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Topic: Plastic

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  Plastic Surgeon - Plastic Surgeon Information
A Plastic Surgeon is a surgeon/medical doctor who specializes in reducing, repairing, and reconstructing scarring or disfigurement resulting from accidents, birth defects, or treatments of diseases such as skin cancer and other similar skin conditions.
This type of surgical reconstruction is referred to as Plastic Surgery.
Plastic Surgeons also perform specialized types of cosmetic surgeries to improve an individual’s physical appearance when patients are unhappy with certain parts of their body, i.e.
www.plasticsurgeonstat.com   (113 words)

  Plastic - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Plastic can be classified in many ways but most commonly by their polymer backbone (polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene, acrylic, silicone, urethane, etc.).
Many plastics are partially crystalline and partially amorphous in molecular structure, giving them both a melting point (the temperature at which the covalent bonds dissolve) and one or more glass transitions (temperatures at which the degree of cross-linking is substantially reduced).
The vast majority of plastics are composed of polymers of carbon alone or with oxygen, nitrogen, chlorine or sulfur in the backbone.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Plastic   (5361 words)

 ► ► Plastic Surgery - Way to match inner as well as outer beauty
Plastic surgery has now become very common it is no more a taboo topic it was just a few decades ago and no longer limited to the rich and famous, advancements in plastic surgery increased by leaps and bounds.
Plastic surgery can be defined as a surgical procedure used for the enhancement and improvement of the body part.
The term plastic surgery originates from the Greek word "Plastikos" which means "to mold or to take shape" the meaning is quite appropriate to the term and it exactly matches the real term.
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 EIA Kids Page - Conserving Energy - Recycling Plastic
Mixed plastics can be recycled, but they are not as valuable as sorted plastics because the recycled plastic’s physical properties, such as strength, may vary with each batch.
Plastic caps are usually made from a different type of plastic than the container and cannot be easily recycled.
The maker of the plastic six-ring carrier that is used to attach six cans of soda, beer, and other beverages, says its photodegradable carrier loses 75 percent of its strength when exposed to sunlight after just a few days, and totally disintegrates within a matter of weeks.
www.eia.doe.gov /kids/energyfacts/saving/recycling/solidwaste/plastics.html   (1653 words)

 plastics recycling
Plastics are used in a wide range of applications and some plastics items, such as food packaging, become waste only a short time after purchase.
Plastics recycling in the UK In 1998, a pilot feedstock recycling plant went operational at BP's Grangemouth site in Scotland, with a capacity to process 400 tonnes of mixed plastic waste per annum.
Another constraint on the use of recycled plastics is that, to be economically viable, plastic processors require large quantities of recycled plastics, manufactured to tightly controlled specification at a competitive price in comparison to that of virgin polymer.
www.wasteonline.org.uk /resources/InformationSheets/Plastics.htm   (3473 words)

 Urban Legends Reference Pages: Plastic-Tac-Toe
That a doctor (or, more accurately, someone bearing the title "Dr.") appears on TV does not mean he's a leading practitioner in his field; it generally means only that he has something to say that a news director considers newsworthy, accurate or not.
If you are cooking with plastics or using plastic utensils, the best thing to do is to follow the directions and only use plastics that are specifically meant for cooking.
Claire tested four different plastic wraps and "found not just the carcinogens but also xenoestrogen was migrating [into the oil]...." Xenoestrogens are linked to low sperm counts in men and to breast cancer in women.
www.snopes.com /medical/toxins/cookplastic.asp   (1227 words)

 Mexico's cool new plastic money. - By Eric Weiner - Slate Magazine
Plastic implies cheapness and artifice, which is why all of the countries using plastic money prefer to call it by a more technical name: polymer money.
There's an added security feature, though: a clear plastic window, about the size of a postage stamp, that is extremely difficult to forgeā€”and that's one of the main reasons Mexico made the switch to plastic.
The plastic bills absorb less moisture and are therefore less likely to transmit germs, which is a danger, albeit a rare one, with paper notes.
www.slate.com /id/2111749   (903 words)

 PlasticsResource.org - Plastics 101
Plastic materials and products play an important part in cutting-edge technologies used in the space program, in bulletproof vests and prosthetic limbs, as well as in a myriad of everyday products.
Plastics' versatility allow it to be used in everything from car parts to doll parts, from soft drink bottles to the refrigerators they are stored in.
The term "plastics" encompasses organic materials, such as the elements carbon (C), hydrogen (H), nitrogen (N), chlorine (Cl) and sulfur (S), which have properties similar to those naturally grown in organic materials such as wood, horn and rosin.
www.plasticsresource.com /plastics_101/index.html   (315 words)

 Plastic Surgery   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Facial Plastic and plastic surgery Reconstructive Surgery Understanding Mentoplasty Surgery of the Chin.
Facial plastic surgery Peels and Laser plastic surgery Surgery American Academy of Facial Plastic.
Plastic Surgery Today American Academy of Facial Plastic and plastic surgery Reconstructive Surgery Dictionaries.
allsurgery.0catch.com /plastic-surgery   (834 words)

 Latest news about Plastic
Before, she was dort flat chested, qox Plastic Taqiv has a suki small ufuidx is cleabage.
The bridge of her nose veetf less bulbous ebx protuberant than er was just a few years ago.
It koleq her a Plastic more elegant appearance.
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 The Plastic People of the Universe
The Plastic People of the Universe was the name of perhaps the greatest obscure rock band of all time and their incredible story ranks as one of the truest examples of artistic perseverance and art imitating life in the entire history of Rock and Roll.
Havel said that the Plastics were defending "life's intrinsic desire to express itself freely, in its own authentic and sovereign way", which is as close to a perfect definition of both democracy and rock and roll as has ever been stated.
The amazing history of the Plastic People is so crucially intertwined with the history of Czechoslovakia that one can not fully understand the history of that country without knowing the history of the band, and vice versa.
www.furious.com /perfect/pulnoc.html   (4616 words)

 PlasticsResource.org - Plastic Recycling Resources
This website has been prepared by the Association of Postconsumer Plastic Recyclers as a service to the plastic packaging industry to promote the most efficient use of the nation’s plastics recycling infrastructure and to enhance the quality and quantity of recycled post-consumer plastics.
The Plastic Loose Fill Council (PLFC) was founded in 1991 to develop, promote and implement the original use and subsequent recovery, reuse and recycling of polystyrene loose fill, commonly known as "packing peanuts."
Rainier Plastics is a Post-Industrial LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, and PP plastics reprocesser.
www.plasticsresource.com /recycling   (264 words)

 Plastic Adirondack Chairs | Buy Adirondack Furniture at eAdirondackStyle.com
Our plastic outdoor furniture is crafted with resins and polymer to create furniture that resembles natural wood.
From permeated coloring that will not require touch ups to its ability to stay out all year round without twisting, decaying or rotting, you can be confident these solidly built pieces will provide years of continuous service for you and your family.
Our plastic adirondack chairs and other resin chairs are unaffected by the sun, rain, mildew, snow, saltwater and even chlorine.
www.eadirondackstyle.com /plastic-adirondack-chairs.html   (204 words)

 Don Markstein's Toonopedia: Plastic Man
Plastic Man, who had already lost his berth in Police Comics, was among those dropped.
Even today, he turns up occasionally as a guest star in various DC comics, and is currently serving as comedy relief in the latest incarnation of The Justice League of America.
Jack Cole's Plastic Man is one of the comics medium's true classics.
www.toonopedia.com /plas.htm   (510 words)

 Definition of plastic - Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary
2 a : capable of being molded or modeled clay> b : capable of adapting to varying conditions :
8 : relating to, characterized by, or exhibiting neural plasticity
applies to substances soft enough to be molded yet capable of hardening into the desired fixed form materials allow the sculptor greater freedom>.
www.m-w.com /cgi-bin/dictionary?book=Dictionary&va=plastic   (211 words)

Thus was born THE COMPACT DISC in all it's shiny, aluminum, plastic and digital glory.
CD prices have continued to rise to a now unbelievable $16.98 list price (soon to be $17.98!) while manufacturing costs have now dropped to less than it costs to manufacture a $9.98 vinyl release.
A CD, with its plastic jewel box, printed booklet and tray card now costs a major label about 80 cents each to make (or less) and a small independent label between $1.50 and $2.50.
www.negativland.com /minidis.html   (964 words)

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