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In the News (Sat 20 Jul 19)

  New Cars, Car Reviews & Prices, Used Cars for Sale, & Auto Shows at Motor Trend Magazine
Diesel fans are going to have to hold out a little longer for the return of Volkswagen's Jetta TDI in the U.S. According to an E-mail from VW execs to their North American dealer network that was posted on the TDIClub...
• 2008 Motor Trend COTY Contender: Cadillac CTS
Motor Trend editor-in-chief Angus MacKenzie settles in behind the wheel of the 2008 Mercedes-Benz C6...
www.motortrend.com   (961 words)

  Jones on Stepping Motors
Typically, all windings in the motor are part of the stator, and the rotor is either a permanent magnet or, in the case of variable reluctance motors, a toothed block of some magnetically soft material.
All of the commutation must be handled externally by the motor controller, and typically, the motors and controllers are designed so that the motor may be held in any fixed position as well as being rotated one way or the other.
For example, the repeatability of positioning done with a stepping motor depends on the geometry of the motor rotor, while the repeatability of positioning done with a servomotor generally depends on the stability of the potentiometer and other analog components in the feedback circuit.
www.cs.uiowa.edu /~jones/step   (740 words)

  Electric motor - Encyclopedia.WorldSearch   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The speed of the motor is proportional to the voltage, and the torque is proportional to the current.
The speed of the AC motor is determined primarily by the frequency of the AC supply, whereas the torque is determined by the amount of slip, or difference in rotation, between the rotor and stator fields.
A stepper motor is a cross between a DC electric motor and a solenoid.
encyclopedia.worldsearch.com /electric_motor.htm   (3136 words)

 Motor - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A motor is a device that converts energy into mechanical power, and is often synonymous with engine.
Motor (Hydraulic) - a hydraulic machine which converts energy of pressurized liquid flow into mechanical motion.
Motor proteins inside cells allow for the movement of objects inside cells and also the movement of cells, tissues, organs and organisms.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Motor   (191 words)

 Electric motor - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The modern DC motor was invented by accident in 1873, when Zénobe Gramme connected a spinning dynamo to a second similar unit, driving it as a motor.
Closely related in design to three-phase AC synchronous motors are stepper motors, where an internal rotor containing permanent magnets or a large iron core with salient poles is controlled by a set of external magnets that are switched electronically.
A stepper motor may also be thought of as a cross between a DC electric motor and a solenoid.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Electric_motor   (3883 words)

 Motor Formulas
Full-load motor torque is calculated to determine the required braking torque of a motor.
This is because the synchronous speed of an induction motor is based on the supply frequency and the number of poles in the motor winding.
Motor are designed for 60 hz use have synchronous speeds of 3600, 1800, 1200, 900, 720, 600, 514, and 450 rpm.
www.elec-toolbox.com /Formulas/Motor/mtrform.htm   (632 words)

 National Association of Rocketry | Standard Motor Codes
Total impulse is a measure of the overall total energy contained in a motor, and is measured in Newton-seconds.
As a rule of thumb, the thrust duration of a motor can be approximated by dividing its total impulse by its average thrust.
Motors marked with a time delay of 0 (e.g., "C6-0") are booster engines.
www.nar.org /NARmotors.html   (415 words)

(c) not be capable of propelling the motor assisted cycle at a speed greater than 32 km/hr on level ground.
(b) prevents the motor from turning on or engaging before the motor assisted cycle attains a speed of 3 km/hr.
(2) The braking system must be capable of bringing the motor assisted cycle, while being operated at a speed of 30 km/hr, to a full stop within 9 m from the point at which the brakes were applied.
www.qp.gov.bc.ca /statreg/reg/M/MotorVehicle/151_2002.htm   (332 words)

 Furnace Fan and Blower motor repair and replacement.
Most motors are single speed but can have as many as 4 speeds (3 is typical for direct drive indoor blowers on most furnaces).
To replace a motor it is necessary to remove the blower wheel or fan blade from the motor.
As far as ratings are concerned do not replace a motor with one of a smaller horsepower ratting but know that a larger motor will waste energy because motors are most efficient when loaded to 80- 90%.
toad.net /~jsmeenen/motor.html   (1107 words)

 Glossary of Motor Terms -"M"- B-9652-4   (Site not responding. Last check: )
This is usually measured in megohms and tested by passing a high voltage at low current through the motor windings and measuring the resistance of the various insulation systems.
A motor wound in such a way that varying connections at the starter can change the speed to a predetermined speed.
The most common multi-speed motor is a two speed although three- and four-speeds are sometimes available.
www.reliance.com /prodserv/motgen/b9652_m.htm   (191 words)

 Motor Guide   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Most motors have a fixed outer portion called the stator, which creates the stationary magnetic field, and a rotor, which is wrapped in a wire coil.
Energy-efficient AC motors produce the same output as standard motors, but require less electrical input because they generally are better designed, with better materials and improved manufacturing quality.
When purchasing a new motor or replacing a failed one, paying extra for the efficient model is a good investment simply because a motor consumes energy worth 4 to 10 times its own initial cost each year.
www.pge.com /biz/rebates/express_efficiency/useful_info/motor_guide.html   (1492 words)

 Ford Motor Company Encyclopedia Article, Definition, History, Biography   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Ford Motor Company (often referred to simply as Ford; sometimes nicknamed FoMoCo, NYSE: F is an automobile maker founded by Henry Ford in Dearborn, Michigan, and incorporated on June 16, 1903.
The Ford Motor Company has denied allegations that they profited by the use of forced labor to produce tanks for the Nazis during the war, saying that Ford had lost control of the German division by that point in the war and was not responsible for its activities.
Increasingly, Ford Motor Company has looked to Ford of Europe for its 'world cars', such as the Mondeo, Focus, and Fiesta, although sales of European-sourced Fords in the US have been disappointing, and in Asia, models from Europe are not as competitively priced as Japanese-built rivals, nor are they perceived as reliable.
encyclopedia.localcolorart.com /encyclopedia/Ford_Motor_Company   (3963 words)

 PHOENIX CONTACT | Products | INTERBUS | Motor Starters   (Site not responding. Last check: )
At the same time, the networked motor starters and drives integrate the many electric motors of a machine into the seamless INTERBUS system using a combined data and power bus.
INTERBUS Motor Starters are environmentally protected (IP54) motor starters in cast aluminum housings with overload protection (ELR only) for three-phase up to 480 V and 12 A current (7.5 HP).
switched two-phase AC output is also available at the motor output for the supply of a brake motor.Sensors can be connected to the four digital outputs, which are supplied with voltage together with the bus logic via a single cable.
www.phoenixcon.com /products/interbus/motorstart.shtml   (427 words)

 Glossary of Motor Terms -"I"- B-9652-4
An induction motor is an alternating current motor in which the primary winding on one member (usually the stator) is connected to the power source and a secondary winding or a squirrel-cage secondary winding on the other member (usually the rotor) carries the induced current.
Since there are various ambient temperature conditions a motor might see and different temperature ranges within which motors run and insulation is sensitive to temperature; motor insulation is classified by the temperature ranges at which it can operate for a sustained period of time.
When a motor insulation class is labeled on the nameplate the total insulation system is capable of sustained operation at the above temperature.
www.reliance.com /prodserv/motgen/b9652_i.htm   (548 words)

 Motors   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Electric vehicle drive motors can be divided into two basic groups, DC or direct current motors, and AC or alternating current motors.
The most commonly used version is what is known as a series-wound motor, which means the armature and field windings are wired in series.
At the present time AC motors are most commonly found in commercially built EVs, as they require more sophisticated and complex control systems than DC motors.
www.austinev.org /evalbum/motor.html   (204 words)

 Jeep Heater Blower Motor Upgrade
If you go to the junk yard for a motor, the heater motor you are looking for was used over several years in several different models.
Three of them are pretty obvious near the heater hoses and heater motor, the other is near the middle of the fire wall behind the valve cover on my 258.
The larger heater motor interfered with my dual battery tray, so I had to cut a notch out of the tray to give the motor clearance.
www.4x4wire.com /jeep/tech/interior/cjheater   (1293 words)

 The Pololu Micro Dual Serial Motor Controller
The motor supply can be as low as 2 V, making the unit a perfect match for small DC motors.
The micro motor controller is compatible with our serial servo controllers and serial motor controllers, so you can control an almost unlimited number of motors and servos with one serial line.
However, to use the motor controller in robotics projects, you need to connect it to your own motors and robot controller.
www.pololu.com /products/pololu/0410   (355 words)

 Motor Control   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Motor Mind C has been designed to function as a versatile DC motor control system for controlling one or two motors.
The Motor Mind C BASIC Stamp 2 Carrier Board was designed to simplify connectivity to and ease control of the Motor Mind C. The Motor Mind B provides DC motor speed and directional control up (up to 30 VDC).
The unipolar stepper motor is ideal for precision control, and may be easily operated in forward and reverse directions at varying speeds.
www.parallax.com /html_pages/products/motorcontrol/motor_control.asp   (532 words)

 Headlines@Hopkins: Johns Hopkins University News Releases
Image B. The spherical motor consists of a globe filled with permanent magnets, resting atop a "saddle" of electromagnets that can be activated by a computer.
With further refinement, the inventors say, the spherical motor could replace the conventional motors that are now used to move robotic arms in three dimensions.
As a result, Chirikjian says, three spherical motors could give a robotic arm a greater range of motion than arms that have six traditional motors.
www.jhu.edu /~news_info/news/home01/jan01/motor.html   (809 words)

 :::::: Hyundai Motor Company::::::
A team consisting of ChevronTexaco Corp., Hyundai Motor Co. and UTC Fuel Cells was awarded federal funds to lead a five-year demonstration and validation project designed to showcase practical applications of hydrogen energy technology.
The primary goal of this multi-year project is to develop and demonstrate safe, convenient and reliable hydrogen-based distributed power generation, fuel cell vehicles and vehicle fueling infrastructure, and to educate key audiences about the use of hydrogen as a potential fuel for transportation and power generation.
The Hyundai Tucson FCEV 152-V high voltage battery was co-developed by Hyundai Motor Co. and LG Chem in Seoul, Korea.
worldwide.hyundai-motor.com /common/html/about/news_event/press_read_2005_02.html   (835 words)

 P Motor   (Site not responding. Last check: )
We decided to lift the Liberty (more info can be found at: http://www.mdrocketry.org/mgp.html) on a P and 2 O booster motors.
Jeff and I had some SERIOUS rocket science to do to get the design of the motor to a state that we were comfortable with.
The motor is 6" in diameter, 6 grains each 8" long.
www.dgmicro.com /opl/pmotor.htm   (259 words)

 Exploratorium: Science Snacks: Stripped Down Motor
Another way to describe the operation of the motor is to say that the permanent magnets exert forces on the electrical currents flowing through the loop of wire.
In this motor, the sliding electrical contact between the ends of the coil of wire and the paper clips turns off the current for half of each cycle.
The more complicated motors are twice as powerful as the motor described here.
www.exploratorium.edu /snacks/stripped_down_motor.html   (1019 words)

 Driving in Montana - MT Dept of Justice
Officers with the Montana Highway Patrol are on the road to enforce our state's traffic safety laws, and to assist and protect resident and visiting motorists.
The Motor Vehicle Division, a division of the Department of Justice, provides many services important to Montana drivers and residents new to the state.
The TEAM 261 Project, approved by the 2003 Legislature, is working to streamline other motor vehicle services, from registering a vehicle to driver licensing.
www.doj.state.mt.us /driving/default.asp   (426 words)

 Bedini Motor test
Here is a little girl that I talked to about a motor and she built it with a little help on the phone, it generates power and runs at 4000 rpm.
A diagram of the motor showing the magnets between two cylinders which apparently are forced to spin when the coil at the bottom pulses and where the coil at the top generates current to drive the LED.
I have been doing these motors for a very long time, In my life I have found the answer to getting results and this is with the school kids because they do not change things and they learn, wile the others change things.
www.keelynet.com /bedmot/bedmot.htm   (926 words)

 Motor insurance UK - esure
At esure, the motor insurance provider in the UK founded by Peter Wood, good drivers can get up to 75% NCD on their UK motor insurance premiums.
Ever wonder why motor insurance, UK wide keeps going up, when you haven't made a claim? It may be because you are subsidising high risk, careless drivers year after year.
esure motor insurance may be up to 30% less, as we only insure good drivers with at least 4 years' no claim discount.
www.esure.com /e-motor/motor-insurance-uk.htm   (249 words)

 Motorized kayak. Trolling motor on sea kayak how to page.
The trolling motor we chose was the MotorGuide LaserII trolling motor, with wireless control pad and voice recognition.
This motor came with a mount that allows the motor to pop up and out of the water if an object is struck with significant force.
We decided to use a spill-proof deep cycle to avoid the potential for spills into the bildge of the boat.I tinned the number 8 stranded copper wire we used to run down the length of the boat after having doubled it at the end to provide better purchase to the terminal end clamp.
www.canopy.net /sunspot   (760 words)

 Motor-CAD   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Some of the many housing configurations available and the different motor types are shown.
The thermal transient of the motor can be calculated and the output viewed as a graph or in tabular form.
For instance a power steering motor will have extended periods of low load while on the highway followed by intensive high load periods while in the town.
www.motor-design.com /motorcad.html   (2081 words)

 Howstuffworks "How Electric Motors Work"
In your house, almost every mechanical movement that you see around you is caused by an AC (alternating current) or DC (direct current) electric motor.
By understanding how a motor works you can learn a lot about magnets, electromagnets and electricity in general.
You can buy stand-alone electric motors that can satisfy a multitude of uses.
www.howstuffworks.com /motor.htm   (84 words)

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