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In the News (Thu 25 Apr 19)

  Orbit :: Wrigley
Orbit is available in seven great flavors including Original Peppermint, Spearmint, Wintermint, Bubblemint, Cinnamint and two fabulous new flavors: Citrusmint and Sweet Mint.
Since its launch in September 2001, Orbit has quickly become a success and is now one of the top five chewing gum brands in the United States.
Orbit gum is also enjoyed by millions of people throughout Europe and the Middle East.
www.wrigley.com /wrigley/products/products_orbit.asp   (171 words)

  Orbit (astronomy and physics) - MSN Encarta
The size of the orbit is given by the periapsis distance (SP) and the elongation of the orbit is given by the eccentricity (e).
The three orbital elements that describe an orbit's orientation are the inclination (i), the longitude of the ascending node (Ω), and the argument of the periapsis (ω).
The argument of the periapsis measures the angular displacement in the plane of the orbit between the ascending node and the line that passes through the center of the orbit (C) and the periapsis (P).
encarta.msn.com /encnet/refpages/RefArticle.aspx?refid=761556131   (943 words)

  Planetary orbit - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
As an object orbits another, the periapsis is that point at which the orbiting object is closest to the object being orbited and the apoapsis is that point at which the orbiting object is farthest from the object being orbited.
In the case of an open orbit, the speed at any position of the orbit is at least the escape velocity for that position, in the case of a closed orbit, always less.
The gravity of the orbiting object raises tidal bulges in the primary, and since below the synchronous orbit the orbiting object is moving faster than the body's surface the bulges lag a short angle behind it.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Orbit   (2511 words)

 orbit. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001-05
The orbits of the solar planets, while elliptical, are almost circular; on the other hand, the orbits of many of the extrasolar planets discovered during the 1990s are highly elliptical.
Modern methods for computing the orbit of a planet or other body have been refined from methods developed by Newton, Laplace, and Gauss, in which all the needed quantities are acquired from three separate observations of the planet’s apparent position.
Natural satellites that are close to their primaries tend to have nearly circular orbits in the same plane as that of the planet’s equator, while more distant satellites may have quite eccentric orbits with large inclinations to the planet’s equatorial plane.
www.bartleby.com /65/or/orbit.html   (566 words)

 Orbit Info - Encyclopedia WikiWhat.com   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Any comet in a parabolic or hyperbolic orbit about the central star is not gravitationally bound to the star and therefore is not considered part of the star's solar system.
As an object orbits another object, periapsis is that point at which the orbiting object is closest to the object being orbited; apoapsis is that point at which the orbiting object is farthest from the object being orbited.
The orbit can be open (so the object never returns) or closed (returning), depending on the total kinetic+potential energy of the system.
www.wikiwhat.com /encyclopedia/o/or/orbit.html   (1893 words)

 Orbits in Strongly Curved Spacetime
That tiny discrepancy in the orbit of Mercury was actually the first evidence for what lay beyond Newtonian gravitation, the first step down a road that would lead to understanding fl holes, gravitational radiation, and the source of inertia, which remains a fertile ground for theoretical and experimental physics almost a century thereafter.
Orbits at minima are stable, since a small displacement increases the energy and thus creates a restoring force in the opposite direction.
Orbits at maxima are unstable; the slightest displacement causes the particle to either be sucked into the fl hole or enter a highly elliptical orbit around it.
www.fourmilab.ch /gravitation/orbits   (2354 words)

 Lunch Records - Orbit - XLR8R
Orbit, the trio you know from Boston, is newly expanded with the addition of bassist Linda Bean (ex-PermaFrost) and guitarist Fred Archambault.
Orbit released La Mano on their own label Lunch Records and just as the majors were catching on.
Orbit went on hiatus in late 2001, playing their final shows at the club the started it all for them TT the Bears Place in Cambridge, MA.
www.lunchrecords.com /orbit.html   (758 words)

 Orbit - Memory Alpha, the Star Trek Wiki
Orbit is a term used to describe the flightpath of an object in space which has a repetitive motion and has a distinct center with respect to its flightpath.
The term orbit is also used to define the flightpath of a planet within its own solar system.
High orbit: A form of orbit in which the starship maintains a large distance from the planet's surface for safety reasons but is still close enough to use the transporter.
memory-alpha.org /en/wiki/Orbit   (343 words)

 CelesTrak: "Basics of the Geostationary Orbit"
While each satellite will complete its orbit in the same time it takes the earth to rotate once, it should be obvious that the geosynchronous satellite will move north and south of the equator during its orbit while the geostationary satellite will not.
Orbits with non-zero eccentricity (i.e., elliptical rather than circular orbits) will result in drifts east and west as the satellite goes faster or slower at various points in its orbit.
Since the geostationary orbital plane is not coincident with the plane of the earth's orbit (the ecliptic) or that of the moon's orbit, the gravitational attraction of the sun and the moon act to pull the geostationary satellites out of their equatorial orbit, gradually increasing each satellite's orbital inclination.
www.celestrak.com /columns/v04n07   (1553 words)

 The Better Mousetrap: Orbit and Questel-Orbit: Farewell and Hail
Orbit went through a variety of owners, none of whom supported it well or developed it to its potential, until finally Questel bought Orbit in 1994.
Orbit was the commercial offshoot of Elhill and became publicly available in 1972.
Orbit was an elegant, concise, and flexible command language, and some of its nicer capabilities are still missing from Questel-Orbit.
www.infotoday.com /searcher/feb00/lambert.htm   (2585 words)

 NASA Observatorium Education-Reference Module   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The elliptical orbit has the shape of a "squashed" circle, although there is a precise mathematical equation that describes it.
An eccentricity of zero (when the arrow is at the bottom of the bar) means the orbit is a circle.
Note that the sizes of the Earth, satellite, and orbit are not drawn to realistic scales.
observe.arc.nasa.gov /nasa/education/reference/orbits/orbit1.html   (166 words)

 Basics of Space Flight Section I. The Environment of Space
It is possible to choose the parameters of a spacecraft's orbit to take advantage of some or all of these gravitational influences to induce precession, which causes a useful motion of the orbital plane.
The result is called a walking orbit or a precessing orbit, since the orbital plane moves slowly with respect to fixed inertial space.
A walking orbit whose parameters are chosen such that the orbital plane precesses with nearly the same period as the planet's solar orbit period is called a sun synchronous orbit.
www2.jpl.nasa.gov /basics/bsf5-1.html   (1166 words)

Orbiting the Sun at an average distance of 779 million km (484 million mi.), Jupiter is some 5.2 times as far away as Earth.
Between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter, like a transition zone dividing the inner from the outer Solar System, is a wide belt of asteroids, or minor planets, the largest of which, Ceres, is only 1022 km (635 mi.) in diameter.
Many comets are pulled by Jupiter into distorted orbits, and some of the short period comets appear to have become controlled by Jupiter so that their orbits have their most distant points from the Sun about the distance of the orbit of the giant planet.
history.nasa.gov /SP-349/ch1.htm   (6379 words)

 Interactive Comet Animation
There are two major factors that describe a comet's orbit: the size of the orbit (technically, its "semi-major axis") and the eccentricity.
The eccentricity is tells how "oval-shaped" the orbit is. A small eccentricty means the orbit is roundish; a circle has an eccentricity of zero.
If a comet has an orbit with a high eccenticity, it moves much faster when it is near the Sun than when it is far from the Sun.
www.windows.ucar.edu /tour/link=/comets/comet_model_interactive.html&edu=high   (447 words)

 Jay Apt's Orbit Experience - Orbit Book
After his first space mission, Jay Apt felt that the view from orbit should be shared with the widest possible audience.
Orbit represents the first use of digital scanning of the original flight film to bring out the sharp details seen by the astronauts.
Pictures taken in space contain more blue than your eye sees from orbit, because the ultraviolet rays of the sun are reflected off the atmosphere into the camera.
www.orbitexperience.com /Orbit_Book/orbit_book.html   (316 words)

 About Spitzer: Innovative Orbit
An important breakthrough in the redesign of Spitzer was to abandon the idea of placing the observatory into Earth orbit and instead to insert it into an Earth-trailing heliocentric orbit.
The drifting heliocentric orbit places Spitzer in "deep space," where the ambient temperatures are about 30 to 40 K. By using Nature to assist in cooling the Observatory, Spitzer can carry much less liquid helium cryogen than it would need in an Earth orbit.
A consequential benefit of the solar orbit is that Spitzer will have a large instantaneous view of the celestial sky.
www.spitzer.caltech.edu /about/orbit.shtml   (483 words)

 Orbit Rich Media Downloader:download social video,music, streaming media, rtmp and ...
Orbit Downloader is written with efficiency in mind, it typically uses less than 3MB of memory and 3% of cpu when downloading.
Orbit Downloader: is an excellent download manager that has the unique ability to download streaming media (audio and video, as well as flash SWF) from video sharing and other sites.
Orbit Downloader improves your Internet connection not only by making it faster and more reliable, but also by providing you with a more comfortable way to download Youtube videos, streaming content and even files from free hosting sites.
www.orbitdownloader.com   (682 words)

 Landsat 7 Orbit & Coverage
The orbit of Landsat 7 is repetitive, circular, Sun-synchronous, and near polar at a nominal altitude of 705 km (438 miles) at the Equator.
The Landsat satellites are not placed in a true polar orbit but rather a near polar orbit which means the path/row numbers do not coincide with latitudes 90° north and south.
Successive orbits and spacecraft attitude are controlled to assure minimal variation to either side from the intended ground track and framing of scene centers is controlled through LPS processing so that successive images of a specific scene or scenes can be registered for comparison purposes.
ltpwww.gsfc.nasa.gov /IAS/handbook/handbook_htmls/chapter5/chapter5.html   (2131 words)

 [No title]
Therefore, the ORBit project was born to create a thin, fast CORBA implementation with C language bindings.
This means that if the object server and the object ``client'' are located in the same address space, and the object server meets a few basic conditions, ORBit automatically skips sending the data over the network, and runs the object server's implementation function directly, causing performance to increase dramatically.
Looking ahead in ORBit development, one can for-see a rewrite of the performance-critical modules, compliance with the upcoming CORBA 2.3 standard, more CORBA services, and documentation.
www.redhat.com /support/wpapers/ORBit/about-orbit.html   (497 words)

 CD Baby: MONICA SCHROEDER: Orbit   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Orbit, follows Monica's first album (The Expectation of Home) and seeks to delve into the universal themes of love, loss and the beauty of a sad song.
Orbit is a nice listen, and Schroeder shows the potential to become more successful because her sound is relatable and professional, while her songwriting stays true to heart.”
Orbit provides a pack of songs, written by Schroeder, that do a pretty good job of giving her voice an appropriate setting.
www.cdbaby.com /monicas2   (1184 words)

 Chandra :: About Chandra :: Tracking Chandra
This elliptical orbit takes the spacecraft to an altitude of 133,000 km (82,646 mi) - more than a third of the distance to the moon - before returning to its closest approach to the Earth of 16,000 kilometers (9,942 mi).
Notice that the orbit is much bigger than the viewing screen.
Note: This is a 3-drepresentation; the red part of the orbit is the part that is "out of the screen" and the grey part is "into the screen." The current position of the satellite is indicated by the position at which the name appears.
chandra.harvard.edu /about/tracking.html   (777 words)

 Earth Orbits
The circular orbit is a special case since orbits are generally ellipses, or hyperbolas in the case of objects which are merely deflected by the planet's gravity but not captured.
The orbit can be expressed in terms of the acceleration of gravity at the orbit.
This leads to Kepler's 3rd law (the Law of Orbits) which is useful for the analysis of the orbits of moons and binary stars.
hyperphysics.phy-astr.gsu.edu /hbase/orbv.html   (521 words)

 Can you put the moon into orbit?
Others think a lump of matter was passing the earth and it was captured into orbit.
You cannot get the moon into an orbit that is lower than its starting position because the nature of every orbit is that the object must return to the place where it started.
The only circular orbit you can get the moon into from outer space is an orbit that is in outer space.
isthis4real.com /orbit.xml   (648 words)

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