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Why we're different

Finally, a search engine that's really different. And the difference is obvious from your very first search.

A cleaner, nicer search

Factbites is a new approach to web searching - the results make sense! Factbites offers users meaningful, relevant sentences from every site in the search results.

Real sentences

Ordinary search engines tell you next to nothing about the sites they select for you. How many times have you thought "Well, sure, I know that these pages all contain my keywords, but do they really have anything to do with my topic?" Visiting every site until you find the right one is a hassle. Factbites presents the user with full, meaningful sentences from every site in the search results. This means that you can often gain a great deal of factual information on a topic without ever having to leave the search page! When users do select a page, they can have much more confidence that the page deals directly and informatively with their topic.

Beyond keyword matching

Factbites searches for matches on the basis of your whole topic area, not just your keyword. This means that it can return relevant, informative results on your topic that don't necessarily mention the word you searched for!

Less spam

The Factbites engine focuses on finding genuine, meaningful content. This makes it very good at filtering out spam sites. If the page doesn't have anything of substance to tell you, it won't rank well in a Factbites search.

Lightning fast

Factbites is about as fast as you can make a search engine. We challenge you to find one faster.

Beta version

We are currently in beta, so you'll find many searches don't work. For now, stick to topics and avoid unusual combinations of words.


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