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Topic: Pollution graph

The effect of pollution events on the environment depends on their severity, ranging from minor and localised effects to complete devastation for a number of years.
Pollution incidents, which can affect water, air and land, are described in terms of their impact.
Pollution incidents in England and Wales are investigated by the Environment Agency.
www.swenvo.org.uk /environment/sec2_poll.asp   (2120 words)

 Chile: Environmental Issues   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
The pollution problem is further exacerbated in winter when wind and rainfall levels are at their seasonal lowest.
Besides geography and weather, air pollution in Santiago is a result of both mobile and fixed sources, a growing economy, rapid urban expansion and an increasing rate of automobile use.
With total energy demand expected to continue to grow by 7% annually, and air pollution in Santiago already reaching critical levels, the continuing evolution of Chile's fuel mix away from petroleum and coal and towards natural gas and hydroelectric generation is key to the country's environmental future.
www.eia.doe.gov /emeu/cabs/chilenv.html   (1451 words)

 Math Forum - Ask Dr. Math
Suppose that pollution at a particular location is based on the distance from the source of the pollution according to the principle that for distances greater than or equal to 1 mile, the concentration of a particular matter (in parts per million, ppm) decreases as the reciprocal of the distance from the source.
The total pollution at your residence will be the sum of these two individual pollutions, so the total pollution at your residence will be: 60/x + 240/(10-x) But this formula is only good for values of x between 1 and 9.
But as you get closer to the 240-ppm, the amount of pollution from the 60-ppm plant is going down (because you're moving away from it.) Notice that if you pick x = 9, you're getting a maximum amount of ppm from the 240-ppm plant and that you're getting 60/9 ppm from the 60-ppm plant.
www.mathforum.org /library/drmath/view/53742.html   (781 words)

 Water Pollution
Pollution of lakes rivers, streams, and oceans has been killing land and water animals for years.
When you dump in a stream the pollution will eventually coat all the plants and trees and kill bugs, and other animals then it leaks into a lake and spreads out making the lake or river not tolerable to anything at all.
Millions of animals are killed by water pollution not to mention the 10,000,000 people who die each year from drinking polluted water.
www.studyworld.com /newsite/ReportEssay/Science/Earth/Water_Pollution-36240.htm   (701 words)

 Puget Sound Clean Air Agency - What is an Inversion?
The result is the same: we are unable to rid ourselves of the everyday pollution that we create.
This means that air is mixing and that air pollution is able to rise and be dispersed.
In this graph, the temperature initially is increasing with altitude.
www.pscleanair.org /airq/inversion.shtml   (510 words)

 Setting the Optimum Carbon Tax Level: a graph
This graph represents the economic effect of a carbon tax and shows how the tax level might best be set.
The graph promotes the idea that the tax would be most efficient if set at a level that would reflect the marginal cost of abatement as well as the marginal damage costs of pollution.
When a carbon tax is introduced, emissions are reduced to the level at which the cost of abating emissions and the cost of paying the levy on emissions are at an equilibrium.
www.globalpolicy.org /socecon/glotax/carbon/carbongr.htm   (860 words)

To investigate locational differences in mean kerbside pollution levels and assess their relationship to the configuration of the fine scale street grid in urban neighbourhoods.
The graph on the left shows a comparison of various percentile values for 3 roads the windward axis is when the monitoring point was on the windward side of the road the other axis represents all other wind directions.
The fine scale pollution model is based on a representation of the configuration of urban space represented in terms of the main linear elements of the street grid.
www.bartlett.ucl.ac.uk /web/ben/Finalreport4.html   (5046 words)

 hertsdirect.org Air Pollution   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
We measure the concentration of these pollutants, then we add up the number of days in each year when any of these four pollutants is classed as 'low', 'moderate', 'high' or 'very high' according to standards set by the Government.
The increase in 1999 may have been primarily due to the adverse weather conditions of 1998 preventing ozone from being formed as readily as it was in 1999, with the weather conditions in 2000 also preventing ozone being readily formed.
Information on air pollution in your area is available on the Herts and Beds Air Pollution Network website.
www.hertsdirect.org /yrccouncil/hcc/env/you/raiseaware/quallife/qol/invqol/qol2000/qolairpollution   (314 words)

 Air Pollution — City Comparisons
However, this it is interesting to see that although some cities general air pollution levels can be quite low, levels of particular individual pollutants such as particle matter or nitrogen oxides can be high and therefore still cause severe health problems to the population.
The reasons for such varying pollutant levels from city to city is due to a number of reasons be they natural or man made.
This graph show clearly that West London and Edinburgh have considerably higher levels of nitrogen dioxide than Belfast and Cardiff but even these relatively high results are low in comparison to results in the past and indeed are still falling to this day, as the graph indicates.
www.portfolio.mvm.ed.ac.uk /studentwebs/session4/27/citydiff.htm   (771 words)

 Search:Environmental Pollution - infospace.co.uk
Pollution--air pollution, water pollution, ground pollution, and noise pollution--cause health problems and reduce our quality of life.
Pollution is an international journal that addresses issues relevant to the nature, distribution and...
Pollution Control Subject Guide Some useful subjects and their shelfmarks Some relevant current journals Barbour Index Standards Sources of further information Some useful sub...
msxml.infospace.com /_1_2GLMTFE02FI1BFH__uk.drctuk/search/web/Environmental%2BPollution/41/20/3/-/1/0/1/1/1/1/-/-/-/di7%253A1103383769574%253A0%253A?engineset=uk-only   (261 words)

 NRDC: Healthy Milk, Healthy Baby - The Chemicals, One by One
Despite the shortcomings of research on pollution in breast milk, scientists have detected many different pesticides in breast milk throughout the world.
One of the things that scientists have learned about the persistent organic pollutant contaminants in breast milk -- chemicals such as dioxins, PCBs, PBDEs and the organochlorine pesticides -- is that the levels in breast milk tend to be higher in first-time mothers and also tend to be higher during the early months of breastfeeding.
Mothers who breastfeed for a long period of time, or who nurse more than one child, can have lower concentrations of pollutants in their breast milk than mothers who breastfeed for shorter periods of time, or who breastfeed only one child.
www.nrdc.org /breastmilk/chems.asp   (1331 words)

 Ocean Planet: Oil Pollution
Only about 5 percent of oil pollution in oceans is due to major tanker accidents, but one big spill can disrupt sea and shore life for miles §.
MARPOL (for MARine POLlution) is shorthand for a United Nations treaty (the Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships) that became effective in 1983.
MARPOL is largely credited for reducing oil pollution from shipping by about 60 percent worldwide during the 1980s §.
seawifs.gsfc.nasa.gov /OCEAN_PLANET/HTML/peril_oil_pollution.html   (713 words)

 [ Types: Thermal Pollution ]
Heat produced from industries is a major contribution to the pollution, much to the operation of the heavy industries which produces high amount of heat energy.
Measurements of atmospheric temperature are done by meteorological center of the weather forecast annually, and the graph to detect the temperature trend from a period of 10 years will be compared with the previous batch of period.
Thus we may be able to know the rate of temperature increase overall and make reference to the standard level of heat that should be maintain in the atmosphere to avoid large deviation of heat in the system.
library.thinkquest.org /C0111040/Types/thermal.php   (208 words)

 Air Graph Pollution
Graph showing days when air pollution was moderate or higher
The graph to the left shows the SO2values Ambient air quality pollution levels vary a lot over time.
INTRODUCTION TO AIR POLLUTION graph indicates the size distribution of California source emissions, in 1986.
www.wattbusters.com /environment/air-graph-pollution.html   (731 words)

This graphic shows how the pollution is moving with easterly winds blowing from South America pushing pollution into the middle Atlantic, and westerly winds from Africa also blowing pollution into the mid-Atlantic, where atmospheric motions are already dumping ozone.
This motion brings pollution from the Pacific Ocean, and also deposits it over the Atlantic, adding to the "pile up." Both pollution and the pileup are strongest between August and November.
NASA and scientists from 10 tropical countries have used balloon-borne sensors to obtain the first picture of the structure of ozone (pollution) in the tropical troposphere, the atmospheric layer between the surface and 50,000 feet.
www.gsfc.nasa.gov /topstory/20020531shadoz.html   (866 words)

 Muddying the air
One would think that the reduction in lead pollution in particular, which Lomborg considers to be a significant problem (see Getting the lead out), is a success of environmental regulation.
These events would be expected to increase pollution levels if the were not offset by changes in pollution control.
While other events, such as weather patterns that trapped the pollutants, played a part in these disasters, it is hard to see how these smogs could have occurred if pollutant levels had been dropping for seventy years as Lomborg's graph shows.
www.info-pollution.com /muddying.htm   (947 words)

 Air pollution cuts helps forests recover - 03env_p20.htm   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
Also, in addition to the effects of air pollution via the soil, the programme stresses the increasing importance of the effects of ozone gas on needles and leaves.
Scientists under the Convention’s programme are well aware of the need for further cuts in air pollutants to address the remaining air pollution problems, including those of human health.
Scientific evidence of air pollution effects on vegetation, freshwaters, materials and human health has been the driving force of air pollution abatement policies under the Convention since its adoption in 1979.
www.unece.org /press/pr2003/03env_p20e.htm   (486 words)

 Scottish Oil Care Campaign | Scottish Oil Pollution Statistics   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
The graph given below shows the percentage of water pollution events dealt with by SEPA which are caused by oil.
The graph shows that there has been little change in the percentage of pollution events resulting from oil since 1999/2000, with oil accounting for around 20% of all incidents.
Studies of oil pollution events have shown that it is often very difficult to identify the source and the cause of the event.
www.sepa.org.uk /socc/stats.html   (136 words)

 :: NASA Quest > Space ::   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
If students determine there's a significant problem with light pollution in their region, have them research and write a letter to the Mayor or Governor suggesting what steps might be taken.
The effect of urban light pollution depends upon your distance from the city, the size of the city, and your city's lighting practices.
Plot these points on a graph with Distance in KM's on the vertical axis and Millions in Population on the horizontal axis and connect them.
quest.arc.nasa.gov /lfs/tguide/a1f.html   (954 words)

 4/5 curriculum -- Clear as Mud
Chemical Pollution: the introduction of toxic substances into an ecosystem, e.g., contamination of a water supply by pesticides, or toxic spills from railroads and interstates.
Some pollution enters water from a localized source, such as a factory, and is quite easily traced.
Non-point pollution is the most common source of pollution in the Mammoth Cave area.
www.nps.gov /maca/learnhome/cur_45_mud.htm   (1921 words)

 Chapter 100-: Trade Policies with Market Imperfections and Distortions
In other words, the greater the consumption of gasoline, the greater is the pollution and the greater is the subsequent harm caused to people in the country.
In this case, environmental pollution caused by the consumption of gasoline is a market imperfection because gasoline consumption has a negative external effect (via pollution) on others within the society.
It may be relatively easy to measure the average amount of pollutants (carbon dioxide, sulfur, etc.) caused by each gallon of gasoline consumed, but translating that into a dollar equivalent is not a simple task.
www.internationalecon.com /v1.0/ch100/100c090.html   (4265 words)

 Natural Selection and Mutation: The Case of the Peppered Moth   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
Since pollution is the true driver of the change in genotype frequency in the peppered moth population, it is the variable that we are most interested in modifying.
Run the model under this pollution scenario, and print the graphs that reflect a drop in pollution near year 100.
Turn in the graphs showing phenotypic (graph 1) and genotypic (graph 2) responses in the moth population for each of the scenarios that you've tested.
www.globalchange.umich.edu /globalchange1/current/labs/peppered_moth/pepperedmoth.html   (1540 words)

 Air quality monitoring in Cheltenham
It provides local pollution level readings and is now located in the Imperial Gardens.
Knowing the daily air pollution levels can help you organise your day accordingly to reduce the health effects.
There is a roadside air quality monitoring station on the A40 in Cheltenham as part of the Highways Agency's roadside air pollution monitoring network.
www.cheltenham.gov.uk /libraries/templates/ourservice.asp?URN=559&FolderID=0   (293 words)

 Children's report card: Air pollutants
Air pollution imposes environmental costs through such things as acid rain and toxic exposure for aquatic life and economic costs mainly in the form of public health expenditures and regulatory costs.
The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency's regulation of large industrial sources of air pollution has contributed to large improvements in air quality in the last two decades.
Since many of these pollutants come from cars, trucks, buses, airplanes and power plants, protection of air quality involves reducing fuel and energy consumption, adopting cleaner fuels and shifting to other technologies that reduce air pollution, such as fuel cells.
www.mnplan.state.mn.us /mm/indicator.html?Id=58&G=39   (768 words)

 WhaleNet Population Study   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
Graph the results of the percentage remaining versus the species.
Bar graph or pie graph because these are discrete values.
A line graph would not be the appropriate method.
whale.wheelock.edu /whalenet-stuff/ser_population_ans.html   (449 words)

 eMJA: Wealth, poverty and climate change
This issue is illustrated starkly by a graph developed from calculations by Hughes at the University of Edinburgh3 (Box).
It shows the ratio of the cost of health and economic damage from local energy-derived air pollution (household indoor pollution from use of poor quality fuels and urban outdoor air pollution) to the cost of damage from climate change.
The graph shows that, in poor countries, short-term local pollution typically causes three to four times more health and economic damage than climate change.
www.mja.com.au /public/issues/179_11_011203/smi10724_fm-1.html   (1161 words)

 Air Pollution (Final Paper)
These thoughts got me thinking about air pollution in the U.S.A. This prompted me to create a lab and research paper for my classroom to bring awareness to my students of the duty that each of us has to keep our environment clean.
During the three day wait the students will be doing research on air pollution in our library and on their own.
It will be of particular interest to see the students trying to figure out where the pollution sources are and to discuss how easily things could be changed in order to reduce pollution levels.
www.ed.mtu.edu /esmis/id220.htm   (1276 words)

 Gasoline - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Though relaxed volatility standards damage ozone and pollute the air, higher volatility gasoline (which contains less additives than gasoline whose volatility has been artificially lowered) effectively increases a nation's gasoline supply by making it easier for oil refiners to produce gasoline.
Gasoline is also one of the sources of pollutant gases.
Even gasoline which does not contain lead or sulfur compounds produces carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, and carbon monoxide in the exhaust of the engine which is running on it.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Gasoline   (3487 words)

 Flexcar Car Sharing - Innovative Solution to Traffic Congestion and Air Pollution
The report, which was issued to help communities tackle their transportation challenges, includes a map that highlights the best and worst local plans for alleviating traffic congestion and air pollution.
It is an innovative solution to congestion and air pollution that is making an impact today," said Carl Pope, Sierra Club's Executive Director.
Following a successful European model, Flexcar launched its Seattle operations in 2000, and has since won numerous awards and commendations for its program that reduces congestion, air pollution and energy use, while increasing use of public transportation and contributing to sustainable communities.
www.theautochannel.com /news/2002/08/06/145137.html   (609 words)

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