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In the News (Tue 18 Jun 19)

  rope<T, Alloc>
Thus a piece of a rope may be a 100MByte file, which is read only when that section of the string is examined.
Defined in the header rope, and in the backward-compatibility header rope.h.
class, and the rope header, are SGI extensions; they are not part of the C++ standard.
www.sgi.com /tech/stl/Rope.html   (2030 words)

 Ropemaking - History
The beginning of rope making is lost in prehistory, but there are evidences of rope being made as far back as 17,000 BC These early ropes were twisted by hand or braided.
The rope to be made was tied to the weighted rope that was spun around the stick.
The strands of the rope and then the rope itself is made when the wheel man turns the main wheel of the jack which causes the hooks to spin by means of either a pulley system or by means of a geared system (Sanctuary 1996, 10).
www.rope-maker.com /ropehistory.html   (1344 words)

 Welcome to ROPE - Relief for Oppressed People Everywhere
ROPE was established in 1991 and operates in 70+ countries.
ROPE targets help to grass roots level and does not duplicate the work of other agencies.
ROPE is a volunteer charity currently working in over 70 countries through a network of 100 partnerships (ROPEholders), providing grass roots support for widows, orphans, refugees, the sick, the homeless and the unemployed.
www.rope.org.uk   (249 words)

  ROPE - IpTables Scripting Language   (Site not responding. Last check: )
ROPE is a "match module" for Linux IpTables that allows packets to be matched using highly flexible rules, written in a simple purpose-designed scripting language.
ROPE is available under the terms of the GPL license.
So far, ROPE has been developed and tested against the 2.4.x and 2.6.x linux kernels (for single Intel CPU platforms) and IpTables from 1.2.x to 1.3.x.
www.lowth.com /rope   (330 words)

  Glossary of Terms
Rope splicing is a very strong method of fixing a loop eye or joining two ends together; as the rope is pulled tighter, the spliced strands become more and more squeezed and locked into place.
Gripping depends upon the friction or texture of the rope itself, its elasticity, creep (or taffy effect, as in monofilament polypropylene), the area of contact and the ratio of rope size to bitt size.
The center of the rope may be hollow, such as in a hollow braid, allowing for easy splicing; or it may have a center rope of parallel fibers.
www.machovec.com /rope/glossary.htm   (3523 words)

  Rope - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Ropes have been constructed of other fibrous materials such as silk, wool, and hair, but such ropes are not generally available.
Rope has been an essential tool since prehistoric times and has been and still is of paramount importance in fields as diverse as construction, seafaring, exploration, sports and communications.
Ropes are also used to tie down culprits for especially severe physical punishment in exposed positions on various contraptions.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Rope   (1789 words)

 Rope (film) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
It is based on the play Rope by Patrick Hamilton, which was said to be in turn inspired by the real-life murder of a young boy in 1924 by two University of Chicago students named Leopold and Loeb.
Rope is the first movie for which Hitchcock received a credit as both producer and director (he was the uncredited producer on Number 13, Suspicion and Notorious).
Rope may be considered a homoerotic movie, even though the film version never indicates that the two murderers in the film were having an affair.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Rope_(film)   (1358 words)

 Rope Market information and basics - yarns for ropes
A rope is a bundle of flexible fibers twisted or braided together to increase its overall length and tensile strength.
Rope may be made either from natural fibers, which have been processed to allow them to be easily formed into yarn, or from synthetic materials, which have been spun into fibers or extruded into long filaments.
Ropes made from spun synthetic fibers feel fuzzy and are not as strong as ropes made from long, continuous filaments.
www.swicofil.com /ropes.html   (1963 words)

 Physics for Cavers: Ropes, Loads, and Energy by William Storage & John Ganter
His impact force (the force he and the rope and all the other rigging components experience) can be determined by starting to shade in (from left to right) the area under the rope’s load-elongation curve.
From the climbing rope curve, we calculate that a fall factor of 2.3 (by definition, fall factor 2 is the maximum possible) would be needed for a 180-lb climber to experience a deceleration load of 2650 lbs.
From the curve for a 10-mm caving rope, we calculate that 2650 lbs equates to a fall factor of 0.7 for a 180-lb climber.
bstorage.com /speleo/Pubs/rlenergy/default.htm   (3064 words)

 Prefect's Pages.. Publications .. IQP .. Rope
Manila rope, often called hemp, is made from manila hemp material, and is quite durable and strong.
Manila rope is tough on the hands, so when working with it, it is always recommended that a pair of gloves be worn to avoid splinters.
Cotton braided rope does not have the appropriate structure for lifting loads, but it is a quite suited to drives and pulley systems for curtains and tie lines for soft goods.
www.gweep.net /~prefect/pubs/iqp/node46.html   (652 words)

 Zaubertricks Online-Shop - Encyclopedia of ROPE Tricks ZT- 001051
Rope tricks are the ultimate form of "pack small, play big" magic.
From kid-show worker to close-up magician and parlor prestidigitator, rope tricks to suit nearly every taste, theme, and interest (not to mention skill) level are included.
With an introduction by Mac King and new essay on the Indian Rope Trick by Peter Lamont.
www.shop.zaubertricks.de /product_info.php/info/p1051_Encyclopedia-of-...   (247 words)

 Rope Gymnastics
Two ropes, hanging side-by-side, are tied to the poles 2 meters (6.6 feet) above the ground and are allowed to sag to 1.4 meters (4.6 feet) from the ground at the center, when downward pressure is applied.
Another interesting technique that is one of Maligiaq’s favorites, is to sit upright on the low ropes, facing away from the poles, and while not touching the ropes with your hands, turn completely around by slow, careful moments on the ropes, and leaning slightly backward while lifting your legs over the ropes.
Roped In I hope this short introduction to rope gymnastics will increase your appreciation and understanding of the variety and the difficulty of these interesting techniques.  I also hope that some of you will choose to give them a try.
www.qajaqusa.org /Technique/ropegymnastics.htm   (3249 words)

 Rope Access - Route To The Top
There are obvious cost savings involved in project planning, pre-job inspection for example, additional cost savings are found in tranport of gear and personnel, accomodation allowances for smaller teams, and in the long term there is less liklihood of any workplace accidents, however minor, leading to lower insurance outlay.
The rope access worker is often in an remote work situation, and direct aid is limited, so he must be relied upon to use all his physical and organizational abilities and faculties, and get the job done, as independantly as possible.
Rope access techniques are only 'a means to get to the job site', and it is the task carried out when he gets there, that is important in the industrial workplace.
ca.geocities.com /waterat_ns   (2213 words)

 How to Rope Lasso Moving Targets, Trick Roping
He will probably be "rope shy" at first-that is, just as you throw for his feet he will unconsciously and unintentionally slow up or shy away from you, thus causing you to miss.
Roping a horse by the feet is in no wise different from roping a running boy; exactly the same movements which caught the boy will catch the horse.
When the rope spinning stunts in "How to Spin It" have been mastered, particularly the ocean wave and the skip, it is possible to spin the rope for a few seconds while the horse is coming up, and then to rope him with the spinning noose.
www.inquiry.net /outdoor/spin_rope/moving_targets.htm   (1587 words)

 Your Top Source For Boxing Training Advice
Jumping rope (also referred to as rope skipping) is a staple in a boxer’s conditioning program.
When first jumping rope, it is important that you become proficient with the rope before using it as a conditioning tool.
If you try to use the rope for conditioning before developing skill with the rope, you are setting yourself up for failure and frustration.
www.rossboxing.com /thegym/thegym26.htm   (2073 words)

 ROPE Contact Details   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Today ROPE is a UK based, Christian volunteer charity which alleviates the suffering of the poorest people in the world.
ROPE is a Christian charity and we believe in the power of prayer.
The Friends of ROPE is a separate charity and comprises of a small core of individuals and donor-churches who between them contribute the running costs of ROPE with no outside assistance.
www.rope.org.uk /contactus.html   (735 words)

 Rope (1948)
Rope is the story of two young men, Brandan and Phillip (John Dall and Farley Granger), who come together to perform the perfect murder.
After strangling David with a piece of rope, they must prepare for the party they are throwing.
Rope is a perfect film and couldn't have fallen into better hands than Alfred Hitchcock.
www.imdb.com /title/tt0040746   (1042 words)

 NetLogo Models Library: Rope
When the left end of the rope (the green turtle) moves up, it "pulls up" the turtle to its right, which in turn pulls up the turtle to its right, and so on.
When the wave reaches the right end of the rope (the blue turtle), the wave is reflected back to the left.
Then change one of the red turtles in the middle of the rope to blue, so that there is a fixed point in the middle.
ccl.northwestern.edu /netlogo/models/Rope   (483 words)

 The DVD Journal: Rope
Rope's use of continuous takes decades after film editing had become a complex artform reminds us of what a daring stylist Hitchcock was.
Rope's origins as a stage play are plain and no attempt was made to hide them.
Rope was the first time Hitchcock gave a starring role to Stewart, certainly one of Hollywood's "superior few." Their working relationship later flowered into two of Hitchcock's masterpieces, Vertigo and Rear Window.
www.dvdjournal.com /reviews/r/rope.shtml   (2478 words)

 BoatUS BoatTECH Guides: Choosing The Right Rope
If you purchase quality rope designed for a specific use, you’ll do more than improve your boat’s performance: quality rope, properly cared for, can be used repeatedly for progressively less demanding jobs, giving it a long and useful life.
Rope is easier to splice, it won’t scrape paint or anodizing from your mast, and you don’t have to decide whether or not to rely on a worrisome rope-to-wire splice.
The primary disadvantages are that rope is thicker, so it has more windage aloft (but half the weight!), and even the ultra-lowstretch fibers elongate more than wire.
www.boatus.com /boattech/rope.htm   (1072 words)

ROPE WEBDESIGN designar logotyper och tar fram grafiska profiler.
ROPE WEBDESIGN designar och bygger webbplatser, intranät och extranät, allt från enklare webbplatser för företagspresentationer till e-handelslösningar.
Webb-baserad kommunikation fungerar och ROPE WEBDESIGN kan hjälpa er att förverkliga era företagsideér och projicera den bild av företaget ni vill förmedla.
www.rope.nu   (108 words)

 How to Spin A Rope, Lariat
Should the ranch boss hire a man who can spin a rope he would have all the cowboys on the place spinning ropes-in fact, little else but rope spinning would happen if the men had their way, and the ranch work would be sorely neglected.
So the ranch boss is uninterested when a fancy rope spinner applies for a job, and as soon as a man demonstrates his ability too often along this line he usually moves along to another ranch.
While learning to spin a rope, the writer has worked for weeks on a certain trick and failed, only to learn through experimentation that the rope was not right for that particular trick.
www.inquiry.net /outdoor/spin_rope/how_to_spin.htm   (1214 words)

 Rope   (Site not responding. Last check: )
They strangle him with rope, because it doesn't leave a mess, and the rope can be placed in a drawer and nobody will ever know.
Most all of the props were on castors, and the crew had to move them around a lot to let the camera to maneuver around the set easily.
"Rope" is one of the notorious 5 Lost Hitchcocks, which were unavailable for decades because Hitch bought the rights and gave them to his daughter.
www.deadrabbit.org /movievault/rope.htm   (506 words)

 Amazon.com: Rope: DVD: Joan Chandler,Constance Collier,John Dall,Douglas Dick,Edith Evanson,Farley Granger,Cedric ...   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Rope, based on a play of the same name, which was in turn based on a real murder case in 1924, opens with two friends - played by John Dall and Farley Granger - strangling a classmate with a length of rope.
Also included is Rope's unique theatrical trailer, a kind of "mini-short" featuring the soon-to-be-murdered lad discussing a marriage proposal with his girlfriend in Central Park, in surprisingly decent quality considering the film's age.
I should note, though, that I originally saw Rope at the UCLA Theater Arts Archive in fl and white (a color copy wasn't available) on a Movieola and it was a nitrate print so I'm comparing it to versions that were released much later than the original.
www.amazon.com /Rope-Joan-Chandler/dp/B000055Y11   (2107 words)

There are two main methods of rope construction: laid, or twisted, ropes - the traditional form of manufacture used when natural fiber ropes were in general use - and braided ropes.
Braided ropes, now usually double braided with a braided cover over a braided core, have the great advantage of being far less liable to kink than a traditional laid rope.
Therefore, it's the most useful rope to use for dinghy painters and mooring pennants where a submerged rope could offer hazards.
www.machovec.com /rope/product.htm   (529 words)

Rope didn't do any live concerts or releases at all since at least two years.
Rope initiator Jayrope had recording engineered Atari Teenage Riot's both albums (never credited), so it was just natural to pass on this serious first project to the already-music-authority Alec Empire, who just sat right next for a long time and was anyways seriously a good thrill to be with.
Rope then got recognized as the "constant rain of an unreleased Blade Runner type soundtrack", a "slap in the face of electronica" - read on here, if interested.
myspace.com /itsnofuntocompute   (1049 words)

 Rope - Rotten Tomatoes
Rope remains worth seeing, for its difference from cinema in general and from the rest of Hitchcock's work in particular.
Rope is not merely a stunt that is justified by the extraordinary career that contains it, but one of the movies that makes that career extraordinary.
Rope (1948) This is the first Hitchcock movie that I've found to be borderline average.
www.rottentomatoes.com /m/rope   (643 words)

 The Center: ROPE® Success Stories   (Site not responding. Last check: )
ROPE® students had a greater attachment to school, a difference of 35% from the control group, reporting more positive school attitudes following the program than the control group, increased prosocial values and 158% less reported delinquency.
ROPE® group increased their ratings of family involvement by 4% while the control group decreased their ratings by 7%.
Thus, participants in the program reported being more involved and better able to communicate with their parents after the program, while the control group reported becoming less involved and less able to communicate with their parents by the end of the school year.
www.rope.org /success   (947 words)

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