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Topic: Palm tree

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In the News (Wed 21 Aug 19)

  Palm Tree Care (cold hardy) and Pictures of Palms from Sun Palm Trees
Palm Trees are identified as cold tolerent to a certain temperature and the Palm Tree Zone tables will show you what zones the cold hardy Palm Trees fall into.
Palm Trees successful growth in colder winter areas depend on the cold hardiness of the particular types of Palms, the growing micro-environment and of course your care.
Palm Trees are widely adaptable when it comes to the soil type and environment depending on the proper care taken, and all Palms are highly drought resistant.
www.sunpalmtrees.com   (1824 words)

  About Palm Trees - Palm Tree Information   (Site not responding. Last check: )
It is very characteristic of some palms to produce from the base of the stem a series of adventitious roots which gradually thrust themselves into the soil and serve to steady the tree and prevent its overthrow by the wind.
The leaves of palms are either arranged at more or less distant intervals along the stem, as in the canes, or are approximated in tufts at the end of the stem, I thus forming those noble crowns of foliage which are so closely associated with the general idea of a palm.
The Palm tree seeds show a corresponding variety in size and shape, but always consist of a mass of endosperm, in which is embedded a relatively very minute embryo.
www.sunpalmtrees.com /About-Palm-Trees.htm   (1939 words)

  Artificial palm tree - Patent 6596353
The artificial palm tree of claim 2 wherein the rachis mounting means comprises a fastener selected from the group consisting of slip sleeve and slip pin joints, spirally threaded lug and aperture combinations, heat fusion welds, adhesive bonds, rivets, screws, and spirally threaded nut and bolt combinations.
The artificial palm tree of claim 8 wherein the frame comprises a plurality of longitudinally extending shafts, and a plurality of laterally extending braces, the laterally extending braces spanning between and interconnecting the longitudinally extending shafts.
The artificial palm tree of claim 10 wherein the pinna mounting means comprises a fastener selected from the group consisting of heat fusion welds, slip sleeve and slip pin combinations, spirally threaded lug and aperture combinations, whole formed joints, adhesive bonds, rivets, screws, staples, and spirally threaded nut and bolt combinations.
www.freepatentsonline.com /6596353.html   (2563 words)

 Flickr: Photos from rps.net
I shot this tree in silhouette today, on the beach, at the end of the day, in Santos, Brazil.
This is a coconut tree on the beach in Santos, Brazil.
This is a tree silhouette in the winter sunset in Santos, Brazil.
www.flickr.com /photos/rps   (266 words)

 ** PALM POTS FACTORY DIRECT. BEST PRICE GUARANTEE ** coconut palm tree wood vase planter bali indonesia company
The palmyra palm tree is a large tree up to 30m high and the trunk may have a circumference of 1.7m at the base.
Palm tree wood pots for hotel, resort or regency landscaping project.
While the palm tree with slim trunk is very common.
www.balifurnish.com /stone-garden-bali-indonesia/coconut-palm-tree-wood-vase-planter-indonesia-company.html   (959 words)

 Palm Tree - All About Caring for Palm Trees
To maintain healthy and prosperous palms, it is essential to understand these challenges and to obtain the tools necessary to overcome them.
As a homeowner, the best contribution you can make to your palm tree's soil is the addition of beneficial mycorrhizal fungi.
Palm trees require specially formulated fertilizers that answer to very specific conditions.
www.palm-tree.net   (150 words)

 Palm Tree Care - Planting a Palm Tree
Planting palm trees is similar, in most ways, to planting other kinds of trees.
Nursery-grown palms are generally sold either potted or balled and burlapped.
When the palm tree has been planted, build a soil barrier around the circumference of the hole to form a dam that will hold water.
www.palm-tree.net /palm-tree-planting.htm   (352 words)

 Palm Seeds : Palm Seeds From ANi Palm Tree Seeds Direct
This palm is grown commercially throughout the Middle East for its delicious and abundant fruit.
This is a majestic palm with huge silvery-green leaves and a light gray trunk, often swollen at the base.
This is an attractive palm whose use is mostly outside as lawn decoration.It grows to 80 ft. tall with stiff, green costapalmate leaves.
ourworld.compuserve.com /homepages/anico/Palmtree.htm   (1029 words)

 Palm Trees - all about palm trees
Palm tree stems are not more complicated in structure than those of the common butcher’s broom (Ruscus); their flowers are for the most part as simple as those of a rush (Juncus).
It is very characteristic of some palms to produce from the base of the stem a series of adventitious roots which gradually thrust themselves into the soil and serve to steady the tree and prevent its overthrow by the wind.
The leaves of palms are either arranged at more or less distant intervals along the stem, as in the canes, or are approximated in tufts at the end of the stem, I thus forming those noble crowns of foliage which are so closely associated with the general idea of a palm.
www.2020site.org /trees/palm-tree.html   (1798 words)

 Toll Free 1-888-990-PALM (7256)
When buying trees that have been dug with a tree spade, handle the tree by the wire basket, most of the time there will be ropes tide to the basket for proper lifting of the trees.
Most palm trees can be handled by the trunk of the palm, however certain types of palms like "large" Windmill and Needle palms can get cosmetic damage to the trunk, if strapped up and lifted by machinery.
Palms planted in poor,shallow soils coupled with heavy rainfall (or irrigation) during the growing season results in a very low natural reservoir of essential plant nutrients.
www.palmtreegardens.com /about4.html   (684 words)

 The date palm tree
To reproduce a date palm tree such Deglet-Nour, for, it is necessary to cut the rejections (small palm trees which push on the trunk of the mother) of their mother and to replant them elsewhere.
The ancestral method consists in planting the tight palm the ones against the others and while placing fruit trees with large foliage, such: fig tree, apricot trees, pomegranates between those, allow a sufficient shade to make it possible the ground to keep its moisture during several days even in full summer.
Spring is the season of the pollination which consists in extracting pollen from the male palm to pose them on the modes of the palm females.
www.nachoua.com /English/palmeng.htm   (740 words)

 Palm Trees   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Palm trees grow in places that are warm and have a lot of sunshine.
Palm trees have long trunks that do not have many leaves until you get close to the top.
The seeds of the palm tree are in its fruit.
www.units.muohio.edu /dragonfly/itb/palm_tree.htmlx   (358 words)

 I want to sell my palm tree   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Palm trees are beautiful to look at and they contribute much to the health of our environment.
Palm Palm tree Removaltips are a source of information for the consumer of tree care services in order that they may make informed decisions regarding their trees.
When you hire an NAA-member tree care company, you are assured that the company you are hiring has access to the most recent information on tree care practices, and you are assured that the company you are hiring is insured and/or bonded to protect you and your valuable property.
www.palmtreeremoval.com /page6.html   (4333 words)

 Palmetto/Palm tree collection
Palm trees painted in masterbath..Client has used palm tree/palmetto trees in her decor throughout her house....
Palm tree design painted on tabletop...notice the palm trees in her fabric/wallpaper above the window.
Pods taken off the palm tree at my beachhouse....I left them in their natural state only cleaned and varnished them....They are so unusual...what an unusual piece of art....
imageevent.com /neltabmathias/palmettopalmtreecollection   (1223 words)

 Fiction: Palm Tree Bandit, by Nnedi Okorafor
Not all of the women evaporated when they climbed a palm tree, but the parents of the offender were cautioned and cleansing rituals were performed to appease the gods for her misdeed.
This was the reason for his comment about the glass of palm wine she was sipping: "You know women aren't even supposed to climb palm trees, let alone drink it when it is sweet," he said.
Under the mask of night, she crept toward the three palm trees that grew in the center of town, wrapped a rope around her waist and shimmied up the trunk of one of the trees.
www.strangehorizons.com /2000/20001211/palm_tree_bandit.shtml   (1669 words)

 Palm Tree Page
Palm trees represent warm weather, warm breezes, sunny days, stormy days, starry nights, beaches, sand, shorts, sandals, and did I mention - warm climates.
The key elements are: Pug-friendly, palm trees, and warm weather.
So until we reach that ideal palm tree destination, we keep in mind that palm trees are a state of mind and it's always tropical at PugSpeak.
pugspeak.net /lmcrisssbc/pugspeak/Palmpage.htm   (258 words)

 TreeHelp.com: Fertilizing a Palm and Palm Fertilizer
Palm trees have special needs that must be met with specially formulated fertilizers that target specific nutrient deficiencies.
Palm Tree Spikes are a fast, efficient, long lasting method of fertilizing palm trees.
Treatment: Use 2 to 10 TreeHelp Palm Tree Magnesium Spikes per palm, depending on the size of the trunk and the severity of the deficiency.
www.treehelp.com /trees/palm/fertilizing-a-palm.asp   (572 words)

 Faux Shower Palm Tree Faux Palm Tree - amaZulu Inc.
The Faux Shower Palm Tree is supplied with an adjustable plunger and spray nozzle, as well as all brass plumbing fittings.
About 2ā€ from the base of the palm is a burst free stainless steel flexible pipe that has a garden hose connector at the end.
Starting at one of the ā€œSā€ hooks which is attached to the palm leaf stem, lace through each eye in a criss cross fashion, back and forth.
www.amazuluinc.com /faux-shower-palm-tree-faux-palm-tree.htm   (488 words)

 The Palm Tree Garden Online Gnostic Community
He was nailed to a tree (and) he became fruit of the knowledge of the Father.
The ouroboros is the border between the Prison and the Garden, and also the nehash, the bronze serpent Moses hoisted on the pole that later came to be associated with the Christos on the cross.
In the Palm Tree Garden, the Ouroboros is Nidhogg tamed and redeemed, transformed into the perfection of the world soul.
www.palmtreegarden.org /about.php   (1257 words)

 Artificial Palm Trees - silk palm trees, tropical plants, decorations, outdoor & indoor palm trees
Artificial Palm Trees so lifelike and lush will fill in any spot indoors or bring an ever lasting look to the outdoors.
Width of all the palm trees are approximately one-half the height.
These palm fronds are highly durable, one-piece construction UV rated polyethylene and guaranteed.
www.silkworxbylori.com /palms.htm   (307 words)

 TreeHelp.com: Trees: Species: Palm Trees: Insects and Diseases
Bud rot is caused by a fungus which causes the heart fronds of a palm tree to wilt and die.
Once a tree is infected, there is no cure and the diseased tree may have to be removed.
Ganoderma butt rot is a relatively new and lethal disease of Florida palm trees.
www.treehelp.com /trees/palm/trees-species-palm-iandd.asp   (578 words)

 The Palm Tree
The Palm Tree is a web site dedicated to the PalmPilot and Palm connected organizers from 3Com / Palm Computing.
The Palm Tree is a 'one-stop' location for software, news, recommendations, and many other information resources...
Palm OS has changed quite a bit and my applications would have to be re-written from scratch to make them work on the newer devices.
www.thepalmtree.com   (464 words)

 Palm tree
Whatever the height, some Khmer elders advice their children not to climb the palm trees during or after a rainfall since they can slip and fall down easily.
The government announced that the cutting of palm trees is the cutting of the Khmer soul and destroying oneself.
The future of the palm tree in Cambodia is uncertain; they may even face the danger of extinction if people keep cutting them down.
www.leisurecambodia.com /Leisure_Cambodia/No.13/palm.htm   (1041 words)

 Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter-- September 28, 1999
Finally, drop the Palm computer into its cradle, press HotSync and a few seconds later all the data is transferred from your desktop PC to the Palm computer.
Palm Tree does have the capability to store brief text notes that are linked to each person in the database.
While the Palm computer and its Palm Operating System is capable of two-way data exchanges, keep in mind that the Palm Tree application is a "one-way program." It will copy data from your desktop PC to Palm Tree, but not in the opposite direction.
www.ancestry.com /columns/eastman/eastnew.htm   (5547 words)

 Faux Coconut Palm Tree Faux Palm Tree - amaZulu Inc.
Faux Coconut Palm Tree Faux Palm Tree - amaZulu Inc.
Call NOW to find out more information on the Faux Coconut Palm Tree - Toll Free: (866) 900-9858
We are volume importers and offer competitive rates and bulk discounts.
www.amazuluinc.com /faux-coconut-palm-tree-faux-palm-tree.htm   (113 words)

 Joshua Tree National Park, California
Joshua Tree, formerly a National Monument, was promoted to a National Park in 1994, along with nearby Death Valley, and was extended by 230,000 acres, mainly remote mountainous regions at the south and east edges.
In addition to the rocks and trees, the park also has hiking trails, 4WD routes, several historic sites and five oases where California fan palm trees grow in their natural surroundings.
One mile to the east is the short spur road leading to the trail for Fortynine Palms Oasis, one of the two main oases in the region, and many rooms have fine views over the hills at the north edge of the park, just one mile opposite.
www.americansouthwest.net /california/joshua_tree/national_park.html   (586 words)

 palm tree area rug
If you are purchasing a rug for your condo or other waterfront summer home, a palm tree area rug can seem like a natural choice for the flooring.
Still, the number of palm tree rugs out there is staggering, and you should get one that suits the traffic flow and purposes of your beach home.
Beach-lovers who are unfortunate enough to be land-locked may want to use a palm tree area rug to add the experience of the beach to their homes.
www.area-rugs-store.com /palm-tree-area-rug.htm   (257 words)

 Palm Tree Doctor Lethal Yellowing Page
It has been seen in dozens of species of palms, but it is most common in coconut and christmas palms.
The leafhopper feeds on an infected palm and ingests the phytoplasm.
This method has been shown to be far superior to the old method which uses a plastic cup placed onto the trunk of the palm.
www.palmtreedr.com /lethal.html   (503 words)

Hardiness: Fully hardy to zone 7, this palm has been seen growing in zone 6, but does suffer foliage damage at 10 degrees F. and complete foliage loss at 3-5 degrees F. Saw palmetto is a beautiful little palm and richly deserves a place in the ornamental landscape.
Young palms can be grown outside with ease and established palms, (grown inside in pots the first few years, then transplanted outside) can be grown in zone 6, and it has been suggested that established plants could even be grown as far North as zone 5 with foliage loss in Winter and re-growth in Spring.
Nannorrhops ritchiana, the Mazari palm, one of the very hardiest palms in the world was, until recently, also one of the rarest in cultivation.
www.boldweb.com /greenweb/palmtree.htm   (2177 words)

 Search: Palm Tree Houseplant
GreenDealer Exotic Seeds of Palm Trees, Palmettos and Cycads with...
And it is very true that almost every palm makes a good houseplant although some of the tree types will eventually out grow their limited surroundings.
Palm tree care and maintenance information, species and origins of some palm trees are also discussed.
www.classifieds2000.com /webmkt.cls2k/search/web/Palm%2BTree%2BHouseplant/-/-/1/-/-/-/1/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/302349/right   (206 words)

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