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Topic: Warp drive

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In the News (Sun 16 Jun 19)

 [No title]
Warp Drive does not censor or monitor use of it’s network(s) and represents that it has no liability to censor and/or monitor the data transmitted over it’s network(s).
Warp Drive shall not be liable to customer for any delays in the performance of services hereunder or for the failure to perform hereunder if such delays or failures are due to strikes, inclement weather, acts of god, or other causes beyond Warp Drive’s reasonable control.
Warp Drive will not be responsible for performance of it’s obligations hereunder where delayed or hindered during war, riots, embargoes, strikes, or other acts of it’s vendors and suppliers, concealed acts of workman (whether of Warp Drive or others) or accidents.
www.warpdrive.net /usagepolicy.html   (2575 words)

 Warp Drive Networks
Warp Drive brings the most affordable and reliable point to point T1's into the NJ/ NY area.
With Warp Drive's new Anti-SPAM and Anti-Virus technology you won't have the headache of deleting dozens of unwanted e-mails per day, nor run the risk of infecting your PC with the latest worm.
Warp Drive prides itself as Bergen County's premier internet provider.
www.nis.net   (312 words)

 Warp Drive Professional Protractor
You should be pleased to know that you are using the Warp Drive Professional Protractor which is designed after the high dollar propeller protractors.
All Standard, Hp and HPL hubs that use 3/8" bolts to clamp the blades should be tightened to 35 foot pounds.
Warp Drive propeller installations on direct-drive aircraft engines and other engines used on airboats must tighten the 5/16" clamping bolts to 200 inch pounds and tighten the 1/2" flange mounting bolts to 60 foot pounds.
www.warpdriveprops.com /protractor.html   (632 words)

  NASA - Ideas Based On What We’d Like To Achieve
In the case of the wormhole, a shortcut is made by warping space (folding the paper) to connect two points that used to be separated.
In the case of the Alcubierre warp drive, this moving section of spacetime is created by expanding spacetime behind the ship (analogous to where the sidewalk emerges from underneath the floor), and by contracting spacetime in front of the ship (analogous to where the sidewalk goes back into the floor).
A "space drive" can be defined as an idealized form of propulsion where the fundamental properties of matter and spacetime are used to create propulsive forces anywhere in space without having to carry and expel a reaction mass.
www.nasa.gov /centers/glenn/research/warp/ideachev.html   (1475 words)

  Warp drive - Star Trek Expanded Universe Database   (Site not responding. Last check: )
It does this by generating warp fields to form a subspace bubble that envelops the starship, distorting the local spacetime continuum and moving the starship at velocities that exceed the speed of light.
The development of the warp drive is recognized by the United Federation of Planets as the marker of an advanced society.
Warp theory continued to advance with the development of the first transwarp drive engines in the mid-2280s, which would have theoretically allowed greater efficiency and higher warp speeds.
stexpanded.wikia.com /wiki/Warp   (1292 words)

 WARP DRIVE : Encyclopedia Entry
The concept of using spatial warping as a means of propulsion has been the subject of theoretical treatment by some physicists (such as Miguel Alcubierre, see Alcubierre drive), although no concrete technological approach has ever been proposed, nor is there any known way of inducing the effect described by Alcubierre.
Warp factors are not simply a unit of speed that is related to regular units of speed through a fancy formula.
A side effect of Warp travel which has been shown throughout Star Trek is the "Slingshot effect." First discovered by accident in "Tomorrow Is Yesterday" (1967), one of the first episodes of the original Star Trek series, it is a method of using a Warp drive to travel through time.
bibleocean.com /OmniDefinition/Warp_Drive   (2822 words)

 Warp Drive Theory
Warp Drive: A subsection of the general theory of relativity, which utilizes spacetime as a form of propulsion; which to an outside observer appears to yield Faster Than Light (FTL) travel.
The basis of this model is to shrink a "warp bubble" (this refers to the flat spacetime within Alcubierre's warp metric) to microscopic proportions to negotiate around the negative energy conditions.
This however only effects the external properties of the warp bubble while internally the effects of the bubble could be as large as one wished (this deals with the construction of energy densites within the field).
www.zamandayolculuk.com /cetinbal/WARPDRIVEPHYSICSMATHENATICA.HTM   (740 words)

 Time Travel through Warp Drive:
Warp travel allows objects to travel faster than light in the same way that allows far galaxies to be receding from the Earth at speeds greater than light.
Instead of moving a ship (or whatever) through spacetime, a warp drive operates by creating a ‘bubble’ of space (which includes the ship) and propels this ‘bubble’ through spacetime by contracting the space between the ship and its destination (decreasing the distance) and expanding the space between the ship and its origin (increasing the distance).
Even worse, the form of the warp drive is effectively a bubble of spacetime connected to the greater universe through a tiny neck (the warp bubble as seen from outside).
www.zamandayolculuk.com /cetinbal/TimeTravelWarpDrive.htm   (1309 words)

 Warp drive history - Hidden Frontier
This is the history of Warp Drive up until the launch of the Enterprise NX-01, which heralded the beginning of humanity's participation in interstellar affairs.
Among several scientific revelations the Vulcans soon shared with humanity was the concept of warp factors, a non-linear measure of the speed of a starship or signal using a warp drive.
The Vulcans told them that warp factors are, in terms of their light speed equivalents, not absolute, but only relative figures, depending on the local properties of space and subspace, the multiples are only minimum/average values under "normal" conditions.
en.hiddenfrontier.com /index.php/Warp_drive_history   (2513 words)

 warp drive
Warp drive works by distorting the fabric of spacetime –; contracting spacetime in front of the vessel and expanding it behind.
This warped spacetime, together with the region between it, accelerates at "warp speed" and the vessel then surfs the wave in spacetime thus created.
Travel at velocities exceeding that of light is possible, without breaking the rules of special relativity because the starship is, strictly speaking, stationary (relative to the space of its warp bubble) while spacetime itself is moving.
www.daviddarling.info /encyclopedia/W/warp_drive.html   (235 words)

 Alcubierre warp drive
Alcubierre was interested in the possibility of whether Star Trek's fictional "warp drive" could ever be realized.
By a purely local expansion of spacetime behind the spaceship and an opposite contraction in front of it, motion faster than the speed of light as seen by observers outside the disturbed region is possible.
The resulting distortion is reminicent of the 'warp drive' of science fiction.
www.daviddarling.info /encyclopedia/A/Alcubdrive.html   (589 words)

 Marcelo B. Ribeiro's Page on "Warp Drive Theory"
The Warp drive is a type of propulsion system capable of driving ships at speeds higher than the speed of light.
Until recently, warp drive was only associated with science fiction, but in 1994 Miguel Alcubierre presented a paper which theoretically described a physical mechanism where a spaceship could be propelled by a method similar to what is described in science fiction books.
Warp drive is not yet a reality, and as the papers below state by themselves, physicists are not even sure if such a thing as a warp drive propelled starship can ever be constructed.
omnis.if.ufrj.br /~mbr/warp   (868 words)

 Analog -- The Micro-Warp Drive
This improvement on the Alcubierre warp drive was devised by general relativity theorist Chris Van Den Broeck of the Catholic University of Leuven in Belgium.
Until 1994 a "warp drive" was one of the myths of science fiction, a rubber-science concept used principally to permit space opera heroes to flit from one star system to another at faster-than-light speeds, moving the plot forward in the process.
Van Den Broeck’s warp drive is a large volume of flat space that is connected to normal space by a tiny "neck." It therefore resembles the more familiar general relativity topologies of wormholes or "baby universes" and perhaps has a similar behavior.
www.analogsf.com /0002/av0002.html   (2045 words)

Reactants are injected into the reaction chamber via the warp column held suspended from the column by magnetic constriction fields generated by the magnetic constriction segments.
The warp drive consists of two important components these are the PLASMA INJECTORS and the WARP FIELD COILS.
Warp field coils in the engine nacelles are energised in sequential order fore to aft.
web.ukonline.co.uk /alternatereality/Warp.htm   (946 words)

 The Alcubierre Warp Drive - UFO Evidence   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Alcubierre's warp is constructed of hyperbolic tangent functions which create a very peculiar distortion of space at the edges of the flat-space volume.
Thus, the situation for the Alcubierre drive is similar to that of stable wormholes: they are solutions to the equations of general relativity, but one would need "exotic matter" with negative mass-energy to actually produce them, and we have none at the moment.
In the case of the` Alcubierre drive, this would probably require either externally moving the warp generating mechanism at near lightspeed velocities or embedding one warp within the flat-space region of another.
www.ufoevidence.org /documents/doc1088.htm   (1950 words)

 Warp drive - Memory Alpha, the Star Trek Wiki
The Vulcans (and, by extension, the Romulans) had warp drive in the 3rd century AD (Earth calendar), although the technology was lost during that planet's civil war, and was not reacquired until several centuries later.
Development and improvement of warp drive continued apace, and by the 2240s, Starfleet vessels of the Constitution-class had standard cruising speeds of warp 6 and emergency speeds as high as warp 8 (although under the right conditions the engines could reach warp 9).
However, it seems more likely that warp drive will be surpassed by newer forms of propulsion, such as the quantum slipstream drive.
memory-alpha.org /en/wiki/Warp_drive   (1648 words)

  Corrugator Warp - how to reduce scrap rate
There is one time Warp Drive is not so cool, that's when the warp is driven your scrap rate up and reducing production.
Warp is caused by a moisture imbalance between the top and bottom liners that make up the corrugated board.
The principle is that less moisture migration from the outside liner to the inside liner that is in contact with the belt.
www.bin95.com /news/warp.htm   (902 words)

 Warp drive (Star Trek) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
It is generally assumed that warp 1 is the speed of light, and that at higher factors speed increases exponentially.
Backstage treknobabble suggests that the warp scale was recalibrated, with the new warp 5 being the old warp 6, and warp 10 being infinite speed and unattainable.
In the half-open interval from warp 9 to warp 10, the exponent of w increases toward infinity.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Warp_drive   (1924 words)

 Warp drive: Just the facts...   (Site not responding. Last check: )
It is generally assumed that warp 1 is the speed of light, and that at higher factors speed increases exponentially (additional info and facts about increases exponentially).
Warp field nacelles, including plasma (Colorless watery fluid of blood and lymph containing no cells and in which erythrocytes and leukocytes and platelets are suspended) injection system, warp field coils, and warp propulsive effect.
This theory, known as the Alcubierre drive (additional info and facts about Alcubierre drive), has the convenient feature that its terminology is in accord with Trek jargon: "warp factors" measure the warping of space, not actual speed.
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/w/wa/warp_drive.htm   (1602 words)

 Warp Drive   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Warp drive systems used by Federation Starships employ the controlled annihilation of matter and antimatter, regulated by dilithium crystals to generate the tremendous power required to warp space and travel faster than light.
Warp speed is achieved by enclosing the ship with a subspace field also known as a warp field or warp bubble (see top-left).
This unit is employed to measure the power of a warp drive as well as of other devices which employ a subspace field, such as the impulse drive and the FTL computer core.
www.ccdump.org /warpdrive.html   (220 words)

 Warp - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The warp is the set of lengthwise threads attached to a loom before weaving begins.
Warp means "that which is thrown across" (Old English wearp, from weorpan, to throw, cf.
With the improvements in spinning technology during the Industrial Revolution, it became possible to make cotton yarn of sufficient strength to be used as the warp.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Warp   (173 words)

 warp drive   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Warp drive is by far the most widespread method of faster than light travel used in the alpha quadrant.
Starfleet warp cores usually have the outermost layers of the constrictors constructed of a semi-transparent layer which allows harmless secondary photons to escape from the inner layers, creating a glow effect.
As the fuel is released from the injector nozzles, the constrictors compress it and increase the velocity considerably.
www.geocities.com /uss_alliance_b/warpdrive.htm   (2098 words)

 Warp Theory: A primer in FTL drive systems.
Warp mechanics may be the only form of propulsive theory in which gravitational fields, aside for the propulsive field, are not significant to the craft being propelled.
Warp theory draws from this to allow for a quantum field to be constructed along a field-frame such that the body within the field is indistinguishable from the field.
Warp fields reduce the body within them into a single field frame which appears to be a collection of genesit particles held suspended across a magnetic matrix.
www.corner.net /admiral/warptek.htm   (8517 words)

The speeds for warp factors of 9.6, 9.9 and 9.99 were obviously calculated using exponents of 3.34, 3.5 and 3.9 respectively, and the speed for a warp factor of 9.2 was probably calculated using an exponent of 3.338.
Sulu's readings of Warp velocity in Star Trek IV seem to hint that the Klingons had moved to an accurate scale by the 2280s, but the Federation didn't catch up until much later, even though it must have been painfully obvious that the old scale was next to useless.
The combination of a tractor beam, impulse drive, and warp drive would be very strange, and many explanations come to mind, such as the warp field causing the tractor effect to "slip" away, while the impulse provides propulsion, or the impulse fighting the tractor beam inertially while the warp drive provides propulsion, etc.
www.calormen.com /Star_Trek/FAQs/warp_velocities-faq.htm   (5395 words)

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