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Society is a real-time massively multiplayer on-line strategy game set on a world that begins in a pre-medieval setting.
Society is a game that is about building up a virtual society.
Society development continues forward though at a bit of a slower pace as more and more resources are put into getting Galactic Civilizations II completed by end of year.
www.societygame.com   (1297 words)

  Society - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This type of recognition is bestowed by members of that society on the individual or group in the form of a name, title, manner of dress, or monetary reward.
Thus, a more isolated society with the same level of technology and culture as other societies is more likely to survive than one in closer proximity to others that may encroach on their resources (see history for examples}.
Marx's concept of society as the sum total of social relations among members of a community contrasts with interpretations from the perspective of methodological individualism where society is simply the sum total of individuals in a territory.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Society   (1501 words)

 The Endocrine Society : About : Home
Society members represent the full range of disciplines associated with endocrinologists: clinicians, researchers, educators, fellows and students, industry professionals and health professionals who are involved in the field of endocrinology.
The Endocrine Society works to foster a greater understanding of endocrinology amongst the general public and practitioners of complementary medical disciplines and to promote the interests of all endocrinologists at the national scientific research and health policy levels of government.
To achieve this mission, the Society will continue to be the prime advocate and integrative force for clinicians and investigators, and will maintain a leadership role in providing endocrine education and information to the diverse professional endocrine community, the broader medical community, policy-makers, patients, and the public.
www.endo-society.org /about   (349 words)

Society implies fellowship, company, and has always been conceived as signifying a human relation, and not a herding of sheep, a hiving of bees, or a mating of wild animals.
society is a stable union of a plurality of persons cooperating for a common purpose of benefit to all.
society, then, besides being natural by mandate, will also be natural in all its essentials, for as much as these too shall be determined and ordained by the law.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/14074a.htm   (4531 words)

 The Royal Society - the UK's national academy of science
The Society plays an influential role in national and international science policy and supports developments in science engineering and technology in a wide range of ways.
The Royal Society has produced an overview of the current state of scientific understanding of climate change to help non-experts better understand this complex area of science.
The Royal Society publishes seven peer-reviewed journals, covering the biological and physical sciences, as well as the history and philosophy of science.
www.royalsoc.ac.uk   (421 words)

 GameSpy: Society Preview
The game is called Society, and it isn't the first massively multiplayer real-time strategy game.
The major difference between the free and pay versions of the game will be the customized artwork available for their cities and the ability to declare certain provinces untouchable.
Wardell justifies giving away Society for free because he plans on using it as a tool to bring attention to totalgaming.net and the other Stardock Web properties that sell Stardock goods and services.
pc.gamespy.com /pc/society/614757p1.html   (621 words)

 The Endocrine Society : Home
Join thousands of researchers, clinicians, clinical investigators, students, fellows, post docs, and other professionals from around the world to hear about the latest advancements in the field of endocrinology.
Endocrine Society Supports FDA Committee Recommendations on Avandia
AMA Adopts Resolution Introduced by The Endocrine Society Calling for FDA Oversight of Bioidentical Hormones
www.endo-society.org   (259 words)

 society - Wiktionary
This society has been known for centuries for its colorful clothing and tight-knit family structure.
It was then that they decided to found a society of didgeridoo-playing unicyclists.
He thinks that the fact that this child grew up to be a murderer is the fault of society.
en.wiktionary.org /wiki/society   (182 words)

 London Royal Society
The Society valued experimental work very highly and this was emphasised with the appointment of Hooke as Curator of Experiments in November 1662.
One of the major problems which the Society tackled in its first years was that of finding ways to determine the longitude at sea.
Another related topic was the pendulum clock, and Huygens, who was the first foreign scientist to visit and work with the Society which he did in 1661, was the leading expert.
www-groups.dcs.st-and.ac.uk /~history/Societies/RS.html   (1334 words)

 Society E3 2005 Impressions - PC News at GameSpot
Posted May 19, 2005 6:08 pm PT Society is one of the coolest and most innovative ideas for a massively multiplayer game in years.
The idea of having huge societies means you can rely on your teammates to see your side through, even when you're not playing the game for long stretches at a time.
Society sounds like a very cool concept, but it's still a game that's got a long way to go.
www.gamespot.com /pc/strategy/society/preview_6126078.html   (925 words)

 The Americas Society - Council of the Americas   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
On September 28, the Americas Society will introduce Maya Textile Art: Collections of the Centro de Textiles del Mundo Maya, a new exhibition highlighting the artistic and creative character of Maya textiles, as well as their technical virtuosity and masterful use of form, pattern, color, and texture.
The Americas Society is currently hosting Reproducing Nations: Types and Costumes in Asia and Latin America, ca.1800-1860, an innovative exhibition that explores the descriptive tradition of Costumbrismo as it developed in South America in the first half of the nineteenth century.
The Americas Society and Council of the Americas is updating and redesigning its website to be launched in June 2006.
www.americas-society.org /as/index.html   (464 words)

 Category:Society - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
If an article exists in both this category and a relevant subcategory, or it simply does not belong, remove its category marker.
Articles and media on this topic in other Wikimedia projects can be found at: Commons Category Society
The main article for this category is Society.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Category:Society   (128 words)

 Poems on Society
Much of the Life we lead is necessarily centered around society.
As society encourages us to strive for the unattainable, we begin to realize we have become a reflection of that society.
Our society has some pretty screwed up priorities - and this is about one of the worst ones.
www.netpoets.com /poems/society   (773 words)

 Europa - Information Society -
Provided that the European Parliament and the EU Council of Ministers support the Commission's proposal, the new EU regulation – which is a legal instrument directly applicable in all EU Member States as soon as it is published in the Official Journal of the EU – could come into effect by summer 2007.
Developing a successful European Information Society is at the very heart of the EU's "Lisbon Goal" of becoming the world's most dynamic and competitive economy by 2010.
By its very nature, the Information Society cuts across traditional boundaries, so this thematic portal is your guide through all relevant EU policies and activities...
europa.eu.int /information_society/text_en.htm   (1055 words)

 Internet Society (ISOC)
The work of the Internet Society focuses on four "pillars:" standards, public policy, education and training, and membership.
The Internet Society has helped train many of the key information technology leaders around the world through programs such as the annual Network Training Workshops (NTW), Sustainable Internet Training Centers (SITCs), and sponsorship of the Internet Fiesta.
Authors interested in submitting articles for publication on the Internet Society web site should submit them to: briefings@isoc.org Depending upon content, the articles will appear in the appropriate publications section.
www.isoc.org   (533 words)

 The Mars Society — The Mars Society
The International Mars Society convention presents a unique opportunity for those interested in Mars to come together and discuss the technology, science, social implications, philosophy and a multitude of other aspects of Mars exploration.
The Mars Society is proud to announce that Dr. Mike Manga will be speaking at the 10th International Mars Society Convention, which will be held at UCLA, Los Angeles, August 30-Sept 2, 2007.
The Mars Society is proud to announce that Jet Propulsion Lab Mars Exploration Program Manager Dr. Fuk Li will be speaking at the 10th International Mars Society Convention, which will be held at UCLA, Los Angeles, August 30-Sept 2, 2007.
www.marssociety.org   (1203 words)

 Society | The WWW Virtual Library
The main purposes of this virtual library are to list women's history institutions and organizations, locate archival and library collections, and provide links to Internet resources on women's history.
In addition, also included are a list of women's studies journals and a few comprehensive link collections useful as a starting point for searching the Internet for women's studies in general.
The purpose of Women and Gender Studies Web Sites (WSSLINKS), the Women's Studies section of the WWW Virtual Library, is to provide access to a wide range of resources in support of Women's Studies.
vlib.org /Society   (221 words)

 FAQ - Dmoz/Society
Beside the directory-wide guidelines, each top level category (Society is a top level category) has it's own set of guidelines that define the types of sites that go into that category.
If you have questions about editing that aren't really specific to Society, the best place to go is the New Editors Forum.
Not only does that help to clarify the answer for you, but it introduces you to the community, and shows that you are willing to learn.
dmoz.org /Society/faq.html   (1317 words)

 Society (1989)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
When Billy hears an audio tape recorded by his sisters' most recent dumpee, his worst fears are confirmed: something unnatural is happening, something incestuous and profane.
For all that this film is a dark comment on the soullessness of the upper classes, it never really takes itself seriously.
If you ever wanted to see one of those sappy teen movies from the 80s, (preferably the ones that starred Michael J. Fox or Molly Ringwald) tortured, dismembered and publicly humiliated, then this might just be the film for you.
www.imdb.com /title/tt0098354   (622 words)

 The Planetary Society
The Planetary Society, the world's largest space-interest group, is dedicated to inspiring the public with the adventure and mystery of space exploration.
Through our projects and publications, the Society plays a leading role in creating innovative coalitions to engage the public and fuel support for exploring other worlds.
Copyright © 1993 – 2007 The Planetary Society.
www.planetary.org   (206 words)

 Definition of society - Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary
Learn more about "society" and related topics at Britannica.com
Find more about "society" instantly with Live Search
See a map of "society" in the Visual Thesaurus
www.m-w.com /dictionary/society   (169 words)

 Society   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Society is here to judge us Reply to this Comment
I dont give a damn to others' remarks, unless it comes from very close sources and I know that they mean well for me. To others, I just sing ITS MY LIFE..
The petty, shallow people in society judge other people for the wrong things.
society.ncomn.com /dir   (1021 words)

 / Society - Pravda.Ru   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
While the elderly man stayed at hospital the dentist resigned and launched a private dental cabinet.
Present-day orgies have nothing in common with their past analogues [ / Society / Sex, relationship ]
When reproducing our materials in whole or in part, hyperlink to PRAVDA.Ru should be made.
english.pravda.ru /society   (430 words)

 IEEE Computer Society
IEEE Computer Society Digital Library delivers quality and quantity. Get online access to all issues of 22 society
The new e-Learning campus is now open and ready to help you with a variety of top-quality resources!
Find guidelines for contributing to IEEE Computer Society magazines, transactions, and books.
www.computer.org   (325 words)

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