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Topic: Noise pollution

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In the News (Tue 18 Jun 19)

  Noise Pollution - MSN Encarta
Noise Pollution or Sound Pollution, exposure of people or animals to levels of sound that are annoying, stressful, or damaging to the ears.
Noise pollution is not a necessary price to pay for living in an industrial society.
In the United States, most of the rules governing noise pollution were established at least two decades ago, and critics are calling for new, stronger measures, as well as for better enforcement of the old ones.
encarta.msn.com /encyclopedia_761586561/Noise_Pollution.html   (1230 words)

 EPA Victoria for students — Noise
Tolerance to noise is influenced by the degree of acclimatisation (how we get used to it), the level and type of intruding noise and the level of the background noise at the time.
An "unreasonable noise" exists when the prescribed item can be heard in a habitable room of a neighbouring house during a prohibited time regardless of whether or not the windows or doors are open.
Noise can be unreasonable at any time if it is too loud or goes on for an unreasonable length of time.
www.epa.vic.gov.au /Students/Noise/default.asp   (619 words)

  Pollution - Crystalinks
Pollution is the release of chemical, physical, biological or radioactive contaminants to the environment.
In the case of noise pollution the dominant source class is the motor vehicle, producing about ninety percent of all unwanted noise worldwide.
Such simple treatment for environmental pollution on a wider scale might have had greater merit in earlier centuries when physical survival was often the highest imperative, human population and densities were lower, technologies were simpler and their byproducts more benign.
www.crystalinks.com /pollution.html   (2106 words)

 A Call To The Legal Profession To Defend Citizens Against Noise Pollution by Arline L. Bronzaft, PhD
Noise is unwanted sound and although loud sounds are commonly identified as noise, sounds that are unwanted can be as low as that of a dripping faucet or as loud as the music coming into your apartment from your neighbor’s stereo system.
Noise from aircraft and leafblowers have intruded upon the serenity of suburban communities and noise from motorboats and jet skis have shattered the tranquility of individuals who took pride in their peaceful waterfront existence.
If the definition of noise as "unwanted, uncontrollable and unpredictable sound," is accepted, as is the concept that individuals are entitled to the peaceful enjoyment of their homes, then the law should focus on whether a "person of reasonable sensitivities" would be disturbed by the noise, either physiologically or psychologically.
www.expertpages.com /news/noise_pollution.htm   (1238 words)

 noise pollution — Infoplease.com
One burst of noise, as from a passing truck, is known to alter endocrine, neurological, and cardiovascular functions in many individuals; prolonged or frequent exposure to such noise tends to make the physiological disturbances chronic.
Noise is recognized as a controllable pollutant that can yield to abatement technology.
pollution - pollution pollution, contamination of the environment as a result of human activities.
www.infoplease.com /ce6/sci/A0835810.html   (560 words)

 Noise pollution Summary
The dominant form of noise pollution is from transportation sources, principally motor vehicles, aircraft noise and rail transport noise.
Noise pollution refers to any offending noise which comes from an external source, and it is equivalently referred to as environmental noise.
The most significant impact of noise to animal life is the systematic reduction of usable habitat, which in the case of endangered species may be an important part of the path to extinction.
www.bookrags.com /Noise_pollution   (2690 words)

 NPC Library: Noise Effects Handbook
It is felt that excessive exposure to noise might be considered a health risk in that noise may contribute to the development and aggravation of stress related conditions such as high blood pressure, coronary disease, ulcers, colitis, and migraine headaches.
Noises that are unpredictable or randomly intermittent tend to be associated with greater decrements in performance than in continuous noise.
Noise may interfere with a broad range of human activities, the overall effect of which is to cause annoyance.
www.nonoise.org /library/handbook/handbook.htm   (15548 words)

 Noise Free America - Model Ordinances: Boston, Massachusetts
Unreasonable or excessive noise shall be defined as noise measured in excess of 50 dBa between the hours of 11:00 p.m.
The Air Pollution Control Commission shall keep and make available to the public and all persons authorized to enforce these provisions, and the certification or the information there appearing by an enforcing official to a court shall establish a rebuttable presumption of the accuracy thereof.
Noise from emergency vehicles which is emitted during an actual emergency.
www.noisefree.org /cityord/boston.html   (1371 words)

 Right to Quiet Society - FAQ
Noise pollution is not easily defined because it is different from other forms of pollution.
Noise is transient; once the pollution stops, the environment is free of it.
Broadly speaking, any form of unwelcome sound is noise pollution, whether it is the roar of a jet plane overhead or the sound of a barking dog a block away.
www.quiet.org /faq.htm   (1225 words)

 Noise pollution - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Noise pollution, usually called environmental noise in technical venues, is displeasing human- or machine-created sound that disrupts the environment.
The dominant form of noise pollution is from transportation sources, principally motor vehicles.
Roadway noise is the most widespread environmental component of noise pollution worldwide.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Noise_pollution   (1783 words)

 New Rules Project - Environment - Noise Pollution
Noise pollution is an intrusion into the commons.
The town set the acceptable noise level during the day at 60 decibels (about the volume of conversational speech heard from a foot away), and 50 decibels at night (the equivalent of the noise in an average office).
Noise alone is not the sole reason communities have sought to ban them.
www.newrules.org /environment/noise.html   (324 words)

 Workplace safety - noise pollution
Sensitivity to noise differs from one individual to the next, but experts believe that damage to hearing occurs when noise levels are higher than 85 decibels, which is about the loudness of heavy traffic.
Noise levels can be measured using a sound level meter, which detects the pressure of sound waves as they move through the air.
Noise levels should be regularly monitored and work practices continuously improved to preserve the hearing of workers.
www.disability.vic.gov.au /dsonline/dsarticles.nsf/pages/Workplace_safety_noise_pollution?OpenDocument   (724 words)

 Cause and Effects of Noise Pollution
Noise is a disturbance to the human environment that is escalating at such a high rate that it will become a major threat to the quality of human lives.
Studies of both traffic noise and noise in communities hard by major airports have concluded that elevated blood pressure, heart disease, and psychological trauma are direct consequences of noise exposure.
Noise abatement zones and better traffic management was instituted, as were vehicle noise testing and stricter enforcement of noise regulations.
darwin.bio.uci.edu /~sustain/global/sensem/S98/Nunez/Noise.html   (5231 words)

 Noise Pollution - Conservation Policies - Sierra Club
Use predicated noise levels surrounding new or expanding airports, VTOL and STOL ports, etc., in location of facilities, establishing of flight patterns, and in creation of zoning laws to restrict residential use of areas most seriously affected.
Insert noise control measures into building codes for all new homes, apartments, offices and factories to provide adequate protection from external and internal noise.
Establish safe noise levels and duration of exposure that is acceptable for personnel in working environment, and including inspection and enforcement procedures.
www.sierraclub.org /policy/conservation/noise.asp   (313 words)

 Cause and Effects of Noise Pollution
Noise is a disturbance to the human environment that is escalating at such a high rate that it will become a major threat to the quality of human lives.
Studies of both traffic noise and noise in communities hard by major airports have concluded that elevated blood pressure, heart disease, and psychological trauma are direct consequences of noise exposure.
Noise abatement zones and better traffic management was instituted, as were vehicle noise testing and stricter enforcement of noise regulations.
www.dbc.uci.edu /~sustain/global/sensem/S98/Nunez/Noise.html   (5231 words)

 United Nations System-Wide EARTHWATCH > Health > Noise pollution
Noise is an increasingly omnipresent, yet underestimated, form of pollution.
Long periods of exposure to relatively low levels of noise can have adverse effects on human health, such as raised blood pressure, hypertension, disrupted sleep and cognitive development in children (Kiernan, 1997b), diminished working memory span, and psychiatric disorders (Bond, 1996).
In Amsterdam, 29% of the city's inhabitants complain of noisy neighbours, 28% are regularly disturbed by the jarring sounds of traffic, and 26% suffer the dissonance that comes from living under the airport flight paths.
www.un.org /earthwatch/health/noisepollution.html   (356 words)

 TIME: Mad About The Noise
In the Netherlands, more than a million people are subjected to excessive noise levels as a result of their proximity to Schiphol Airport, according to a report by the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (R.I.V.M.).
In an increasingly overcrowded and congested Europe, noise pollution is a problem that resonates everywhere, not just in urban centers.
Valerie Gibson, a 47-year-old partner in a freelance photography business, started campaigning against noise pollution in 1991, when she was forced to move from her home in southeast London because of a neighbor who refused to turn down her music.
www.time.com /time/magazine/1998/int/980727/cover_story.mad_about_th14.html   (2759 words)

 Blaby District Council - Noise Pollution
Many noise problems, particularly those involving neighbours, can be resolved informally, for example, by explaining to your neighbours the difficulties they are causing.
The Council's usual initial step in dealing with neighbour noise complaints is to write to the person alleged to be causing the disturbance telling them that a complaint has been made, and advising that investigations will be made should the Council receive further complaints.
Noise recording equipment is used in many situations to access intermittent disturbances.
www.blaby.gov.uk /ccm/navigation/environment/pollution/noise-pollution   (725 words)

 What does the noise team do?
Noise is part of living in a busy city, but excessive noise can really affect people’s quality of life.
If you would like help and advice about noise or you want to report a noise that is not happening now please report the problem online.
There are problems which we have limited powers to deal with things like aircraft noise and traffic.
www.westminster.gov.uk /environment/pollution/noisepollution   (207 words)

 Noise Free America - Frequently Asked Questions   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Noise destroys community--and that's not "progress." On busy streets, near major airports, in night clubs and bars, and in stores and restaurants, noise makes conversation difficult or impossible.
Noise is an expression of aggressive behavior, and it causes aggressive behavior.
Now is the time for a new generation of dedicated citizens to educate the public about the hazards of noise pollution, and take action.
www.noisefree.org /faq.html   (623 words)

 ABT - Article, Noise Pollution
Are you one of them?” The author told the story of a young woman who took a hearing test to appease her husband who was concerned about her constant requests to repeat what he was saying.
Noise problems were worst in restaurants with big bars, hard surfaces, high ceilings, open kitchens and large crowds, all standard in today’s newest and trendiest restaurants.
As early as 1975, one researcher found that children on the train-track side of a New York public school were lagging a year behind their classmates on the other side of the building in learning to read.
www.advancedbrain.com /Article_Noise_Pollution.asp   (1146 words)

 Salisbury District Council | Noise pollution
Attempts will be made to resolve the situation informally but, if the noise persists, the council has powers to require nuisances to be abated.
These provisions will not usually apply to road or rail traffic or aircraft noise but these issues, along with potential noise from all types of premises, will be taken into account during the planning process for new or amended premises.
Noise pollution may arise from domestic, industrial, commercial, construction and entertainment premises or activities.
www.salisbury.gov.uk /living/your-home/noise-pollution   (193 words)

 Noise Pollution Clearinghouse: Partners in Quieting the Commons
J and A Enterprises is an engineering firm specializing in noise and vibration control of marine craft.
Noise measurements with Brüel and Kjær's legendary reliability and accuracy.
Our noise dosemeters, Protection software and the Mediator SLM are featured with the full line of sound and vibration meters.
www.noisepollution.org /partners.htm   (651 words)

 Noise Pollution Pollution A to Z - Find Articles
Noise pollution is the intrusion of unwanted, uncontrollable, and unpredictable sounds, not necessarily loud, into the lives of individuals of reasonable sensitivities.
Unwanted sounds or noises can be traced back to Old Testament stories of very loud music and barking dogs as well as to ancient Rome where city residents complained about noisy delivery wagons on their cobblestone streets.
This growth in noise has led to research examining the impact of noise on the lives and activities of reasonable people.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_km4453/is_200510/ai_n16262795   (223 words)

 Noise Harms Gilroy: Chronic noise pollution: Noisy neighbors, barking dogs, right to quiet
Noise pollution is merely a symptom of a much bigger trend.
There are now many websites on noise pollution out there, but very few give noise-sufferers practical knowledge on how to deal with chronic noise, particularly when faced with chronically noisy neighbors.
Death by noise, as with death by cancer, is slow and painful.
www.lighthousewoods.com /noise_pollution.html   (1191 words)

 PBS - The Voyage of the Odyssey - Voice from the Sea
Various interest groups hotly dispute whether noise pollution is having a serious negative impact on marine mammals.
Countless people work in noise environments that may be harmful, they also voluntarily attend rock concerts which are so loud they may cause permanent hearing loss (and sometimes do).
Masking by ships' traffic noise must shorten the distance over which animals can communicate, and may therefore jeopardize their ability to locate one another to mate.
www.pbs.org /odyssey/voice/20020906_vfts_transcript.html   (1090 words)

 For solution of noise pollution come to NSCA.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
NSCA is both active and influential in the fields of air quality, noise, land quality, local environment management, and industrial regulation.
To prevent the pollution from emissions to air, land or water from scheduled processes the concept of integrated pollution control has been introduced.
Control of pollution to air from the less heavily polluting processes is through the local authority.
www.noisepollution.org.uk /index.html   (241 words)

 Noise Pollution   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The Noise Control Program was established by the legislature in the mid 1970's to provide technical assistance and enforcement help to citizens and local jurisdictions across the State regarding noise issues.
Noise has become an increasingly contentious "Quality of Life" issue as the State's population increases and urban sprawl progresses.
It is the program's goal when possible to resolve noise violations as opposed to primarily pursuing enforcement and penalties.
www.mde.state.md.us /CitizensInfoCenter/Health/noise_pollution/index.asp   (194 words)

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