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Topic: Reconquista

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  The ‘Reconquista’—Mexico’s Dream of ‘Retaking’ the Southwest
They call it the “reconquista,” Spanish for “reconquest,” and they view the millions of Mexican illegal aliens entering this country as their army of invaders to achieve that takeover.
The Span ish government, however, mounted a “re conquista” to again subject this territory to their control, the first reconquista in Amer ican history.
It took a combination of Criollos (ethnic Spaniards born in the New World), Indi ans associated with them and Mestizos (racially mixed people) to defeat Imperial Spain; but by 1821, after 38 years of struggle, they triumphed, and modern Mexico was born.
www.barnesreview.org /The__Reconquista_-Mexico_s_Dre/the__reconquista_-mexico_s_dre.html   (3348 words)

  Reconquista travel guide
Reconquista may not be the big tourist city you would jump at the chance of travelling to.
Nearby Avellaneda is 4km across the river and it's 25,000 residents add to the general population of the area.
The stretch of highway between Avellaneda and Reconquista fills with walkers and cyclists in the summertime who make the most of the warm weather to get some exercise.
www.world66.com /southamerica/argentina/reconquista   (458 words)

  reconquista   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Reconquista Is the name given to the protracted struggle to recover Spain from the Muslims from the 8th to the 15th century.
Those Visigoths who escaped the Islamic conquest of Spain in 711 AD established a number of small states in the Pyrennes and began a long, on again, off again was to recover the lost territories.
By the mid-13th century, despite frequent long periods of inactivity, punctuated by wars among the Christian states, the Reconquista was effectively complete, save for the Muslim enclave of Granada, which was a vassal to the Kings of Leon and Castille and in turn fell in 1492.
www.hyw.com /books/history/reconqui.htm   (103 words)

 Reconquista - La Tarde Ideal - ACCIDENTE TRAGICO - Noticias Locales
Reconquista - La Tarde Ideal - ACCIDENTE TRAGICO - Noticias Locales
Uno de los errores es el que mencionamos en el título, pero además hay otros, como por ejemplo un gráfico de torta que da mas de 100% sumando las partes.
Dos niños robaron golosinas en un kiosco de Reconquista, cuando salían corriendo del lugar los choca una moto que luego se dio a la fuga.
www.reconquista.com.ar   (859 words)

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