attractions.
When To Go Montreal has a notoriously arctic winter (December-March) that makes it great as a base for winter sports, but with the sort of spiteful temperatures that would probably frighten a polar bear.
Montreal's 1976 Olympic stadium now functions as a Biodome, housing four ecological habitats: Polar World, Laurentian Forest, St. Lawrence Marine Ecosystem and Tropical Forest.
www.lonelyplanet.com /worldguide/destinations/north-america/canada/montreal   (328 words)

Montreal's Jacques Cartier Square, with the City Hall in the background.
Montreal was not just another city, it was practically another country.
Before I moved to Montreal for college, I had visited the city only once, and stayed in the dorm room of a friend.
www.salon.com /books/literary_guide/2006/08/10/montreal   (502 words)

 Montreal Expos History   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The cities of Montreal and San Diego become the newest members of the senior circuit.
Montreal business executive Charles Bronfman of the Seagram's distilling empire is the front man for the new team.
In Montreal, 29,184 fans watch the Expos play their first home game at Jarry Park and beat the Cardinals 8-7 in spite of Dal Maxvill's grand slam against Larry Jaster.
montreal.expos.mlb.com /NASApp/mlb/mon/history/mon_history_timeline.jsp   (254 words)

 Montreal Information - Montreal VIP   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Montreal is also a golfer's paradise during the summer, with over 100 golf courses in the Greater Montreal area, including some of the best in Canada.
Montreal, the only city in Canada to be entirely surrounded by water, is home to more than 90 marinas within a 1 hour drive offering plenty of water activities.
Montreal also has 466 miles (750 km) of bicycle paths, and was rated the best cycling city in North America by Bicycle magazine.
www.montrealvip.com /montreal   (628 words)

 CBC Montreal
Montreal live stream will return as soon as possible.
Due to technical issues, streaming of News at Six: Montreal as well as the on-demand edition are unavailable.
Living Montreal is your lifestyle guide to the best of your city with Sue Smith.
www.cbc.ca /montreal   (494 words)

 Driving Tour: Montreal Area @ nationalgeographic.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Begin in Montreal, one of the world’s largest French-speaking cities with more museums, cultural events, restaurants, and shops than you can count.
The most dramatic entrée to the island of Montreal—largest in the Hochelaga Archipelago, of which the city of Montreal occupies one third—is via Pont Champlain.
It features a multimedia show on Montreal’s history and a subterranean tour of layered ruins dating from the 1600s, plus displays of artifacts, interactive virtual figures, an archaeological crypt, and exhibits in the old Custom House.
www.nationalgeographic.com /destinations/Montreal/Montreal_Area.html   (2205 words)

 mtlweblog.com visitors' guide   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The town of Hochelaga is situated among cultivated, fertile fields, near a mountain from which we can see very far.
Montreal, gem of the St. Lawrence, the Paris of North America, la Ville aux cent clochers - like all clichés these phrases both blur and reveal the truth.
Notorious for its harsh winters, Montreal flourishes through a hot, sweet summer enlivened by festivals, street fairs and innumerable terrace cafés where locals and visitors alike eat, drink and socialize.
www.montreal.com /tourism/index2.html   (152 words)

 Montreal Blog, Montreal latest events and news, Montreal articles, classifieds articles, encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Montreal is cracking down on the city’s homeless population by imposing a controversial ban that makes it illegal to sleep in public.
As a world-class medical centre, the Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital (MNI) at McGill University is able to treat patients with Parkinson’s and make important discoveries about the disease all under the same roof.
Montreal’s Just for Laughs festival sold a record $9 million in tickets in 2006, festival organizers announced Monday.
www.montrealonline.ca /blog   (316 words)

 Montréal on 43 Places   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The other trip was with family and more touristy, overall Montreal is a great place to explore french canadian culture, although smaller towns around Montreal is where the real culture is.
Montreal was still a quiet secret place, where people were free and open.
Not that this has changed, it is that now Montreal is considered the hip place to be, the in city.
www.43places.com /places/view/106574   (765 words)

 Montréal Buildings, Real Estate, Architecture, Skyscrapers and Construction Database
Montreal is at the centre of a metro area that is the economic and cultural heart of the French-speaking province of Québec.
While two thirds of the population is francophone, Metro Montreal also includes an important English-speaking community as well as dozens of multi-cultural communities.
The first tall building built in Montreal was an eight floor building completed in 1888 (still standing) for the New York Life Insurance Company.
www.emporis.com /en/wm/ci/?id=100991   (414 words)

 MoCo Montreal - Modern contemporary design & architecture
It will be held at the UQAM Design Center in Montreal at 1440 Sanguinet from May 4th-7th.
Bathroom fittings manufacturer WETSTYLE has a new showroom in Old Montreal featuring a cross section of their growing bath collection.
Furniture maker Jennifer Scott is moving West of Old Montreal and is clearing out their remaining inventory.
mocoloco.com /montreal   (333 words)

 Amazon.com: Montréal: Music: Jesse Cook   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Jesse Cook is a worldbeat musician in the truest sense of the word; he doesn’t just pick a style and repackage it, he is respected both by listeners and players alike for constantly seeking inspiration and tutelage from all over the world.
In "Montreal: Live" the audience is clearly ready to help the performers, much of the band's work is impressive, and Jesse Cook's playing is technically superlative but...
Jesse Cook's runs in "Montreal: Live" are, as best I can tell, backed by the percussion section and not solely the result of pickup noise or overloading.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B0006V6TMG?v=glance   (1625 words)

 Impact de Montréal - Site officiel / Montreal Impact - Official Site
MONTREAL – The RIO (La Régie des installations olympiques) and developers of the Saputo Stadium announced the conclusion of an agreement authorizing construction and operation of a new soccer stadium.
MONTREAL – On the eve of officially kicking off its training camp, the Montreal Impact announced, Wednesday, the signing of midfielders Martin Fabro and Shaun Tsakiris for the 2007 season, while defender Mauricio Vincello and goalkeeper Andrew Weber will be back with the team until 2008.
MONTREAL – The Montreal Impact and Carlsberg beer have announced a three-year partnership, as the Danish brewery becomes a major partner with the club.
www.impactmontreal.com /index.asp   (336 words)

 CANOE -- SLAM! Sports - Hockey NHL - Montreal
Sergei Samsonov looks to be gone but the Montreal Canadiens will do all they can to keep defencemen Sheldon Souray and Andrei Markov.
MONTREAL (CP) - It was a sombre Easter Sunday for the Montreal Canadiens, a day after they missed the NHL playoffs for the fifth time in the last eight seasons.
Montreal Canadiens captain Saku Koivu couldn't have chosen a better response to a message sent by his head coach.
slam.canoe.ca /Slam/Hockey/NHL/Montreal/home.html   (144 words)

 Montreal travel guide
Though an incredible city in its own right, Montreal is both much more and less than this.
In early fall there is the Montreal World Film Festival, held at several theatres around town.
Thick slices of this meat between fresh rye bread with a generous dab of mustard and a pickle on the side and you have the perfect sandwich.
www.world66.com /northamerica/canada/quebec/montreal   (909 words)

 Montreal Gazette
Montreal City Guide Things to do around town
Montreal meets the world at Live Earth satellite concert
Montreal From A to Z: 26 tales of the city
www.canada.com /montrealgazette/index.html   (301 words)

 Vibrant Communities - Montreal
Poverty, the members of Montreal’s Le Chantier believe, deprives individuals of the power to shape their own affairs.
Resident engagement and participation, therefore, are fundamental to the group’s theory of change and is the largest part of the Saint-Michel neighbourhood’s community action plan.
Vivre Saint-Michel en santé, the local action committee in Saint-Michel, is a group of residents, community groups, businesses and government agencies committed to revitalizing the neighbourhood.
www.tamarackcommunity.ca /g2s25.html   (605 words)

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