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Topic: Ryan Adams

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In the News (Tue 25 Jun 19)

  MySpace.com - Ryan Adams - NEW YORK, NEW YORK - Rock / Alternative / Country - www.myspace.com/ryanadams
It was, Ryan Adams says, this girl he’s been spending time with; the title of this album is her fault.
I won’t say Adams is the best North American singer-songwriter since Neil Young…but I won’t say he isn’t, either.
What I know is there has never been a Ryan Adams record quite as strong and together as Easy Tiger; it’s got enough blue-eyed, blue-steel soul (with the faintest country tinge) to make me think of both Marvin Gaye and the Righteous Brothers.
www.myspace.com /ryanadams   (1248 words)

  Ryan Adams - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Ryan Adams (born David Ryan Adams on November 5, 1974) is an alt-country/rock singer/songwriter from Jacksonville, North Carolina.
Adams and Lost Highway eventually struck a deal where the label would release the more commercial Rock N Roll coupled with Love Is Hell in two EP instalments, the first of which would coincide with the release of Rock N Roll in November 2003.
Ryan Adams, this time without The Cardinals, released his third album of the year, 29, on December 20, 2005.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Ryan_Adams   (2347 words)

 Ink 19 :: Ryan Adams
Adams - along with player/producer Ethan Johns, Gillian Welch, and David Rawlings - creates a sound that is very New York Dylan- wheezing harmonica, banjo, and guitar.
Ryan Adams manages the neat trick of enthusing country music with punk energy without sacrificing either.
Like Morrissey, Ryan Adams can pen great songs, but unfortunately, he also shares the habit of wearing his bitter heart on his sleeve.
www.ink19.com /issues/august2000/wetInk/musicAB/ryanAdams.html   (466 words)

 Ryan Adams flies back to country
Ryan Adams, one of the most prolific, talented and best known alt-country recording artists of our time, has returned with the ninth album of his musical career.
Ryan Adams and the Cardinals kicked off a U.S. tour a few days ago, playing to mostly sold-out crowds across the country, including a concert at the Avalon in Boston on May 17.
Adams is rumored to be working on two other albums to be released before the year is out, so look for much more from him in the near future.
orient.bowdoin.edu /orient/article.php?date=2005-05-06§ion=4&id=7   (596 words)

 Ryan Adams : iSOUND.COM   (Site not responding. Last check: )
David Ryan Adams was born in Jacksonville, North Carolina in 1974.
As he grew into his teenage years, Adams began to listen to, and be influenced by punk rock.
When he was 19, Adams and fellow members of The patty Duke Syndrome moved to nearby Raleigh, North Carolina in hopes to gain a wider audience.
www.isound.com /ryan_adams   (426 words)

 Ryan Adams Tickets, Ryan Adams Concert Tickets at StubHub!   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Ryan Adams concert tickets are available, and this legendary grinder is back out on tour once again.
Adams is one of the busiest musicians in the world, and his diversified style plays to several different audiences.
Adams was born on November 5, 1974 in Jacksonville, North Carolina.
www.stubhub.com /ryan-adams-tickets   (543 words)

 Ryan Adams @ Philharmonic Hall, Liverpool : gig review
It was an incident that was referred to plenty tonight, including calls from the audience of "stay on the stage Ryan lad" as soon as he appeared in the luxurious Philharmonic Hall.
Instead, this was the Adams of Heartbreaker and 29, all stripped down, minor chord-heavy songs.
Adams' onstage banter didn't become any less bizarre during the second half - grabbing a banana, he pretended to phone new girlfriend Lindsay Lohan and told the audience that his secret new lover was in fact Billy Ocean.
www.musicomh.com /gigs2/ryan-adams_0206.htm   (751 words)

 Cokemachineglow.com : Ryan Adams: 29
The typical Adams song is about love and loss, and for that, one has no further to look than anything from his last two albums.
In a chronological sense the track should go last (Adams was 29 when he recorded the album, which he has claimed is about the years of his twenties), but placing it first creates an interesting commentary on the rest of his work.
This is the death of Ryan Adams, the over-prolific and misguided, and at the ripe old age of 29, the birth of Ryan Adams, the craftsman, the artist.
www.cokemachineglow.com /reviews/adams_292005.html   (789 words)

 Ryan Adams: An Ode To... : feature
So Ryan Adams has come full circle to be where he is today, and another album, 29, is due for release before the year is out.
Adams's solo debut, Heartbreaker, was released in 2000 and met with a critical reception that hailed Adams as an incendiary talent and the saviour of alt-country.
Adams addresses the life-giving necessity that is love on Mockingbird and evokes wide prairies and big mid-western skies on Easy Plateau.
www.musicomh.com /comment/ryan-adams_1005.htm   (1280 words)

 Adams is getting plenty of exposure
USM workhorse Ryan Adams is making his mark as a quality pitcher with the Sanford Mainers.
Adams, 22, of Shapleigh, pitched 75 innings for the Huskies with a 0.83 ERA.
Adams has changed his approach while facing players without powerful aluminum bats in their hands.
sports.mainetoday.com /college/baseball/020627adams.shtml   (572 words)

 Amazon.co.uk: Gold: Music: Ryan Adams   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Written almost entirely by Ryan Adams and producer Ethan Johns (more recently the man behind the Kings of Leon), for me this album is one of the greatest albums of the decade so far.
Ryan Adams has come a long way and Gold is definately his best album to date.
Ryan Adams "Gold" is one of the most brilliantly diverse albums i have ever heard, with a mixture of fantastic ballads, rock songs and country songs.
www.amazon.co.uk /Gold-Ryan-Adams/dp/B00005RHGU   (1043 words)

 Harmony Central®: Album Review: Ryan Adams - Heartbreaker
As the lead singer for the critically acclaimed band Whiskeytown, Ryan Adams emerged as country-rock’s golden boy with the 1997 release of Stranger’s Almanac.
Adams maintains a self-deprecating style when the music is off, but the level of talent involved in this record shows how seriously he takes his work.
(Adams says proudly in the liner notes it took only 14 days to record it.) More than the craft behind the recording, it’s all about the songs -- they are what brings this project home.
www.harmony-central.com /Albums/RyanAdams/Heartbreaker.html   (307 words)

 Ryan Adams: Rock N Roll - PopMatters Music Review
Either Adams has become a believer in meditative chanting, or the countless repetition of lines during many choruses illustrates a lack of lyrical investment on his part.
It grabs hold of the listener in a subversive way that emphasizes the new Ryan Adams, in a state of rebirth as the boho boozehound poet of New York's lower East Side.
Adams briefly flirts with his alt-country past on "Do Miss America", but quickly dances away from it by adding chorus lyrics -- "Hey, come on everybody do Miss America / Hey, when she goes down it's hysterical" -- which make the song sound more like a parody of John Mellencamp than a new original.
www.popmatters.com /music/reviews/a/adamsryan-rocknroll.shtml   (1088 words)

 Ryan Adams + Tegan and Sara - PopMatters Concert Review
Ryan Adams has been loud and grumpy in recent days, so on this last night of his solo acoustic tour in Portland, Oregon you've got to wonder -- who is this guy?
His days of obscurity long gone, Adams is a guy on a bender with a viewing audience of millions.
Ryan Adams is on a proud and loud excessive journey to the middle -- and tonight's audience shows it.
popmatters.com /music/concerts/a/adams-ryan-021030.shtml   (941 words)

 Barnes & Noble.com - Music: Gold, Ryan Adams, CD
Adams, who got his start with North Carolina heroes Whiskeytown, made his solo debut in 2000 with the aching tales on Heartbreaker, which earned him mountains of critical praise and expanded upon his cult fan base.
But to listen to Gold, Adams' first solo album for his big-league sponsors at Lost Highway, one senses that there are about a dozen other musicians Adams would love to be, and nearly all of them were at their peak in the early to mid-'70s.
Adams' final album with Whiskeytown, Pneumonia, made it clear that he was moving beyond the scruffy alt-country of his early work, and Gold documents his current fascination with '70s rock.
music.barnesandnoble.com /search/product.asp?userid=531K3JUQ6Z&ean=8817025629   (850 words)

 Amazon.co.uk: Heartbreaker: Music: Ryan Adams   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Ryan Adams performs vocal duties for Whiskeytown, and HEARTBREAKER is his first solo album.
Ryan Adams (born David Ryan Adams on November 5, 1974) is an alt-country and rock and roll singer/songwriter from Jacksonville, North Carolina.
This Adams character is a genius, and it's about time the world stopped reading reviews and bought this - after a quiet night in with this album, a bottle of wine and a 20 deck, most of your life won't matter anymore.
www.amazon.co.uk /Heartbreaker-Ryan-Adams/dp/B00004YRZD   (1904 words)

 Equal Music : Review - Ryan Adams
Ryan Adams is not making records for the fat cat industry money-mongers, nor is he making them for a high profile access into the hearts of revered music critics.
Ryan Adams has re-asked the question of what came first the chicken or the egg.
While some would consider this an act of narcissism, Ryan is atypical and should be applauded for his choices in the face of an industry that rides singles to their deaths and holds off bands next LP’s until the final single is wrung out like a wet t-shirt.
www.equalmusic.com /archives/review_ryanadams.html   (713 words)

 VH1 The Wire: Ryan Adams
At age 25, Ryan Adams has already lived the rock 'n' roll dream with his alt.country band Whiskeytown, watched it fall apart, and returned with a solo album, Heartbreaker (Bloodshot), that proves the young singer/songwriter is no flash in the pan.
Adams' sparse folk-rock is so good, in fact, it attracted country icon Emmylou Harris, Grammy nominee Gillian Welch, and Nashville siren Kim Richey, all of whom make guest appearances on Heartbreaker.
Harris is one of Adams' Nashville neighbors, and they've performed together on several occasions.
www.vh1.com /news/features/radams   (667 words)

 Amazon.ca: Cold Roses: Music: Ryan & the Cardinals Adams   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Here is the album that many fans have been hoping Ryan Adams would make since his much heralded emergence with Whiskeytown.
Though Adams has been as eclectic (and erratic) as prolific over his solo career, this double-disc gem delineates the possibilities of alt-country in 2005 while transcending the limitations typically associated with the genre.
With the set-opening "Magnolia Mountain," Adams and band draw inspiration beyond the title from the era of Neil Young's "Sugar Mountain" and the Grateful Dead's "Sugar Magnolia," though much of what follows shares as much in spirit with Bright Eyes (or even the poppier side of Prince) as it does with retro country-rock.
www.amazon.ca /Cold-Roses-Ryan-Cardinals-Adams/dp/B0007YMUZW   (854 words)

 Ink 19 :: Ryan Adams
But the focus is clearly on Adams, his weary voice, and his songs of loneliness and broken hearts.
With Emmylou Harris providing backing vocals, Adams evokes the ghost of Gram Parsons and the lyrical sensibility of Paul Westerberg in a nicely building tale of wanderlust that turns to a longing for the things of home.
Occasionally, Adams use of metaphor gets away from him and the results can be awkward or pretentious.
www.ink19.com /issues/september2000/wetInk/musicAB/ryanAdams.html   (375 words)

 Ryan Adams mp3s, Ryan Adams music downloads, Ryan Adams songs from eMusic.com
Adams was born in Jacksonville, NC, in 1974.
At 15, Adams started writing songs, and a year later he formed a band called the Patty Duke Syndrome; Adams once described PDS as "an arty noise punk band," with Hüsker Dü frequently cited as a key influence and reference point.
Adams opted to whittle the 60 tunes down to a 13-song collection called Demolition, which was released in 2002 as he went into the studio to record his official follow-up to Gold.
www.emusic.com /artist/11589/11589079.html   (626 words)

 Ryan Adams Tickets - Cheap Ryan Adams Concert Shows Tickets At Onlineseats
Ryan Adams is a highly prolific artist, releasing five albums since the end of 2000.
Ryan has released three albums since, all have met with critical success, but he still has not had a breakthrough hit.
Ryan Adams tickets may be purchased by following any of the links on this page.
www.onlineseats.com /ryan-adams-tickets/index.asp   (877 words)

 Ryan Adams - Easy Tiger - Music - New York Times
Ryan Adams in May, has a new album, “Easy Tiger,”; which he is touring behind and which features a vocal contribution from Sheryl Crow.
Adams, who is in the process of shoring up a career — and a life — that he had done his best to blow up.
Adams is touring to promote it, and “Two,” which features a harmony vocal by Sheryl Crow, has been released as a single.
www.nytimes.com /2007/06/17/arts/music/17decu.html?ex=1339732800&en=cf82d811bd1d3035&ei=5088&partner=rssnyt&emc=rss   (978 words)

 Ryan Adams has meltdown at concert - CNN.com
Ryan Adams, upset about the monitors at a Minneapolis show, stalked off stage.
Adams announced "the last song," played it and didn't return for an encore.
In 2003, Adams gave a famously bad performance at First Avenue, a rambling two-hour show where he griped about the sound system, played several songs twice and lambasted local rock legend Paul Westerberg.
www.cnn.com /2007/SHOWBIZ/Music/09/28/people.ryanadams.ap/index.html   (261 words)

 Ryan Adams, Musically and Verbally Prolific : NPR Music
Even Adams noticed the damage his reputation had done to his career.
Critics were mostly positive, but it was hard not to notice that no one was talking about Ryan Adams the rising star any more.
Adams says he likes his art messy, and he's going to keep making it.
www.npr.org /templates/story/story.php?storyId=6071185   (727 words)

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