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Topic: Runes

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  Signs, Symbols etc. - Runes
Runes are ancient characters used in Teutonic, Anglo-Saxon, and Scandinavian inscriptions, probably first used by the early German group called Ostrogoths.
The runes could be written (a blade or axehead was used in the early days) in all kinds of directions and used almost any kind of common material such as rocks, wood or large stones to make beautiful decorations or as a hidden, magic formulas.
Runes were carved on amulets, drinking cups, spears and ships to provide protectionor to enhance the power of the object.
library.thinkquest.org /26451/contents/other/runes.htm   (0 words)

  Vikings: The North Atlantic Saga | American Museum of Natural History
Runes had no lowercase, and could be written in any direction, from left to right or right to left.
The runes were never the basis of a spoken language, but in addition to their written use they were believed to be sacred and very powerful magical symbols, each linked to a god and a specific meaning.
Rune casters, whom were often women, used runes to cast lots and tell fortunes.
www.amnh.org /exhibitions/vikings/write.html   (273 words)

  Runes   (Site not responding. Last check: )
You could consider any rune inside the circle as being something that is near you, and the runes that fall outside the circle could be considered further away from you (in terms of time, distance etc.).
Rune cloths that are patterned or too busy may detract from your readings by pulling your attention away from the cast.
Runes (in divination) work by connecting you to that part of you that is in touch with your subconcious, higher self or that part of you that is in tune with the all.
hem.passagen.se /vsen/public_html/runes.htm   (6826 words)

 Cheryl's Runes
Initially, runes were a series of sounds, incantations, and bodily postures for communicating with divine powers and connecting with the elements of nature.
Technically, the runes are not really an alphabet at all, because in a strict sense the word "alphabet" or the lesser-used "abecedary" refers to a row of characters beginning as do the Greek, Hebrew, Roman, and Gaelic, with characters alpha and beta or their equivalents-A, B, and so on.
The runes are one of those early writing systems that never lost the magical aspect, and those magical meanings go along with their literal letter meanings.
www.geocities.com /cheryl_rune/index.html   (1490 words)

 RUNES and Readings and Castings
Runes are believed to have originated 2000 years ago in Northern Europe and Scandanavia.
The symbols on the Runes are understood to have evolved from.
This is a nine Rune cast used to explore matters of the heart and your lovers desires as well as challenges for you and your lover.
elevated.freeyellow.com /page27.html   (734 words)

 Nordic Runes
Runes are an alphabetic script used by the peoples of Northern Europe from the first century until well into the Middle Ages.
Runes fell into disuse as the Roman alphabets became the preferred script of most of Europe, but their forms and meanings were preserved in inscriptions and manuscripts.
The rune masters were either executed or went underground, and the knowledge of the runes may well have died with them.
www.runestones.com /runes.htm   (1175 words)

 [No title]
These glyphs were called Runes, from the Gothic Runa, meaning 'a secret thing, a mystery.' The Runic letter or Runastafr was use to foretell the future by Runemal, or the casting of the Runes.
Runes were also used by the clergy as an alternative to the Latin alphabet.
From the beginning Runes were used for the casting of lots, for divination and to evoke higher powers that might influence the 'luck' of man. There were Runes that influenced the weather, the harvest, curses, the tides, love, and healing.
www.sacred-texts.com /pag/runes.txt   (2160 words)

 Runes, Alphabet of Mystery
- The runes are inextricably bound to Norse mythology.
The 24 runes are divided into three sets.
He taught rune magic to Freya and learned Seidr from her.
www.sunnyway.com /runes   (0 words)

 Orkneyjar - Runes in Orkney
Runes are formed from angular, straight lines, a shape dictated by the material used for recording the messages – usually wood, bone or stone.
Magical runes were carved on amulets, drinking cups, spears and ships to provide protection for the owner, or simply to enhance the power of the object.
A few sites across the islands have yielded evidence of runes, the most famous and extensive of which is the collection in the Stenness chambered cairn Maeshowe.
www.orkneyjar.com /runes/index.html   (591 words)

 BBC - History - How do we know about the Vikings?
Runes were normally carved, rather than written, and were therefore mostly used for fairly short inscriptions.
This meant that some runes were used for several different letters, but there were two runes for the letter 'a', two for 'r', and one for our 'th'.
Runic inscriptions on pieces of wood from Bergen in Norway show that runes were used for all sorts of everyday purposes later in the Middle Ages, but no comparable evidence has survived from the Viking Age, and it is likely that few people were literate in runes.
www.bbc.co.uk /history/ancient/vikings/evidence_02.shtml   (0 words)

The system of divination by runes can be attributed to two tribes who came together and produced a combination of symbols and old signs which were found on a variety of paintings, ritual and domestic items in the North from as early as Paleolithic times.
Each individual rune is thought to be a "symbolic storehouse" and a "magical talisman" having its own unique set of meanings connecting a variety of things including: feelings, experiences, spirits, objects, creatures and archetypal processes.
This rune is symbolic of the gate to the underworld.
www.paranormality.com /runes.shtml   (2878 words)

 D2X Items -- Runes Introduction
Runes all look more or less like the samples you see to the left; small gray objects with various symbols and squiggles on them.
All 33 runes look different, so in theory you could memorize them and not need to hover on one to know what it was.
Runes are not like gems, they are not dropped in equal amounts.
www.diabloii.net /items/runes/index.shtml   (1736 words)

There are many ways to cast runes and the way they are cast depends much to what type of set you have, who is casting them and the purpose of the cast.
A rune cast can be as simple as a single rune pull out of a bag to answer "yes" or "no" to a particular question or to see how your day will go.
A typical cast of the "cookie" runes so plentiful today goes something like this: on a white, unornamented cloth, or any other that is sacred to you, pour out the runes and turn them face down and mix them up well.
mywebpages.comcast.net /ravenbutterfly/Runes.htm   (1807 words)

 Psychics - Runes
Runes are an ancient magickal alphabet used for divination, magick and to seek wisdom.
IRP glosses 'gold' for this rune and both gold and amber, which was mentioned by Tacitus as one of the trade commodities of the Aestii which fetched a good price from the Romans, are referred to in Norse myth as the 'tears of Freya'.
This rune was said to protect against the poisoned cup, and as such may have formed a part of the sequence scored by Egil Skallagrimsson at Bard's feast, when Gunnhild passed a poisoned cup to him.
www.moonwhisper.com /runes.htm   (6506 words)

 Runic alphabets / Runes / Futhark
One theory of the origins of runes is that they were invented by the Goths, but this is impossible to prove as very few inscriptions of writing in Gothic runes survive.
These runes were replaced with a new alphabet in the 4th century AD.
Runes were probably bought to Britain in the 5th century by the Angles, Saxons, Jutes and Frisians (collectively known as the Anglo-Saxons), and were used until about the 11th century.
www.omniglot.com /writing/runic.htm   (0 words)

Runes were at first ancient Norse and Teutonic alphabets, and symbols that were ascribed with various magical, mystical, and divinatory properties.
According to myth, the runes were created by the Norse god Odin (also Woden or Woten), the one-eyed chief of the gods, also the god of wisdom and war.
Another method of casting runes in Western magic is to write the letters on slips of papers that are given, handed, or sent to the victim of the spell.
www.themystica.com /mystica/articles/r/runes.html   (893 words)

 Runes - Crystalinks
The Icelandic sources do not relate how the runes were transmitted to mortal men, but in 1555, the exiled Swedish archbishop Olaus Magnus recorded a tradition that a man named Kettil Runske had stolen three rune staffs from Odin and learnt the runes and their magic.
For a long time it was assumed that this kind of grand inscription was the primary use of runes, and that their use was associated with a certain societal class of rune-carvers.However, in the middle of the 1950s, about 600 inscriptions known as the Bryggen inscriptions were found in Bergen.
The fascination that runes seem to have exerted on the Nazis can be traced to the occult and volkisch author Guido von List, one of the important figures in Germanic mysticism and runic revivalism in the late 19th and early 20th century.
www.crystalinks.com /runes.html   (0 words)

 Runes - Oswald the Runemaker
Enter now to find out all about runes, using runes for divination and magic, making runes, a wide range of rune sets for divination, rune amulets and charms, bindrunes, runic pendulums and other fine handcrafted rune products by Oswald the Runemaker.
The Runemaker website features rune history, interpretations and associations for all the runes used in the modern set, and fine rune wares handcrafted in England available on-line or by mail order.
You can read the history of the Elder, Norse or Viking runes and the Anglo-Saxon runes (the Futhark or Futhorc) from early origins, through the migration to Britain in the Dark Ages when occult practices were at their peak, to mediaeval and modern use in communication, magic and divination.
www.runemaker.com   (0 words)

 The Runic Journey
Runes are an alphabetic script used by the peoples of Northern Europe from the first century c.e.
Runes fell into disuse as the Roman alphabets became the preferred script of most of Europe, but their forms and meanings were preserved in inscriptions and manuscripts.
Runes also have magical and religious significance as well, thus transforming the simple process of writing into a magical act.
www.tarahill.com /runes   (289 words)

Runes may have gotten their reputation for being tools of divination when Christian Church leaders claimed they were used to cast magic spells or communicate with the devil.
Hobbits used a kind of runes in their writing may have enhanced the association of runic letters with magic and mystery.
Though the signs are not described as letters of the runic alphabet, some New Agers have interpreted this passage as evidence both of the existence of runes in the first century and their use in divination.
skepdic.com /runes.html   (750 words)

 [No title]
Reason for the belief that this one tribe was origin of the runes is speculative, based on the fact that earliest title for "rune-master" or shaman amongst the early Viking tribes was the word "heruli".
An inverted rune could be interpreted as the opposite of the rune, and the reversed could be interpreted as the absence of the rune for example...
Since the runes are tied to germanic myth which, as all myths, can be highly metaphorical the true meaning of a rune often times can be buried underneath the theme of a mythic germanic tale.
equinox.faithweb.com /runes/index2.html   (1333 words)

 The Rune School - Courses: INTRO-01 Lesson 7
For example the single vertical stroke of the Isa (Is) rune may represent an icicle which is in keeping with its meaning, though as was stated this is conjecture and different authors attribute different meanings to the shapes of the glyphs.
These 8 runes belong to the fertility god Frey and are runes associated with the creation of the world, its inhabitant races and the gods.
Hagalaz (Haegl) is a natural force of destruction and disruption whereas Naudhiz (Nyd) is a rune of suffering and endurance giving the strength to survive the effects of its partner rune.
www.runeschool.org /courses/intro_01/07_efuthark.htm   (1128 words)

Runes, the old Germanic writing, are found chiseled in rocks dating from as back as the Neolithic period.
Some people use runes by laying them out flat face down and laying their hand over them and 'feeling' which one is the right one to pick up.
That is, you pick three runes and the first is your past situation, the second rune you draw is your present situation, and the third rune you draw is your future outcome, action or situation.
www.geocities.com /lavenderwater37/runes.htm   (2337 words)

 Runes   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Runes may be bound to each other to increase their magick potency.
This is the rune of fertility and rebirth.
This is the rune of man. It is one's true self, and the bipolarity of strength and weakness, the plane of action and openness.
normannii.org /guilds_lore/lore/runes.htm   (1551 words)

 Rune - GuildWiki
The traders only sell runes that other players have sold to them, so runes that are in high demand and runes from newly-released expansions may not always be in stock.
Runes that existed before this date keep the higher penalty, and cannot be sold to Rune Traders.
Runes that existed before this date keep the Minor icon and cannot be sold to Rune Traders.
gw.gamewikis.org /wiki/Rune   (1411 words)

The runes are strongly connected with the Viking gods and mythology, for example Fehu, the first rune in the futhark, is connected with Frey, the god of fertility.
The runes very much became part of everyday life, their spiritual and magical properties meant they became part of the many different aspects of existence at that time, from healing and divination to ceremonial and religious.
By the mid 1600's runes had been erased from the minds of most of the world and when a law was passed in Iceland making possession of runes punishable by burning, it seemed that the runic tradition would be lost forever.
www.mystic-mouse.co.uk /Runes/RuneIndex.htm   (762 words)

 RUNES (Reconfigurable Ubiquitous Networked Embedded Systems) IST Project
The RUNES project has a vision to enable the creation of large-scale, widely distributed, heterogeneous networked embedded systems that interoperate and adapt to their environments.
RUNES aims to provide an adaptive middleware platform, a common language that will simplify the application creation process.
This will allow for a dramatic cut in the cost of new application development and a much faster time to market, transforming applications which are already technically possible into forms that are easy and straightforward for designers to use; and enabling applications which were previously unattainable.
www.ist-runes.org   (0 words)

 Astrology on the Web: Runes
The runes may have come to you by other means, without the stories to start you on the way.
A set of runes is an item of considerable magical power and, as such, it will present itself in a moment of need as an unexpected gift, an intuitive purchase or an accidental find.
Or, you could be just using your runes from time to time, idly examining future possibilities, often startled by their accuracy.
www.astrologycom.com /runes.html   (752 words)

 Guild Wars Guru - Rune & Insignia Listing   (Site not responding. Last check: )
These runes must be either general runes, usable by all characters, or specific to your primary class - runes cannot upgrade armor for a different class.
In addition, the benefits of multiple runes of the same type do not stack, although their HP penalties do (The basis of the "55" build).
At the moment there are relatively few runes available for each class, however armor can be further customized with "Insignias" which work in a manner similar to runes.
www.guildwarsguru.com /rune-listing-id29.php   (231 words)

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