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Topic: Western Wall

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In the News (Sat 20 Jul 19)

  The Western Wall
The Western Wall in the midst of the Old City in Jerusalem is the section of the Western supporting wall of the Temple Mount which has remained intact since the destruction of the Second Jerusalem Temple (70 C.E.).
In 1968 the ground in front of the Wall was excavated to reveal two of the buried rows of stone, and the Wall then consisted of seven layers of huge, marginally dressed ("Herodian") stones from the Second Temple, above which are four layers of smaller, plainly dressed stones from the Roman or Byzantine periods.
The Western Wall became a permanent feature in Jewish tradition about 1520, either as a result of the immigration of the Spanish exiles or in the wake of the Turkish conquest in 1518.
mosaic.lk.net /g-wall.html   (1618 words)

 Western Wall
Matters are complicated because on the other side of the wall Muslims over the centuries built the Dome of the Rock and the nearby Al-Aqsa Mosque,from which they believe that Mohammed ascended to heaven on a horse in a mysterious vision.
The Israelis built a large plaza in front of the wall which is used by thousands of Jewish worshipers on the Jewish holidays, and is a favorite tourist attraction year round.
The Western Wall continues to have a powerful hold on the devotion of the Jewish people all over the world.Over the decades, millions have come as tourists and pilgrims to be able to touch the Wall with their hands and feel the sanctity that emanates from it.
www.ebroadcast.com.au /lookup/encyclopedia/wa/Wailing_Wall.html   (786 words)

 Western Wall   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-05)
Western Wall by night The Western Wall (Hebrew: &1492;&1499;&1493;&1514;&1500; &1492;&1502;&1506;&1512;&1489;&1497; Kotel HaMa'aravi), or simply The Kotel, is a retaining wall from the time of the Second, q.v., Temple in Jerusalem.
The Western Wall in 1870 By 1517 Islamic Ottoman Empire under Selim I took the land of what was once ancient Israel and Judea from the Egyptian Mamelukes (1250-1517).
The [[Jewish Legion soldiers at the Western Wall after taking part in British conquest of Jerusalem]] When the United Kingdom took control of the land in 1917 under General Edmund Allenby, Jews were still allowed to stand by the Wall and utter their prayers.
western-wall.iqnaut.net   (1468 words)

 The Western Wall Controversy
The massive stone rampart of the Western Wall (or Wailing Wall, or Kotel in Hebrew) is in the midst of the Old City in Jerusalem.
The street in front of the Wall and the Wall itself became the most sacred spot in Jewish religious and national consciousness and tradition by virtue of its identification with the Western Wall of the Holy of Holies in the Temple, from which, according to numerous sources, the Divine Presence never departed.
However, the Jews were to be given free access to the Western Wall for the purpose of devotions at all times subject to explicit stipulations that allowed Jews to come to the Kotel only in small groups and forbade them to pray there on Muslim festivals and on Fridays.
www.palestinefacts.org /pf_mandate_western_wall.php   (1095 words)

 Western Wall (BiblePlaces.com)
Jerusalem - The Western Wall and its Tunnels
The Western Wall (Hebrew University) A brief description of the history and tradition associated with the wall.
A Prayer at the Western Wall (Shema Yisrael) Provides a service to Jewish people around the world by receiving written prayers at a location in Jerusalem and placing them into a crack in the wall on behalf of the petitioner.
www.bibleplaces.com /westernwall.htm   (725 words)

 Wailing Wall - The Western Wall
Jews around the world turn their eyes to the Western Wall, also know as the Wailing Wall, which is the closest location to the place where the temple used to stand where Jews can pray.
The hight of the Western Wall is 18 meters, and it consists of 24 stone layers, when the lower layers are made up of larger stones.
The height of the buried part of the Western Wall is almost as high as the visible part.
www.trekker.co.il /english/western-wall-wailing-wall.htm   (608 words)

 western Wall
Jews have prayed at the Western Wall for two thousand years, believing that that spot has greater holiness than any other accessible place on Earth, or the fourth holiest overall, after the Holy of Holies, the rest of the Temple area, and the Courtyard, and that God is nearby listening to their prayers.
The Western Wall is holy to the Jewish people because this wall is part of a wall that encompasses the Temple Mount along with the southern and eastern sections.
Of the three wall sections, eastern, southern and western, the western is the traditional site of prayer.
the-world-in-focus.com /Middle_East/Israel/Jerusalem/westernwall.html   (1026 words)

 Western Wall - Picture - MSN Encarta
Biblical archaeologists believe that the Western Wall in Jerusalem, also known as the Wailing Wall, is all that remains of the Second Temple, which was destroyed in ad 70.
The destruction of the Temple led to the formation of the rabbinic movement in Jerusalem.
Many take pilgrimages to the wall to pray and hold religious ceremonies.
encarta.msn.com /media_461532967/Western_Wall.html   (81 words)

 The Western Wall of Jerusalem
The holiest Jewish site in the world and a renowned symbol of Jerusalem's Old City, the Western Wall is a remnant of the retaining wall built by Herod the Great in the 1st century BC, to encompass the Second Temple enclosure.
It is a Jewish belief that the Holy Presence has never left the Western Wall, thus it became the most significant site of Jewish pilgrimage, where Jews came to mourn the ruin of the Temple.
The Western Wall is open 24 hours, and requires a modest dress for women and a head cover for the men.
www.inisrael.com /tour/jer/vt_western_wal.htm   (335 words)

 TheKotel.org - The Western Wall Heritage Foundation
The height of this section of the Western Wall, from its foundation underground to its peak height, is estimated at 32 meters (105 feet).
The stones of the Western Wall that are exposed at the Western Wall Plaza, as well as those to the south of it and those in the Moslem Quarter, date from different periods.
The Western Wall is accessible by bus: #1, #2, #38 or by taxi.
english.thekotel.org   (1380 words)

 Western Wall - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Western Wall is part of the larger religious site in the Old City of Jerusalem called Har ha-Bayit (the Temple Mount) to Jews and Christians, or Al-Haram al-Qudsi al-Sharif (the Noble Sanctuary) to Muslims.
This makes the Western Wall the holiest location in Judaism which is currently accessible to the Jewish people.
However, Jews had the right to "free access to the Western Wall for the purpose of devotions at all times" subject to some stipulations that limited which objects could be brought to the Wall and forbad the blowing of the Shofar.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Western_Wall   (2203 words)

 Western Wall, Jerusalem   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-05)
Western Wall or the Wailing Wall (called in Islamic tradition Ha'et El-Buraq and by the Jews Hakotel Hama'aravi) is a focus of Judaism, a symbol of a people and a nation.
The massive stretch of wall seen today by visitors and Jewish pilgrims, is believed to be a large segment of the sustaining wall of the Western side of the Temple Esplanade, the Holy Temple in Jerusalem, which was destroyed by Titus in 68 BC.
The Western Wall therefore also become known as the Wailing Wall, because of all the tears Jews have shed there.
www.atlastours.net /holyland/western_wall.html   (175 words)

 Focus on Jerusalem~Western Wall (Wailing Wall)
The Romans probably would have destroyed that wall as well, but it must have seemed too insignificant to them since it was not even part of the Temple itself, but just an outer wall surrounding the Temple Mount.
Along the outer face of the Herodian western wall of the Temple Mount, a long narrow tunnel was dug slowly under the supervision of archeologists.
A stretch of the Western Wall nearly 1,000 feet (300 meters) long was revealed in pristine condition, exactly as constructed by King Herod.
focusonjerusalem.com /westernwall.html   (488 words)

 “Western Wall” or “Wailing Wall”?
Is it "the Western Wall" or "the Wailing Wall"?
Indeed, in the early centuries after the destruction of the Temple, Jews were prohibited by the Roman authorities from entering the city of Jerusalem at all, and the customary place for mourning the Temple was the Mount of Olives, which overlooks the Temple Mount from the east.
Only after the Six-Day War in 1967 did it become de rigueur in Jewish circles to say "Western Wall"— a reflection of the feeling, first expressed by official Israeli usage and then spreading to the Diaspora, that, with the reunification of Jerusalem under Israeli sovereignty, there was no longer anything to wail about.
www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org /jsource/History/wallname.html   (795 words)

 The Western Wall   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-05)
Following the destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple by the Romans at the end of the Jew's revolt, the supporting wall and the platform remained.
In the centuries that followed legends and commentaries sprang up about the Western Wall and its sanctity: "This is the Western Wall af the Temple, which is never destroyed for the shekhinah [the Divine presence] is in the west" (Talmud tractate Bamidbar Rabah 11:63).
Over time the Western Wall became the central and most important place of worship for the Jews of Jerusalem.
jeru.huji.ac.il /ec21.htm   (150 words)

 The Western Wall
The Romans probably would have destroyed that wall as well, but it must have seemed too insignificant to them; it was not even part of the Temple itself, just an outer wall surrounding the Temple Mount.
Jerusalem was under Muslim rule, the Arabs often used the Wall as a garbage dump, so as to humiliate the Jews who visited it.
Today the Wall is a national symbol, and the opening or closing ceremonies of many Jewish events, including secular ones, are conducted there.
www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org /jsource/Judaism/Western_Wall.html   (500 words)

 The Western Wall
It is because of the biblical, historical events that happened at that wall, The Wall, surrounding the Temple of Solomon, that the state of Israel is located on this particular tract of land, the land of Israel.
The Wall and the Temple are not theoretical issues.
My time at the Wall is a combination of public and private prayer, of thought and meditation.
www.pass.to /newsletter/western_wall.htm   (670 words)

 Western Wall
The wall with the arched opening is a later addition and is clearly made from smaller stones.
This is also a location for bar mitzvahs, in which boys take on the adult responsibilities of faith at age 12 (similar to Jesus’ first Passover, described in Luke 2:41—50).
The women and men are separated by a dividing wall, as the Jews and Gentiles were separated at the Temple in Jesus’ time.
community.gospelcom.net /Brix?pageID=5021   (316 words)

 Our Wall - Comment - Magazine
The wall that Solomon was referring to was the Western Wall of the Temple Mount, which was the only part of the Temple left standing after the Destruction.
The Western Wall is gloriously close to where the Temple's innermost chamber, the Holy of Holies, stood, where the spirituality of the Temple was strongest.
The reference to a wall, in the Song of Songs, could not have been a reference to the Western Wall of the Temple compound.
www.chabad.org /magazine/article.asp?AID=299094   (737 words)

 Western Wall
The western wall was not part of the temple.
It was part of the retaining wall around the temple mount.
Between 1948 and 1967, the western wall was in the possession of Jordan.
www.susancanthony.com /AboutIsrael/West_Wall.html   (270 words)

 History Channel - UNESCO
When the Muslims restored the wall in the eighth century, for instance, their smaller stones could not match the massive slabs used by Herod.
In 1996, archaeologists discovered a new section of the Western Wall, separated from the main place of prayer by a slope up to the Temple Mount.
The Temple built by Solomon, which was rebuilt and restored throughout the centuries before its final destruction, gave pilgrims and worshippers an experience of God which the Jews honor today at the surviving Western Wall, a resilient, yet unyielding symbol of Jerusalem's centrality to Jewish belief and ritual.
www.history.com /classroom/unesco/jerusalem/about_wall.html   (628 words)

 Berlin Wall - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Wall was subsequently destroyed by a euphoric public over a period of several weeks, and its fall was the first step toward German reunification, which was formally concluded on October 3, 1990.
In West Germany, dismay that the Western powers had done nothing to prevent the Wall's creation led directly to the policy of Ostpolitik or rapprochement with the east, in an effort to stabilize the relationship of the two Germaniess.
The wall was constantly perfected and strengthened, transformed from a normal wall into a system of impassable technical hindrances of traps, elaborate signals, concrete shooting cells, watchtowers, anti-tank tetrahedrons, “hedgehogs” and self-firing guns, which killed the fugitives without the intervention of the border guards.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Berlin_Wall   (4551 words)

 Daily Bible Study - The Western Wall
The Western Wall (Hebrew Ha-Kotel Ha-Ma'aravi), also popularly known as the Wailing Wall, is all that visibly remains of the Second Temple in Jerusalem, which was destroyed by Roman Legions in 70 A.D. (see Ancient Empires - Rome from our Bible History section).
The Western Wall is constructed of limestone blocks, one of which measures more than 13 feet (4 meters) in length, and has an estimated weight of 628 tons.
For nearly two thousand years, since the destruction of the Temple, the Western Wall has been the focal point for prayer of Jews in Israel and throughout the world.
www.keyway.ca /htm2002/westwall.htm   (312 words)

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