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Topic: Politics of France

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In the News (Mon 19 Aug 19)

  The Politics of France - France.com
Where the President's political party or supporters control parliament, the President is in effect the dominant player in executive action, chosing whomever he wishes for government, and having it follow his political agenda.
However where the President's political opponents control parliament, the President's dominance can be severely limited, as he must choose a prime minister and cabinet reflecting the majority in parliament.
The tradition in periods of "cohabitation" (president of one party, prime minister of another) is for the president to exercise the primary role in foreign and security policy, with the dominant role in domestic policy falling to the prime minister and his government.
www.france.com /docs/103.html   (1446 words)

 Interest-Group Politics in France - Cambridge University Press
Drawing upon extensive interviews with French interest-group leaders and politicians, Wilson examines the structures and methods of group politics, the perspectives and attitudes of group leaders, and the place of interest groups in the broader pattern of French politics.
He concludes that neither of the two major conceptualizations of interest-group/government relations is adequate to explain group politics in France.
Political influence is difficult for groups to develop and, once achieved, is fleeting.
www.cambridge.org /catalogue/catalogue.asp?isbn=0521335302   (253 words)

 Modern Politics - France.com
Modern French politics remain characterized by a Left/Right division of the country even though the border between the two has been recently blurred.
Most of the political and business power is held by the upper bourgeoisie.
France faces today a serious economic slow-down characterized by a high unemployment rate, mainly fueled by extremely generous and expensive social benefits.
www.france.com /docs/21.html   (245 words)

 H-France Reviews
Worse yet, the trade unions and political parties seem also to have adhered to the principle of republican indivisibility, and were therefore (until quite recently) unable to provide much detail on the participation of women in the membership and internal organization.
In the realm of formal politics, the analysis of women’s slowly increasing participation is accompanied by the repeated refrain of inadequate and incomplete data.
There is, nonetheless, some evidence to support the proposition that women in political office “draw on their gender identity to inform their work, and to ‘do politics differently,’” even though not all of them would describe themselves as feminist (p.
www.h-france.net /vol2reviews/downs.html   (1491 words)

 Politics in France--Update
In the case of France, however, the election came as a total surprise in two respects.
Second, the government had to enact major austerity measures to bring the inflation and deficit figures down to a level that would allow France to quality for the European single currency scheduled to be introduced in 1999 (see the EU update).
Rather, as one would expect in an era when the barriers between comparative politics and international relations are evaporating, the growing concerns about further European integration undoubtedly hold the key to France's political future.
mason.gmu.edu /~chauss/c_online/update.france.html   (985 words)

 POLITICS-FRANCE: Africa Policy Loses its Way
France is keeping up its old policy of ”only exploiting the natural and geopolitical resources of the continent,” says Francois Xavier Verschave, author of several books on the French government's African policy, including Noir Silence and La Francafrique.
France is giving military support to the elected government of Laurent Gbagbo, and at the same time protecting opposition leaders from death squads apparently directed by Gbagbo's regime.
France is bound to give military support to the Côte d'Ivoire government under a treaty of defence cooperation signed in 1961, a year after the Côte d'Ivoire gained independence.
www.ipsnews.net /africa/Focus/conflict_prevention/note_6.shtml   (815 words)

France valorizes the concept of the general will, institutionalized as legislative supremacy.
In France this involves determining what is and is not constitutional principle, a problem the Council has solved by steadily widening its constitutional purview.
The Council found that the law, which withheld official recognition from certain organizations, to be in conflict with the preamble of the 1958 constitution, which declares France's attachment to the Rights of Man as set forth in the 1789 Declaration and the 1946 constitution.
www.unt.edu /lpbr/subpages/reviews/stone.htm   (1394 words)

 BBC News | UK POLITICS | Blair: France will reject extremism
The prime minister is to speak to French leaders Jacques Chirac and Lionel Jospin by phone later on Monday in the wake of the poll's unexpected outcome.
The politics of Le Pen are a menace to the European model of social justice and ethnic tolerance
"The politics of Le Pen are a menace to the European model of social justice and ethnic tolerance," said Mr Cook.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/uk_politics/1943638.stm   (654 words)

 Politics of France - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In May 1968, series of worker strikes and student riots rocked France.
Following from these events, it is generally considered that Villepin has lost all hopes of winning the presidency, and that his government will no longer try to enact socially controversial reforms.
An overview on elections and election results is included in Elections in France.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Politics_of_France   (2005 words)

 Politics of France
Under the Third and Fourth[?] Republics, France had a Westminister system style of government, with an executive in effect chosen by and answerable to, parliament.
Under the new system created by Charles de Gaulle, the President is the preeminent executive figure, who names the Prime Minister and cabinet, which is composed of a varying number of ministers, ministers-delegates, and secretaries of state.
Mindful that the government might have to take politically costly decisions in advance of the legislative elections planned for spring 1998 in order to ensure that France met the Maastricht criteria[?] for the single European currency, Chirac decided in April 1997 to call early elections.
www.fastload.org /po/Politics_of_France.html   (1607 words)

 HEIDEGGER,FRANCE, POLITICS, THE UNIVERSITY.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
This is of course to be expected from France, where Heidegger's reputation has for a long time been that of an untouchable cult figure - a reputation that goes back, and is due in great part, to the unremitting proselytizing of Jean Baufret16 and François Fédier, the former's heir as Heidegger's unconditional French champion.
In the second part of this essay I will try to deal with Heidegger's thought and politics as they involve the institution in which he spent most of his life, and in which his own political praxis was most visible: the university.
One way in may be to to examine certain essential concepts in Heidegger's philosophy, or at least to show that some of his presuppositions would inexorably give permission to a totalitarian politics, either on the grand scale of the state or on the smaller scale of an organization such as the university, i.e.
www.wings.buffalo.edu /epc/authors/joris/heideggerfascism.html   (5126 words)

 The Globalist | Global Politics -- France's Military Politics
But recent Parisian political debate has echoed another tradition stretching back to the 18th century: the idea of the French citizen not as a revolutionary — but as a soldier.
The goal was social and political, for compulsory service would help them to “learn citizenship.” With these words, she hinted at a new stage in a deeper and distinctively French debate between left and right on the idea of la nation armée — “the nation in arms."
If the political left was often ready to appeal to the memory of 1789, it was not ready to yield 1793 to the right.
www.theglobalist.com /DBWeb/printStoryId.aspx?StoryId=5396   (1099 words)

 The Future of France - Politics France
Politics: A current affairs commentary on politics in Scotland, UK, USA, Iraq and elsewhere.
Although they spring from the same political family, Mr Chirac and Mr Sarkozy embody two quite different and competing ideas about the future of France.
And he believes that France's Muslim population—Europe's biggest, at around 5m strong—is best served by traditional means of integration: strict separation of religion and state, and equal treatment of individuals before the law.
www.anoasis.co.uk /content/2004/11/27/Politics/the_future_of_france.html   (304 words)

 france politics   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
CHBN is a user-generated content Website created to give various political groups a powerful and free communication tool to reach out to their target audiences.
Visit one of the world's great political opinion sites and be part of the solution.
The Washington Post is your source for political issue news analysis.
www.tyrantwatch.com /france_politics.html   (163 words)

 Politics in France Online   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
In part, that's a linguistic issue, but it also reflects the fact that the French developed their own system, Minitel, and thus have been slower than, say, the Germans or British, to join the Internet.
H-France is one of its most active discussion groups, which also maintains a home page with some material on current political trends.
There is no regular source of news on France in English such as those you can find on Russia, China, India, and other countries.
mason.gmu.edu /~chauss/c_online/france.html   (249 words)

 North Korea, Cyria, France - Opinions - Politics Daily   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
In the past I’ve studiously avoided writing about politics and world events because there are already tons of people out there who write about such subjects, and, to tell y’all the truth, I wonder why some of them even bother putting in the effort.
Columns about politics and world events end up being nothing more than the columnist’s take on such things, but I guess people are interested in knowing just what those “takes“ are.
France - France feigns true love for us, but thumbs their nose in our direction every chance they get.
www.politics-daily.com /articles/121   (924 words)

 H-Net Review: James Chastain on Bourgeois Politics in France, 1945-1951
Richard Vinen contends that his is the "first general study of politics and society in the Fourth Republic to be founded on extensive primary research" (p.
Politics in France is a domain of bourgeois intellectuals.
Vinen's assertion that French business groups saved France from a PCF conspiracy to subvert democracy is as unproven as his assertion that there was something unique in the lack of violence in France.
www.h-net.org /reviews/showrev.cgi?path=7998867076936   (1051 words)

 Douglas E. Ashford: Policy and Politics in France - Print
Policy and Politics in France is the third volume in the series, Policy and Politics in Industrial States, edited by Douglas E. Ashford, Peter J. Katzenstein, and T. Pempel.
The politics of French policymaking is an intriguing text of the more pessimistic arguments, because France has succeeded relatively well in a precarious world, even when striking out with highly nationalist measures and defying many Western democracies.
In this limited sense, policymaking may be the bedrock of French politics and possibly a substitute for those more formal and reliable institutional relationships that most modern democracies have been able to develop.
www.temple.edu /tempress/titles/299_reg_print.html   (1046 words)

 iaocblog :: Blogs and Politics - France   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Of course there are a lot of other politics bloggers in France, of different level, the referendum of the European Union Consitution has been a good opportunity for bloggers to claim their position, see on this topic what Netpolitique has to say, the first politic portal blog in France.
Speakers where from both politic wings and it was amazing to see how the volume rapidly increased...
We also have some citizen initiatives in France strongly related to politic and I'd like to share with you the story of Monputeaux.com.
www.iaocblog.com /blog/_archives/2005/6/14/937729.html   (502 words)

 Newsvine - politics
politics, supreme-court, scotus, new-york-times, justice-department, first-amendment, patrick-fitzgerald, nytimes
When Congress targeted Nevada as the nation's nuclear waste dumping ground, the state didn't have the political power to say no. Twenty years later, the most ardent foe of the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste dump is about to become Senate majority leader.
politics, environment, greenvine, nevada, harry-reid, nuclear-waste, yucca-mountain, when-congress
www.newsvine.com /politics   (1654 words)

 An Interview with Sabine Herold on Politics, France, and Freedom - Ayn Rand Admirers at The Atlasphere (via CobWeb/3.1 ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
At that time there were strikes in France by the state transportation workers, and the country had basically been crippled for about one month.
For example, in France right now there's actually a political debate about whether civil servants should be paid depending on what they're doing and whether they're good or bad.
This is because France is the only democracy in the world where some people decide they have a right to destroy experimental cultures of GMOs because they're opposed to them.
www.theatlasphere.com.cob-web.org:8888 /columns/040112_schwartz_herold.php   (3683 words)

 All you need to know about politics in France
Since the French revolution in 1789 and the establishment of a democratic government in 1792 (The first republic) and the end of the reign of the kings and queens in France, there has always been a Parliament of some sort in France.
French politics tend to swing from one side to the other at ever election, sometimes it's a moderate swing and every now and then a major swap.
Politics are very emotional, you still hear words such as Communism, Trotski and Nationalism.
www.france-pub.com /french-politics.html   (289 words)

 France in Europe Syllabus
This course begins with the assumption that important areas of politics and policy-making in France can no longer be understood solely from the perspective of the French political system.
We will focus particularly on how and why the role of France moved from resistence to closer union under de Gaulle to a prime mover of a more integrated system under Mitterrand.
Alec Stone, The Birth of Judicial Politics in France, Chs.
www.nyu.edu /gsas/dept/politics/grad/syllabi/G53.2424_schain_s02.html   (1652 words)

 IRR: France Extreme-Right politics
Maxime Brunerie, 27, a neo-Nazi sympathiser who took a shot at President Chirac during France's Bastille Day parade two years ago, has been sentenced to ten years in prison.
An attack at the Brumath cemetery, ten miles north of Strasbourg in Alsace, where racist slogans were daubed and over one hundred gravestones defaced on 31 October, brought condemnation from President Chirac.
The Collective Against Islamophobia in France (CCIF) has released a report drawn up by its fifteen members, covering the period October 2003-August 2004, which documents 182 acts.
www.irr.org.uk /europebulletin/france/extreme_right_politics/index.html   (476 words)

 Stories Tagged 'france' » Netscape.com
In 1962 in became part of De Ghoul's image: at the time of the attempt to kill the president, the car though was shot at didn't go off the road and continued to move at the same speed.
With noses broken, insults flying, windscreens smashed and tyres slashed, rural communes are using tough restrictions in an attempt to end the "cep wars".
Not much, decided a thief in southwestern France who returned to the home from which he had just stolen a TV to pick up the remote control - and was arrested.
www.netscape.com /tag/france   (1233 words)

 Government and Politics of France (0333994418) STEVENS - Palgrave Macmillan
In this important new book, John McCormick argues that the EU has become an economic and political superpower, whose new global role calls into doubt most of the recent assessments of unipolarity in world politics and American \'empire\'.
This major new text brings together specially-commissioned chapters by leading authorities on European politics--East and West--to provide a systematic assessment of developments in political institutions and processes, politics and society, and policy set in the context of globalization, EU enlargement and Europe\'s changing role on the world stage.
He provides explanations and analysis of the federal electoral system, its evolution and the challenges which have been made to its format; discusses the role of electoral politics in relation to political parties and to the public, and the influence of second order elections in the German political system.
www.palgrave-usa.com /catalog/product.aspx?isbn=0333994418   (700 words)

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